How To Organize Trail Camera Photos [Easy & Quick]

Keeping things organized has always been a far cry for hunters. Besides our gears, we tend to overlook organizing the rest of the things. 

But you have to keep in mind, if you don’t organize your photos from the trail cameras then later when you need those photos, you will have a hard time finding them.

This is a How to organize trail camera photos guide &you will know how will you get rid of that problem & can organize by your own.

Why They Become Disorganized

Having cluttered files of photos without assigning names or markings to them can easily become disorganized. If you are doing this for a while then I am sure you already lost a couple of pictures or so. 

Photos can’t organize themselves. You must organize them and put them in a safe place.

When a trail camera takes a picture it is labeled in a numerical number. For example, the 300th picture the camera takes will be labeled as IMG_300.

The problem begins when you start to save the files on your pc. Every time you take out the SD card save the files and format it, the camera will start to assign from IMG_0001 again. When you try to save it again, the picture will auto rename itself to IMG_0001-2. 

Fast forward to a couple of months or so, you have IMG_0001-20 pictures under the same name.

Camera Settings

Make sure the camera setting of your camera is accurate. Double-check the weather, date&time, and camera id is accurate. On the details/information page of the camera, every image will contain all these informations. 

When organizing the correct information will make your life a lot easier. We often fall into the trap of, I will remember the location where it was taken. Trust me you don’t. But if you put in the correct info on the camera setting, you don’t even need to remember them. The camera will do that for you. 

Choosing How You Want To Organize

It’s important to choose the correct way of organizing. For me, it’s a numerical number. You can go for date-based, or location-based. It’s preference honestly. 

You need to find whether you want them to be in strict chronological order or not. You can do that based on location, date, time, or even the types of animals. 

For example, if I were to look for bears, I would name the folder as bears on my computer.

Uploading Photos

Now that you have your photos organized, it’s time to upload them into secured cloud storage. You can save them on your computer’s HDD. But I recommend you also save them in cloud storage for backup. 

Make sure to name the folder on your computer when you upload them from the SD card. You can name the folder based on the date when you are uploading the photos from your SD card. If you use cloud storage, just upload the whole folder in the cloud.

Organizing Photos

Before you send them in the file cabinet to sit there peacefully, you could do some steps to make the organization process easier.

  • Right-click on your computer and display all the pictures as the largest thumbnail possible. 
  • You can use your computer to arrange all the photos as you wish. You can sort them by name, by date, by size, etc. But I don’t recommend trying size. It’s not an accurate way of organizing photos.
  • You need to cleanse this SD card. Haha, the reason I told you to use the largest thumbnail to see the picture is for cleansing. Make sure to go on a cleaning spree. Delete any duplicate you can see. Google photos are capable of finding duplicates. You can use that to your advantage.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to organize trail Camera Photos Quickly and Easily I hope you don’t become lazy again. The photos will come in handy someday. Take some time out of your week and do it. 

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