Pentax PF 65ED II Review: Successor of The Pentax 65 Series!


Hello there folks, ED II is the best of 65 series!

Pentax pf 65ed ii is like blessings. why? well then! deep dive into the review. We’ll trying to focus on necessary things you should know about this successor.



Pentax PF 65ED II Review: Specs & Outlooks

Magnification 16 - 48x
Objective Lens 65 mm
Eye Relief 18.0 - 22.0 mm
Exit Pupil 4 - 1.4 mm
Linear FOV @1000 Yds 120 - 63 ft
Length 10.6"
Weight 1.2 lb

Build Quality

Pentax PF-65ED II the successor of the original Pentax 65 series. The weight of this scope is only 37oz. Which is light compared to other spotting scopes.

One might think that the scope is light so the build quality won’t be durable. The build quality is pretty good. 

Coated with rubber armor over the housing gives the scope extra grip and protection. The dimension of the scope as mentioned in the specifications segment.

270 x 115 x 85 mm is not that big. Compared to scopes like Celestron C5 the scope is lightweight and small. 

The scope also has a built-in extended sunshade. No shadows or direct rain can distract you thanks to that.

Optics Quality

This is where the Pentax PF-65ED II shines. Like we mentioned earlier this is an upgraded scope. The main key upgrades were in the optics. Not only they changed the coating Pentax they added super multi-coating.

To answer that in simple terms the optical lenses are multi-coated and coated with good coatings like ED (extra-low dispersion). In case you didn’t know Low dispersion glass reduces chromatic aberration. Which means you get more clear and crisp images. 

The scope is also water and fog proof. JIS Class 6 certified. You won’t be seeing any water bubbles inside your scope that’s a guaranty. 


This is where the matter gets a little interesting. The scope does not come with any eyepiece. That leaves you with a choice to purchase any desired magnification eyepiece you want. 

The eyepiece has also your standard 1.25inch American standard astronomical mount. The eyepiece locks into place easily and moves only one way clockwise.

Changing the eyepiece is like changing a water bottle cap. As the main body of the scope is O-ring sealed rest assured you don’t need to worry about changing the lens while it’s raining. 

As we are talking about a Pentax scope we also opt for Pentax eyepiece. Our used model was Pentax 20-60x XF zoom eyepiece. It is light and pretty short. Adds like 2inch extra to the whole dimension of the scope.

We were pretty satisfied with the eyepiece performance. As the scope is an upgraded version we hoped that the eyepiece was also an upgraded version. Rest assured we weren’t disappointed. The performance was excellent. 

Well, we have a slight complaint about the eyepiece, if you go beyond 55x images tends to distort so much that it throws you off. 

Other than that there isn’t any major complaint. But you can opt for any eyepiece that supports the 1.25inch mount you want. 


You are paying 400$ for a birding scope, of course, you want to digiscope right? If your answer is yes then you won’t be disappointed. 

If you are answer was no you won’t be disappointed either. Because if you want you can digiscope with the Pentax PF-65ED II spotting scope. 

No, the performance is not garbage. The images are pretty decent and as we mentioned earlier zooming too much might turn out to be an issue. That stays true here too. 

And make sure you have a digiscoping mount or buy one cause you won’t get one inside the box. Also, the rotating tripod collar is a bonus here. That means you can adjust your tripod at any angle you wish too. 

Pentax PF 65ED II Review Summary

As you can see we only have cons regarding packaging. Regarding the product, we have massive positive feedback like a lot of other reviews and amazon buyers. 

We understand buying eyepiece separate might become a concern for some people. But trust me it’s nothing to worry about. As long as it’s the correct size you are fine. 

It’s an excellent product for the small price you are paying. No matter you are a birder or hunter spotting prey, the Pentax PF-65ED II with a good eyepiece going to serve you extremely well.

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