Ravin R9 vs R15: Blast From The Past!


As more people are getting into the crossbow, the comparison between crossbows is getting popular. The reason is, there are so many options for a newbie to choose from that he/she can get easily confused. Ravin R9 and R15 are two almost identical crossbows. But there are differences. That’s why we are here. To discuss the differences and which one you should go for.

Ravin r9 Crossbow Package

Ravin r15 Crossbow Package


Topic Ravin R9 Ravin r15
Suggested Arrow Branded Ravin Arrows Branded Ravin Arrows
Draw Weight 10 lbs 12 lbs
Kinetic Energy 135 FP 164 FP
Length 34.5" 34"
Power Stroke 13" 13"
Speed 390 fps 425 fps
Weight (lbs.) 6.9 lbs. 6.9 lbs.


Ravin crossbows are made in USA. They have earned their place in the market by providing some of the best crossbows on the market. The Ravin R10 and R20 won the best crossbow of the 2019 editor’s choice. That should clear up any confusion you have about them.

You are here to get the best crossbow for you and you will get that. The whole R series is some of the best crossbows you can buy in any price range.


All Ravin crossbows share the identical package. Ravin provides almost the same type of accessories for all of their crossbows. For Ravin R9 and R15, you will get the items mentioned below.

  • Ravin crossbow
  • Illuminated scope (100-yards)
  • 3 arrow quiver mounting support
  • Draw handle
  • 6-pack of 400 g match-grade arrows with Ravin nocks
  • 6-pack of 100-grain field tips
  • Anti-Dry Fire/Auto Safety

In case you didn’t know, only the Ravin R20 comes with Vortex strike eagle crossbow scope.


The Ravin R9 is 35 inches long and 6 inches wide. The uncocked width is 10.5 inches in both crossbows. 

Actually, the width is the same on both crossbows cocked/uncocked.

The width and height make the Ravin R9 one of the most maneuverable crossbows on the market. It’s compact and lightweight. The weight of this crossbow is just below 7 lbs. Which is pretty light compared to its competitors.


This is the most noticeable difference between the two. The Ravin R15 can shoot up to 425 FPS where the Ravin R9 can only shoot at 390 FPS. You may ask only 35 FPS differences that shouldn’t bother you. 

The statement is true for regular archers. Those who take archery competitively or hunt regularly, they can easily notice the difference of the FPS. The Ravin R15 will be best for you if you are driven by speed. No arguments here. 


The Ravin R15 is capable of shooting the bolt at 425 FPS with 165 lbs of kinetic energy. That is a lot of power. With the rifle like shooting mechanism on the crossbow, you will feel like you are firing a rifle.

Where on the other hand, the Ravin R9 can shoot at 390 FPS with 135 lbs of kinetic energy. You can see the difference and you can feel the difference when you fire it on the field.

Again, in terms of power, the Ravin R15 is the clear winner. 

But if you are okay with 390 FPS and you don’t mind the less power, then Ravin R9 is a bang for the money.


In case you didn’t know the Ravin R10 and R20 are the replacement of Ravin R9 and R15. We have reviewed both of those products and have a comparison guide on our site too. 

Ravin R10 and Ravin R20 replaced the R9 and R15 in 2018. Ravin doesn’t manufacture the Ravin R9 and R15 anymore. 

But don’t worry, they have assured that you will still get the warranty and spare parts even in 2020 and beyond.

We are mentioning these two because you may ask why not review the newer versions instead of the old ones. Well, we already did. We are just letting you know that.


If you plan on buying the Ravin R9 or R15 and can’t decide between the two, my only suggestion for you is to buy the R9 and call it a day. Unless you are a competitor that can’t live without that extra speed, you definitely should go for the Ravin R15.

The only reason I am not recommending R15 for everyone is because everyone is not a competitive archer.

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