How To Use A Trail Camera For Security

Are you tired of those nasty thieves stealing stuff from your garden? You want to monitor the garden, but don’t want to spend a fortune on house security. You don’t need to spend a fortune behind trail cameras that are for sure.

Most of them come with video mode, you can use that model to your advantage and use them as your security camera. That’s what I am going to teach you today.

Identify The Root Of The Problem

Make sure it’s a human and not your neighbor’s dog taking a not so friendly detour at the night. If you face a trespasser problem, installing a camera and extra lights will only alert the burglars more. The best solution for you is to buy a set of no-glow IR LED trail cameras.

This type of camera won’t glow at the night. The IR lights aren’t visible to naked eyes. The burglar won’t even notice the camera.

Purchase The Correct Security Camera

Now that we know we have a trespasser problem, time to apply the remedy. We want to catch them red-handed. That’s why we are going to need the correct type of camera to help us.

For this problem, you can either go for cellular trail cameras or no glow cameras.

If you can reach the camera easily to change the SD card, then a basic no-glow camera will get the job done. But if you stay out of the house most of the time and can’t change the SD card that often. Cellular cameras are the next best thing. Make sure to purchase the right one. If you are on the Verizon network, don’t go and buy the AT&T version of the camera.

If you are using the camera in your garage or front of parking, then use the camera made to identify license plates. Reconyx Hyperfire 2 License Plate Camera is one of the best at that job.

Setup The Camera

Now that all the hard part of the process is done, time to set them up and wait for the burglars to come. Before you go on and install the camera, test them at your home. Make sure all of them are working and in perfect combination. Now go outside and scout for the perfect place.

Make sure to choose an angle that is not too obvious and not visible from a distance.

If you are using a wireless camera, make sure to connect that with your home WiFi. This way you can monitor the camera 24/7. Using those pictures and videos from the camera you can press criminal charges against the nasty thief.

Why Wireless Over Traditional?

One of the most asked questions in the security camera debate, why not use the regular trail cameras instead of the expensive wireless or cellular cameras.

Simply put, you won’t be on the house 24/7 to take out the SD card, save everything from that in the PC then put it back inside the camera.

Sounds like a hassle worth not taking. Instead, you could just go wireless, connect the camera to your home network, use a third party software and use that camera as your security camera that will run 24/7.


The most wireless camera comes with Bluetooth and app control support. You can control the camera with your phone. How about that?

Do you need more reasons? You know I made a whole review about the best wireless trail cameras, check that out for more information, and why you should embrace the wireless life.

Don’t let those nasty burglars escape. Use the evidence to put them behind the bar. I hope this helps you improve the security of your house.

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