Moultrie A25 Review: One of The Best Budget Oriented!


The demand for trail cameras is increasing day by day. The competition on the market is rising every day. More and more manufacturers are making more budget trail cameras. Moultrie a-25 is one of them. It’s cheaper than most other branded trail cameras. But is it any good? Let’s find it out in this Moultrie A25 review.

Moultrie A25 Review: Features & Benefits

Trigger Speed 0.7s
Flash Range 60 ft
Resolution 12.0 MP
Video HD (1280x720)
Batteries 8AA

Build Quality

Like most other trail cameras the body of the A-25i is made out of plastic. The plastic didn’t feel cheap or badly made. I am sure it can withstand the wild for months. 

The plastic case is also waterproof. The design, pattern of the A-25i is something else. The dark green color will easily blend into the wild. The mounting system didn’t seem to have any problems either. To make the camera even more secure, Moultrie gives 2 python locks inside the box for free. 


The camera sensor of A-25i is a 12mp shooter. It is capable of recording videos at 720p. The pictures taken with this camera are quite good and vivid. Though the color accuracy may not be comparable with a higher-priced camera. It’s more than usable. 

The camera is capable of eliminating motion and capture footage at night without any blurry effect. Don’t go comparing this with an OIS camera. 


The Moultrie a-25 uses no-glow IR LED technology. Even at the lowest light level, you or the target won’t see any glimpse of light. Utilizing 24 no-glow IR LEDs, the A-25i captures some of the most vivid night-time footages that we ever found in a $70 camera. 

Trigger Speed

Even though the trigger speed is not super-fast or anything, it’s still under the 1-second mark. The trigger speed on the A-25i is 0.7 seconds. To put it in context, the trigger speed on Moultrie A-35 is 0.7 seconds. It’s just the same speed you find on the more expensive A35. Even though A35 is not that expensive anymore. But it was $110 when it first came out.


This camera requires 8AA batteries to operate. Even if you use the video mode daily, the battery will be able to keep the camera running for several months. 

Like the A35 this also can take up to 17000 images with 8AA batteries. That’s more than 4 months of photos right there. I don’t think it’s a bad deal to run a camera for 4 months with only 8AA batteries. 

If you use the camera in adverse weather conditions, then don’t take standard AA batteries. Take lithium-ion batteries. They won’t freeze from the weather and will keep the camera running and healthy. 


The memory capacity is quite large for a budget camera. Unfortunately, you have to purchase the SD card separately. 

The A-25i can handle a class 4 SDHC up to 32gb. Class 4 may not be the fastest, but it gets the job done. it’s far better than class 2.

Make sure to go for good brands. Cheaper brands are making fake Samsung SD cards and selling them for half of the price. Don’t fall for that scam. 



Moultrie A25 Review: Conclusion

The camera is quite good. I didn’t expect it to be this good. It’s a $70 camera. We can’t be too harsh on this. For the price, it hits a lot of marks that it was supposed to.

Good photo, no-glow IR, decent trigger speed, 720p video resolution, an affordable price tag. 

Moultrie is also good at after-sale service. If you have any questions left, don’t forget to ask them down below. The comment section is always open. 

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