How To Use a Spotting Scope: Explained!

How To Use a Spotting Scope

There is no shame in not knowing something. We all have been through a phase where we didn’t know how to operate certain things. It’s normal just like not knowing how to use a spotting scope is normal. A lot of hunter doesn’t know how it can make their hunting so much easier.

How To Use a Spotting Scope

We published an article about how to choose a spotting scope.  Here we got 4 way to how to use-

The Role Of a Spotting Scope in Hunting

This is really simple. It’s there to help you hunt better. You might have a pretty accurate and good scope but that falls off in terms of magnification compared to a spotting scope. So not only spotting scope going to let you see your prey from far away, but it will also help you to see more terrain.

How to Set Up a Spotting Scope

Before you can start using the scope you need to set it up. You can mount your spotting scope onto a tripod to carry it and set it on place easily. Like a camera, you can also use it by your hand but for stability, a tripod is a must.

  • After unlocking the tripod extend the legs. Once you reached your desired height lock the tripod back in place.
  • If you are in rocky terrain and your tripod supports adjustable leg then adjust the leg in such a way that they don’t shake.
  • Take the spotting scope out of its carrying bag.
  • The tripod may already have a mounting plate or a tripod adapter. Thread the adapter or the mounting plate to the scope and tighten with whatever tightening mechanism it came with.
  • If you want more height, unlock the neck extension and increase then lock it back to the place.

How to Tilt/Pan The Scope

To tilt or pan the scope you need to unlock the tilt and pan lock first. You can do it with lever or locks on the tripod. Many new tripods have this locking mechanism built into the handle itself. Never try to force tilt the scope without unlocking the tilt and pan locks.

Remove the stay-on cover if it has any. Remove all covers from the objective lens and eyepiece.

Finding Your Targets

You should always start at low magnification play with the focus a bit then slowly increase the magnification till you see your target. You are going to use that focus ring efficiently because depending on your focus the clarity of the image may vary.

In case you are a glasses user then you should fold or twist down the eyepiece till you get enough eye relief for you.

If the sun is in an angle to your scope not behind. Then you should pull out the retractable sunshade at the objective lens. Of course, your scope has to have this feature built-in.

If you see your target at low magnification then zoom in fully to see it closer and verify it. If necessary, adjust the focus rings so that you get a clear and sharper image.

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