How To Hit A Golf Ball Straight [Guidelines]

How hard can it be? You just have to hit the ball and it should go straight, right? That is the mindset of someone who holds a golf club for the first time in his life. Now, I know that feeling, I don’t blame you. It seems easy until you try and fail to do so. 


That’s why you are here, to learn from mistakes and be better at it. That’s why today we are going to learn how to hit a golf ball straight. 


One thing that most beginners tend to ignore is the stance. How you stand and hold the club plays a huge role behind the swing. 


You need to keep a straight posture and find the perfect distance between your legs to maintain balance. When you backswing, if your left legs move a little, that means you are having a balancing issue and your weight is shifting towards the left leg. 


You can improve that by trying to not move the leg while your backswing. If your stance is left heavy, then no matter at what angle you end up swinging, it will go towards the left. 


Spend a bit of money on the grip. You will hold this for the longest time in a golf round. After buying the most comfortable grip for you, make sure to find the right spot to grab the club. My sweet spot won’t be perfect for you.


I enjoy the swing when both of my arms are fairly close together. I know friends that like to relax the right arm more. Also, they leave a bit of distance between the two arms. 

Right Gear

Finding the right gear is quite important. Old club heads tend to come in a fixated angle. With that no matter how hard you try to improve your posture, you cannot hit the ball at a different angle. 

But with newer drivers, they tend to have variable options for driver angles. Find the one suitable for you. If you can try all of them beforehand. Then purchase the one that compliments your playstyle. 

Stop Slicing Every Time

When you want to hit the ball straight and make it go longer, you can’t slice the ball and hope that it will reach your desired destination. Slicing is good for providing more air and spin control.


But on a straight shot, the main priority is to send the ball straight as an arrow. For that to happen you need to hit the ball with the face of your driver. 

Open The Clubface At The Address

Check and see if the clubface is square to the ball when you set up the shot. Create a habit of this. It will help you hit the ball with the face of the clubhead every time. 


If you are not hitting the ball with the face of the clubhead, it will punish you for that. But most drivers nowadays have a wide face to counteract that. They are easy to forgive you and spare your life. 

You Hit The Ball Straight But It Doesn't Start On Your Intended Line

This is another common issue that we face almost every day of golfing. The simple answer is, your alignment was incorrect. If your clubface and the ball aren’t aligned correctly, even if you hit the ball correctly the ball might not go where you want it to go. 


Try a different angle and find out on which line the ball travels the furthest. Then try to copy that angle and practice every day. 


These steps should get you closer to your ideal result. Remember, be patient and practice a lot. 

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