Wicked Ridge Invader X4 vs G3: Brotherhood!


Wicked ridge invader x4 and invader g3 are both from the same parent company TenPoint.


We have reviewed a fair share of TenPoint crossbows in the past. From that experience, we can blindly say that TenPoin makes some of the best crossbows on the market. Both crossbows on today’s list are around the $400-700 mark. It’s safe to say they are mid-range options.


What makes the mid-range so competitive is the fact that we got so many manufacturers making great crossbows. No matter how you look at it, it’s a win for us, the consumers.

Wicked Ridge Invader x4 Package

Wicked Ridge Invader g3 Package​


Topic Invader x4 Invader g3
Draw Weight 165 lbs. 165 lbs.
Kinetic Energy 112 ft. -lbs. 96.7 ft. -lbs.
Power Stroke 13.5" 13.5"
Speed 360 fps 330 fps
Length 36.5" 37.75"


The new Invader x4 is the winner in the weight department.


It’s lighter compared to the old G3. You may notice the tone I am using here. The reason is the Invader g3 is the older brother of the new Invader X4. Invader X series is not that old compared to the G series.


Both of them are made in America and both of them feature excellent body material.


The weight of X4 is 6.3lbs and the weight of G3 is 6.6lbs. The weight difference is not that big. Mind you the weight is of the naked crossbow no accessories attached. You do get plenty of accessories with each crossbow.


We said earlier that both crossbows here are mid-range crossbows. They are priced pretty similarly and have a lot of things similar. 


But there are also some things that are not similar between the two. One of them is speed. The maximum speed on Invader G3 is 330 FPS. On the other hand, the maximum speed of the Invader X4 is 360 FPS. 


Even though virtually you won’t be able to notice the difference between the two. Still, if you crave high speed you know which one to go for-


The power-on both of these is pretty equal. 


The X4 is capable of pulling 112 pounds of kinetic energy. Where The Invader G3 is capable of pulling 97 pounds of kinetic energy. 


If you look closely the difference is not that big. Even the FPS difference shows that. Both of them are pretty capable of shooting at 100yards or more.


But if you push them for 300 yards both of them will fall off. They don’t have nearly enough power to hit that mark. So, if you are looking for a decently powered crossbow that can satisfy your mid-range target archery and hunting. 


Both of them are capable of doing that.


Now, this is where the play shifts a little. Accessories shouldn’t dictate your decision making by any means. But why it does affect your decision making because both of them are pretty cheap.


You don’t want to spend a ton on accessories before you can make them useful. You don’t have to worry about that. Both of them come with a scope and an ACUdraw cocking device.


Now the quality of the scope is definitely questionable. But it is a free scope. Out of the box, you can just tune in the crossbow to check any loose screws and start using the crossbow. The ease of use of both crossbows is also very good.

CONS (!)

Both of the crossbows come with some cons too. 


FOR EXAMPLE, Invader G3 has no noise suppressor. You can use some sound dampener but that’s extra weight. 


You might ask me why is noise suppression so necessary? You don’t want to let the prey know beforehand you are there, do you?


The sound is loud enough to warn nearby all animals.


I know that decision making is not easy. But I think your budget will play the key factor here. If you don’t mind a little bit of old tech then for sure go for the Invader G3. It’s an excellent purchase.



The no noise suppression is kind of a deal-breaker. But if you are taking it for archery practice then don’t worry it will do great.


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