How To Train Your Brain For Better Golf

You can practice every day to be a better golfer. If you are doing it wrong, you can only practice but won’t get any results. A player can make some of the best shots but still be bad at low scores. 


You can perfect the art of nailing every straight shot, but it won’t help you in the long run when you can’t slice the ball or use the putter well. 


You can’t make yourself play well overnight. What you can do is practice. Practice to the point where you perfect the art of golf. 

Make A Habit

Our brain is a complicated thing. If we want it to memorize something, we can force it to do that. You can simply practice one-shot a thousand times and your brain will memorize what to do next. It will become muscle memory.


You don’t have to practice golf every day. But whenever you do, you have to practice the method every time. But if you can practice a bit for every day, even empty swings it will be great.

Pressure In Golf

In tournaments, it’s natural to feel a bit of pressure while playing. You are up against a ton of good players, it’s okay to feel nervous. But don’t let the nervousness take over you. If you lose the mental warfare, you will behind before the game starts. 


Golfing is naturally competitive, that’s why you need to keep your spirits up if you want to win the mental battle. 

Fear In Golf

Fear is a normal human emotion. If you fear your opponent, if you fear losing, it only means you still have emotions left. It’s completely normal to be scared of messing up. Overcoming the fear will play a big role in golf. 


When you enter the competitive scene, the fear gets stronger. You know what you are afraid of and start to feel insecure about them. There is no place for those emotions in golf. Throw them away before you swing of the round. 

How Mental Coaching Helps

If mental coaching were bogus and didn’t work no sector would have psychiatrists helping them. Feeling scared, nervous, insecure, etc are basic human emotions. It’s okay to feel them. It’s not okay to act on impulse while you are feeling nervous. If you find a good way of calming your brain down, this will help you improve the game by a long margin.

Focus On The Process

By making your brain shifting its focus on a different subject, you can overcome fear. You are afraid of failing the shot? Think about all the shots that you nailed in the past. Focus on the process to make yourself a better golfer. 

Stay In Present

Fear is a subject that makes you worry about the future. Don’t let your brain wander around and come up with different conclusions. Fixate that thing into the present. Think about how good of a form you are right now and ready to annihilate any competition. 

Set Goals

Setting a goal is quite important. If you don’t have a goal to fulfill, you won’t have the confidence or the will to thrive. Set yearly goals, achieve that goal by the end of the year by any means. The goal will keep pushing you. 

Become More Self-Aware

Becoming more aware of yourself and surroundings is a good thing. It will help build your confidence. If you know yourself better, you can start analyzing the opponents. Once you dissect them inside the brain and find out their weak points you can easily improvise on your own.

I am trying to sound like a criminal mastermind, but it is what it is. A famous E-Sports player named Johan Sundstein once said in an interview

DotA is a sick mental game. It brings out the best and the worst in you. It comes down to half a second. You can’t just predict what’s going to happen but you try to look at everything as pieces and pawns. You try to look at it as simply “The Game”. Who ended up winning the mental warfare always wins the series.


That’s how you’re going to win tournaments. If you break the other mind it gets really easy. Some minds are hard to beat. You replace the DotA here with Golf and you got all the motivation you ever going to need. 

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