Killer Instinct Speed 425 Crossbow Review


Remember the iconic line of Lightning McQueen from cars? I am in speed. What if your crossbow is the definition of speed? You would love that, wouldn’t you? I feel like Killer Instinct named their Speed 425 after that. It’s a mystery that will remain unsolved. But the mystery of Killer Instinct Speed 425 review will unfold today. It’s a wallet-friendly crossbow that won’t leave you broke in this upcoming holiday season. Let’s find out whether this crossbow is worth your money or not, shall we?



Killer Instinct Speed 425 Review: Specs & Outlooks

Speed 425 FPS
Kinetic Energy 156-Ft-Lb
Power Stroke 15 Inches
Draw Weight 210-Lb
Width 14.375" Cocked/17.75" Uncocked
Length 32 - 34.5 Inches
Weight 7.2-Lb

Assembling The Killer Instinct Speed 425

Killer Instinct 425 doesn’t come as fully assembled from the manufacturer. If you never assembled a crossbow or just not confident enough to do it yourself, ask your local crossbow shop to help you with this matter.

Inside the package, you will find a front end, stock, quiver, quiver bracket, the scope, a foot stirrup, and a hardware pack. Don’t throw the manual away yet. You will need that to assemble the crossbow. To assemble the Killer Instinct 425, you will first need to align the cable side with the string protector at the front end groove. 

You will find a riser bolt inside the package. Use that riser bolt to install the front and the riser to the barrel. You will need an Allen wrench to tighten the bolt. To make sure they stay in place, you need to place the screw underneath the riser and tighten it accordingly. Don’t any bolt. It may break the bolt. 

At this point, take out the foot stirrup from the packaging. Remember the cable protector from the earlier step? Time to remove them from the crossbow too. Place the foot stirrup to the riser. It should slide in easily if placed correctly. You will find a set of screws inside the foot stirrup package. Use those to secure the stirrup into the place. Again, don’t over tighten the screw. Just keep the tension at a perfect amount.

Mounting the scope on top of the rail is the easiest part in my opinion. Before you tighten the bolt of the scope, make sure the scope is leveled and not even a single bit of tilt. This is important, if the scope is even slightly tilted, your accuracy will change drastically. Once you have done this whole process, time to calibrate the scope and shoot. 

Build Quality

The barrel of the Speed 425 is constructed from CNC machined aluminum. One of the most used and durable materials for any rails. The build quality is quite exceptional. The camo finish is quite good looking too. Then again, the design aesthetic is subjective. I loved it, you may not love it as much as I did. 

The AR buttstock is adjustable. You can modify it at 5 different levels. Making it easier to use for women and children. Not that I recommend you to give a crossbow of this caliber to a child.

The weight of the Speed 425 is 7.2 lbs. It’s on the higher side of the scale. Not high enough for me to rule this out completely. For the weight and overall length, Speed 425 is quite compact. When cocked the axle-to-axle width is just 14.375″. 

Power & Speed

One of the key selling points of the Killer Instinct Speed 425 is the speed. Crazy right? It’s like Killer Instinct wanted to make this pun mainstream. See guys, my puns don’t seem lame anymore, does it

Anyway, as I was saying. The speed of Killer Instinct Speed is 425 FPS. Once again they spoiled the speed on their name. But this is a good business strategy to gain customers. Props to Killer Instinct for that. As a customer should you believe their claim?

If it was a $100 crossbow manufactured in god knows where, then I would say, you shouldn’t trust them. But it’s Killer Instinct we talking about. They got a killer reputation in the industry. Hey, that was the perfect setup. 

Killer Instinct is known for providing cheap crossbows with high firing speed. Speed 425 is no exception. It can fire a bolt at 425 FPS with 156-FT-LB of kinetic energy. 

That my friend is a lot. When a bolt with 156 ft-lb of force hits a target at 425 FPS. I don’t see that target standing on their feet. You add in the dead-on accuracy as a bonus. You have a killer crossbow here. Okay, I promise that was the last pun.

Draw Weight

With all these good features Killer Instinct providing, they had to stop somewhere right? That pit stop is here. The draw weight of Killer Instinct Speed 425 is on the higher end. Coming at 210 lbs, it’s not an easy bow for you to load. 

You can cut the weight by 50% using a rope cocker (which I highly recommend). 110 lbs draw weight is still quite high. Look at the power and speed you are getting in return. This is a minor inconvenience for the greater good. 


Killer Instinct doesn’t claim any absurd accuracy. Their claim to be more accurate than their competitor is quite accurate. Once you calibrate the crossbow and groove into your zone. You will hit targets with this crossbow that you could never imagine before. This crossbow is highly accurate up to 100 yards. That’s a long-range for a crossbow


The scope included here is also different than other crossbows. Instead of the traditional 4×32 IR scope, Killer Instinct went for 1.5 – 5 x 32 IR-E scope. 

This is a fully-coated scope. The light transmission is great and there is no distortion. As it’s a low magnification scope, you will have a hard time hitting a target at 100 yards. But it’s good for hitting 40-60 yards targets.

Killer Instinct Speed 425 Review Summary

For the money, you are getting more than what you paid for. Killer Instinct Speed 425 exceeded all of my expectations. I am 100% sure, it will exceed yours too. It’s a compact and lightweight crossbow. You can carry it anywhere. The only trouble you will have is loading the crossbow fast. 

If you want you can read about rush 380 crossbow from the same brand.

Besides that, I mentioned everything that you need to know about this crossbow. If you think that I missed something in today’s Killer Instinct Speed 425 Review, mention those in the comments. If you want to ask something, you can do that too. Thanks for reading, I hope you are having a good time and I expect to see you again.

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