Rangefinder Vs Binoculars: Which One? Or Combo!

Let’s say to make your hunting more easier and efficient you have decided to buy a rangefinder. But thanks to the internet you are now confused between rangefinders and binoculars. Why is that? Why is rangefinder vs binoculars that hard? I will say it’s not that hard. I will explain in a bit why.


The question is pretty simple. What to choose to make hunting easier. Rangefinder supposed to help you determine the distance between your target and you. 

Where binoculars are supposed to give a broad perspective of the target with a huge field of view.

Do you see the difference? One hand you got something that gives you near accurate distance data between your target and you.

Rangefinders are used to determine the distance between the target and the shooter. It can accurately calculate the distance between the target and the shooter. Laser rangefinders are used for many things.


Why does rangefinder help in golf? Because not only it can measure yardage it can also measure gauge, slope, and wind as well. The advanced technology makes it look like child play to measure yardage.

In a typical rangefinder, one button is used for aiming and one button to show the yardage. It’s up for a debate whether they should be allowed in tournaments.

While their use at a professional level is banned but they are getting more recognition in the amateurs scene.


They are got at reading the ballistics too. Thus their popularity among firearm users. 

To measure the distance from shooter to target and compensate for bullet drop ballistic calculators are great. And when you find that built-in in the rangefinder it’s like a match made heaven.


You may wonder what does forestry has to do with rangefinders. Well, it’s true while they don’t have much to do with forestry, they are still used in forestry.

Let me explain, they are used in the survey process of forestry. There are special devices with anti-leaf filters. Those are used in the process of surveying for forestry.

Binocular is like a hybrid version of the spotting scope. Why do we say that? Because look at it, both of them are used for sightseeing, birding, digiscoping, hunting, etc.

While spotting scope only has one eyepiece a binocular has 2 eyepieces. It’s like two individual spotting scope mashed into one. But the thing is they are made in such a harmony if you break one side the other side will begin to malfunction.

Because, the prism inside the binocular works in such a way that you need both sides to work together. The chromatic aberration is almost non-existence in binocular.

Binoculars are mainly used for sightseeing but they can be a good companion in the hunting session. You can also use it in your golfing session. To see where the ball landed.

But the question here was rangefinder vs binocular. You saw earlier how many use rangefinder has.

You can use binoculars for that many things too. Except maybe accurate distance calculating and ballistic calculator. Well if you want the accuracy you just have to go for the rangefinder.

But if you are someone that is good at reading the bullet drop from just only the reticle of the scope, you can get away with using a binocular.

Because the binocular can be used to see zoomed in a scenario from a broad perspective. Where in rangefinder you can zoom in too but the problem in the field of view is narrow.


Now that you know what they are and what they are used for, you can figure out the answer yourself. Haha, we know you were hoping that we are going to give a definitive answer. 

But the problem is if you are a golfer you may be benefited more with a laser rangefinder than a binocular.

The same goes for a hunter. But if you are a sightseer and casual hunter you can get away by using a binocular.

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