How To Polish Golf Clubs [9 Steps To Follow]

Polishing golf clubs is one of the many things that we tend to ignore. If you ignore it for too long, the clubs will start to fade colors and their new looks. You are here to either prevent this from happening or already happened to you. 


Don’t worry this guide will help you prevent the fading and teach you how to polish golf clubs. It might not be as easy as you thought, or is it? Keep reading to find out. 

How To Polish Golf Clubs

1. Make A Detergent Solution

Making a detergent solution is not that hard. Pour lukewarm water into a bucket, then pour a bit of liquid cleaning solution into that water. Mix the solution well. It will create a nice looking foam bath for your golf clubs.

2. Soak The Clubs

Just like you soak your pets in warm bath water, soak the clubs directly into the water. If your grip is removable, I recommend removing the grip beforehand. You don’t want soap water inside the handle grip.

3. Scrub The Club

You need to scrub the club and remove any dirt or debris from the surface. For this purpose, you should use a soft tip toothbrush or a paintbrush. Please refrain from using metal brushes. That will leave a scratch mark on the clubhead and make it look even worse.

4. Wash Away The Soap

Make sure to scrub the clubs super hard. As we are using a soft head brush, it won’t damage the club in a physical way. If it does, that means your club was already damaged. Anyway, don’t forget to rinse them completely from the soap. We don’t want soap leftovers to mess with our polishing process.

5. Dry Out The Club

After your scrub session of the clubs, time to dry them out. You can leave them for a while to dry out in the air. Or use a towel to soak the water and faster the process.


I recommend doing both. First, leave the clubs hanging to drain the water. Then use a towel to completely dry off the clubs.

6. Prepare The Polish

You can buy any polish you want. As long as it’s not a colorful polish, you can apply any transparent polish on to the clubheads. 


If you don’t have a polishing cloth, don’t worry. A simple microfiber cloth will do. If you don’t even have that, stop now and go out and buy a pair of microfiber cloths. 


Take out the polishing cream. Apply the cream to the cloth. Don’t use your fingers to spread the polish.

7. Polish The Golf Clubs

Now start gently, rubbing the polish on the clubs. Make sure to polish every nook and canny. It will take some time to polish the whole sets of clubs. Be patient and keep doing what you are doing. Again, don’t use your fingers to spread the polish. Use the cloth to do that.

8. Let The Polish Dry

This time, don’t try to outsmart nature. It will take some time for the polish to dry out. Don’t even think of using a towel to try out the polish. 


Leave the clubs hanging in a clean area, away from dust. If there is dust in the room where you are polishing, the dust and debris will fall on the polish and stay there. 

9. Wipe Off The Club

Now you are allowed to use the towel or a paper towel to clean off the club. It is just an extra step to make sure there was no dirt and the polish is shining. If you have done everything right, you should have a brand new looking club in your hand by now. 


This is how you can polish your golf clubs. If I left any steps behind or if you know any more options then let me know in this comment section.

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