How To Increase Club Head Speed

I hope you already know, swinging like a caveman won’t make the ball go faster.


If you are done doing those wild swings and hurting your back. I got a better solution for you. This way you don’t need to hurt your back to learn about how to increase club head speed. 


If you follow the pro scene, then you probably know the term of swing fast not swing hard by now. Swinging fast plays a huge role in boosting the speed of the clubhead. While swinging hard will take you nowhere most of the time. 


If you swing with full force like a baseball bat. You may hit the ball quite hard, but you won’t have any control over the ball. You don’t even know which part of the clubhead face the ball hit. Here are some simple ways how you can increase the clubhead speed, naturally and gradually. 

Understand Your Swing Speed

Most of the professional players have a 110 and 115 mph swing speed. There are a few records of crossing the 140 mph mark. But we are not here to compete with the professionals (yet). 


That’s why you need to find the best swing speed for you. If you can swing at a 110 mph speed, very good. If not, don’t lose hope. An amateur golfer can hit at around 80 mph. If you are hitting faster than that, you are already above average. 

Find Your "Whoosh"

Remember the term, swinging hard vs swinging fast? It’s a common scenario where we see golfers increase the entire speed of the swing and waste a ton of energy in the process. 


Where the reality is like most other hitting games timing plays a vital role. If you can’t time the ball and club contact right, then you will face plenty of issues in the long run. 


Don’t worry, you can’t learn that right off the bat (come on it was the perfect setup). But you can gradually improve the timing. When you find the correct timing for your swing. That is the whoosh moment for you. Not the one you are seeing every time a joke flies over your head. 

Fix The Grip

Remember how Hodor from GOT was committed to holding the door? Why aren’t you committing to get a better grip on the club? There are so many different types of grip available for you to purchase. Find the grip that is most comfortable for you. 


Then find the correct position to grab the club. My grabbing position and your grabbing position won’t be the same. Find the optimal position where you can generate more force on the swing. Once you find the position, stick to it, and practice daily. 

Improve Your Fitness

No, I am not physique shaming you. Golf is a game for fit people. You can’t argue about that. If you can’t improve your stamina and stance, you won’t be able to generate the willing force required for a good shot. 


Sure, you can blame the driver and call it a day. At the end of the day, look at your gameplay and see if your stance and grab was right or not. If there is something wrong with the stance physically, you need to improve that.


You will also golf under a heating sun a lot. That’s why you need to up your stamina game. Improving the strength of your hips will improve your balance by miles. Also, this is not football. Don’t take a run-up before hitting the ball. 


See, that wasn’t hard, was it? The following everything will be hard though. This is what you searched for didn’t you? I hope this guide can help you improve your game.

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