Nikon Black Fx1000 Review: Beast For Long Range!


Finding a riflescope that is cheap and will serve you good is not that easy. Most of the cheap riflescope tends to have a bad quality lens or bad build quality. Sometimes both.


Nikon Black fx1000 is a mid-range riflescope that is good for both competitive shooting and hunting. In this Nikon Black fx1000 review, I will try to explain why you should get this as your next riflescope. 

Nikon Black Fx1000 Review: Features & Benefits

Magnification 4-16x
Objective Lens 50mm
Tube Diameter 30mm
Matte Finish Yes
Waterproof/Fogproof Yes
Length 14.8 in
Weight 23.3 oz

Build Quality

One of the key parts of being a good riflescope is to have a solid build quality. You can’t be a good riflescope if you can’t even withstand a mild drop. 


The fx1000 is made out of aluminum. The single tube design has a matte black finish. There is no rubber coating over the scope. Honestly, with that kind of durable build, you don’t need any other extra protection. 


The scope also features O-ring sealing. Making it 100% waterproof. It’s also a nitrogen purged. There won’t be any moisture or fog inside the scope. 

Lens Quality

Nikon is one of the best camera manufacturers in the whole world. If a camera’s lens is not good, it won’t take good pictures. Nikon knows what they are doing. In this riflescope, Nikon had a decent budget to work with. They went all out on the lens department. 


It’s some of the best lenses you will ever come across. The lenses are sealed tightly in place with the O-ring seals. The reticle on this scope is a glass etched reticle. It’s not moving anywhere that’s for sure. 


The magnification of the model we had is 4-16x50mm. The objective lens is quite large. At 50mm it offers plenty of field of view.


One of the best parts of this rifle scope is its reticle. You can get it as an FX-MOA reticle or FX-MRAD. The unit I had came with the FX-MRAD reticle. 


The reticle is in FFP. FFP stands for the front focal plane. When you zoom in the scope the reticle zooms in alongside. The MRAD reticle is not like the Christmas tree reticle. But I have to admit it didn’t take much time to get used to it. Once I did, it became easy to calculate and compensate for bullet drop. 


This is Nikon black fx1000 review & I’m telling you; nothing beats the first focal plane experience in hunting field. With the huge 50mm objective lens and un-matched lens clarity, this is one of the best sub $1000 riflescope I ever came across.

Side Focus Parallax

Many of the riflescopes tend to overlook this feature. But this feature helps to boost the hunter’s confidence by a lot. With the focusing knob, the scope allows you to line up your reticle with your target objective. It provides the perfect focus and a better sigh accuracy.

High-Speed Turrets and Integral Zero Stop

Windage and elevation turrets provide .25 MOA adjustments per click. The click is quite audible and snappy. I like the snappy feel. It makes sure you don’t accidentally change the setting. You can put your scope to zero at 100m. The most commonly used number in the EU. 


If you don’t know what windage is, it’s a side adjustment. When the wind is powerful it will create a horizontal deviation from the target. Adjusting the windage knobs you can compensate for this problem.


All of the turrets are locked into the place. After you remove the lock you will find an inner-lock ring. It has an additional 3 screws. You have to loosen them and follow the air-tightening ring till it stops.


When you tighten up the screws, every time you turn it down it stops at zero. The audible noise from the turret makes it quite a fun task to do.

Nikon Black Fx1000 Review: Conclusion

While competing with some of the best from the industry and lacking experience, this Nikon Black FX 1000 review was made to help you be more successful at long-range shooting.


Even though Nikon lacks the experience of scope making, they have perfected the art of lens making. This is by far one of the best pair of lenses that you will see in a sub $800 scope.

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