Compare Of Leupold Vs Bushnell Rangefinder

If you are on the market to buy a new rangefinder for your golfing session or hunting, you obviously ran into the mentioned brands. The answer to Leupold VS Bushnell rangefinder is not an easy one.

One may outshine the other one in some factors, and other times one might fall behind the other. Yet we will try to discuss this matter and make you understand which one is better for you.

Both of them are giants in the outdoor sports manufacturing. Both of them makes much more than only rangefinders. This post is not about their other products. Today we are only going to focus on their rangefinders. Rangefinder can be used by both shooters and golfers.

Golfers love their rangefinders. Even though professional tournament doesn’t allow them.

There are some things that you need to compare before you purchase a new rangefinder. Let’s talk about those first and see if both companies nail them all.

Difference In Body Quality

Rangefinder is a small compact thing that fits in the palm of your hand.

With a product this small you always need to be a little careful when you operate. But if the body quality is good then that tension of breaking it goes away.

Aluminum rangefinder shell is rare, most of rangefinder nowadays uses plastic shell that is waterproof.

But there is a rubber armor coating all over the shell. That rubber coating gives the body extra grip and protection. It becomes easier to handle and more resistant against scratches.

Here the winner is both of the companies. As both of them provides rubber armor coating in their rangefinders. Also, they provide some of the best body available on the market.


Difference In Optics Quality

You are purchasing a product that has lenses in it. If the optics aren’t good then your experience with the product won’t be good.

To make them good company needs to use good quality glass and multiple layers of coatings.

Thankfully both of the company provides at least multi-coated lenses.

Even though both of them have their fair shares of fully multi-coated optics. Both of them are excellent company and has tons of experience in this business.

Bushnell is known to provide some of the best budget-oriented lens in the market where Leupold is known to provide top-quality on the high-end market.


Difference In Display

Here the clear winner is Leupold with their excellent OLED displays. Rangefinder doesn’t show you optical image instead it captures that image and through a sensor portrays that image on to the eyepiece screen.

That eyepiece screen normally is an LCD. But Leupold goes the extra mile to give OLED screens.

So, if you are looking for a better screen you know who to go to.

Winner: Leupold

Difference In Magnification

Most of the rangefinders comes with fixed magnification instead of variables.

But some models do come with variable magnification.

If you want a long-range one you can go for Leupold RX-1600i. Like the name suggest it’s a rangefinder with max range of 1600yards. But the magnification of that rangefinder is fixed at 6x.

The bottom line is it depends on your preference.

Winner: Leupold

Other Features

The rangefinder can feature other special features such as Incline/Decline, ballistic calculator.

If you want those special features you need to pay a premium price.

But trust me if you are someone that enjoys those features you will gladly pay that extra money.

Bushnell provides dual color screen (black and red) if you are into that you will choose Bushnell.

Winner: Bushnell

Leupold Vs Bushnell Rangefinder Summary

After reading this post you may ask the question again, who is the superior?

To answer you, it totally depends on your preference.

If you are someone that has no issue spending a hefty amount behind their rangefinder feel free to go for Leupold.

But if you are budget-oriented person than the best possible option for you is Bushnell.

Just because Bushnell makes budget-oriented product that doesn’t mean they are bad. Keep that in mind.

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