Moultrie A35 Review: Is That Worthy!

Moultrie A35 is a budget offering from Moultrie. You guys may have heard of their M-series lineup. M-series lineup is one of the best dual-purpose trail cameras on the market. 

By dual-purpose I mean you can use it as a regular trail camerawireless trail camera and you can add a modem to make that camera work as a cellular trail camera. Fortunately, you are getting that option here.

Honestly, if you are expecting to get cellular data for $70 then I am afraid that’s not happening. Moving on with Moultrie A35 review; Let’s find out whether it’s worth your money or not.


  • Good camera quality.
  • Good build quality.
  • Excellent battery life.
  • Good IR night mode.
  • Affordable.
  • Wireless supportable.


  • On-field, the detection range is only 60ft.
  • No battery indicator.
  • You need to purchase the modem separately.

Moultrie A35 Review: Specs & Outlooks

Trigger Speed0.7s
Flash Range80 ft
Resolution14.0 MP
Detection Range60 ft

Build Quality

Great build quality is a must for a trail camera. If the build quality is not good, any animals will destroy the camera. Your money will be wasted in the blink of an eye. 

Luckily for us, even though it’s a $70 camera Moultrie didn’t cheap out on the build material. Like most other cameras the build material is plastic. The reason behind this is when it first came out it was over $100. For that price, A35 provided great build quality. It still is solid build quality.

Video Quality

If you are looking for a 1080p resolution camera then sorry to disappoint you. It’s only a 720p camera and can record videos with audio up to 15 seconds. The sound quality is below average. Don’t bother relying on that. 


The range is another important part of a trail camera. If the trigger range and photo capturing range are not good, then there is no point in buying it as a hunting companion or security camera.

The Moultrie A35 uses 32 IR LEDs to see at the night. They are low-glow LEDs. Animals won’t notice the lights flashing in front of their eyes. The flash range of this camera is 80ft. That’s excellent for a camera of this price. 

Battery Life

Battery life plays a huge role while purchasing a trail camera. You are going to leave it in the wild for days if not months. That’s why if the camera dies on you the first week then there is no point in purchasing that camera.

A35 uses 8AA batteries to power up. With those 8AA batteries, you can expect a run time of 17000 images. That’s a lot of images. We are talking about months of battery life here. You are not gonna complain about battery life, I can write up a legal proof of that. 


The camera uses 32 low-glow IR LEDs to work at night. The main camera sensor is a 14mp one. It’s capable of taking HD photos and videos. The trigger speed is not bad either. 

The trigger speed is mere 0.7seconds. To put it in context, most 100$+ cameras have a 0.4 trigger speed. See, that’s not bad at all. 

There is a sensor that takes multiple pictures from a single command. You can set up the camera to take specific numbers of pictures in a single click. 

Earlier I mentioned briefly that you can turn this camera into a wireless one. You can purchase the cellular modem from Moultrie, connect the two, and there you go. You got a cheap trail camera that works with cellular data too. 

The maximum memory card this camera can hold is 32gb. It’s not that much, but if you turn it into a cellular camera you can just save the pictures on your phone or cloud storage.

Moultrie A35 Review Summary

Before conclude, I want to thank you guys for reading the review. Now to answer the question you asked earlier. Yes, I think this camera is worth the money. 

The main reason is, it doesn’t cost much money, to begin with. The software support and wireless connectivity are there if you want to avail of it. Hope to see you again sometime. Sadly we have to part ways here. Hope you found this review helpful. 

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