How To Keep Ants Out Of Trail Cameras

Keeping the ants out from the trail camera has been a hassle for many years. Every year a lot of trail cameras go under warranty for ants.

Ants usually don’t cause much trouble inside the circuit. But if they make your camera their new home, then you are in for some unwanted troubles. Don’t worry I will teach you how you can overcome this problem.

So, let’s learn how to keep ants out of trail cameras together, shall we?

Almost all of the trail cameras are waterproof. Even after that keeping the ants away from the camera was never an easy task. But you can follow these steps to stop them from entering, even if they do remove them without hurting the camera.

Insect repellant

Using granular insect and ant repellant is a working method to eliminate ants from the camera. You just need to put a pinch of repellant inside the housing. Put it specifically in a place where the repellant won’t damage any parts.

Don’t put it near the SD card slot. The card may survive, but the slot won’t. You should also put some near the base of the camera. Or put some behind the camera mount.

Please, don’t spray directly on the camera. It will destroy the lens and the droplet of repellant may permanently damage the sensor itself.

Close Off All The Openings

Trail cameras tend to have a lot of openings to the housing. For example, unused antenna holes, unused 3.5mm jack hole, unused USB port, etc. You should close off those extra holes to prevent ants from ever entering the camera.

You will find blocking caps from third party seller quite easily. Some cameras will come with covers of their own. Use that to your advantage.

Freeze The Camera

If the worse happened and you found the camera filled with ants. Immediately take out the batteries and the SD card. Then shake the camera violently, for a couple of seconds. It will remove most of the surface ants that are visible to the eyes.

But you can’t get rid of the ants who are inside the camera already. To do that, put the camera inside a zip-lock bag and put it in the freezer. Live it there for 24 hours. Make sure the temp is not enough to freeze the camera itself.

The temperature will kill off any ants left inside and any laid eggs. All you have to do after that is to take out the camera, remove the screws, and give it another good shake. It will get rid of the dead ants.

Fly Strips/Duct Tape

Even though they are an eyesore to look at. Fly strips are one of the most proven methods to prevent ants from entering a camera.

If you attach fly strips to the side of your camera and over the open holes, you will find a ton of deal flies and ants stuck to the fly strips.

Use a fly strip or a wrapping duct tape, make sure to keep the sticky side up. Place the tape above and below the trail camera. Place it directly on to the tree itself. All the ants will get stuck on the tree before they could reach the camera.

But some of them still will be able to get inside. To prevent them from getting inside too, you need to follow our earlier advice and make sure all the holes of the camera is safely secured. So this is how you can keep ants out of your trail cameras


Prevention is better than cure. If you can prevent ants from getting inside the camera, you don’t need to take them out of the camera. Hopefully, none of your cameras are facing this annoying issue. Happy hunting everyone let’s hunt those ants too 😉

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