How To Hide Trail Camera From Humans

Using a trail camera as a security camera has its cons. You need to hide it from humans to make it more effective. If you are buying a security camera, that means you already faced burglars. Burglars don’t just randomly hit a house and hope that they don’t get caught.

It’s all pre-planned. Wait, why are you acting suspicious! Wait, no I am not a burglar. I caught them once and interrogated them like an F.B.I agent.

Anyway, let’s not get distracted. You need to hide the camera well to make them believe your house is vulnerable. When they can’t find any visible cameras on the surface, they will fall right into your trap.

For that to happen you need to hide the trail camera first. Let’s learn the best ways of hiding a trail camera from humans.

Use A Small-Sized Camera

Most trail cameras are quite big and bulky in size. That’s because they pack a lot of things inside them. If you go wireless, you will find many compact and lightweight trail cameras. If the camera is small, to begin with, you won’t have a hard time hiding it anywhere.

As for why wireless camera, I can go on a rant about that for days. Wireless is simply the future and you are better off adopting. You can control the camera with your phone and use it as a live camera. You need more reasons than that?

Hide It Underneath The Ceiling

The most common place to place a camera is the lamp post. That’s also the first place where a burglar will look for a camera. How about you forget that you have lampposts in your house and act like they don’t exist?

Yeah, I can do that. If you place it underneath the ceiling, then it will cover a low of the glow lights of the camera. That’s why to use more than one camera at different angles. This will enhance the vision and increase the chance of burglars to get caught.

Hide Them Inside The Bushes And Trees

If you have big trees planted in your home, use that to your advantage. Hide the camera on the upper side of a tree. A burglar won’t look that up to look for a camera. To improve that, you can use a camo skin for your camera. If the camera comes with a camo skin, that’s even better.


The most obvious way of hiding a camera is to use disguise. But wait a minute, trail cameras come with camo, to begin with, right? Why do you need more disguise?

Did I say anything about camo in this part? Remember the birdhouse from tom and jerry? A burglar won’t climb up a pole and look if there is a bird inside that or not. You getting what I am trying to say?

Use a camera inside that birdhouse. They won’t even see that coming. Just like you didn’t see the John Cena reference coming.

Hide The Camera Inside Household Objects

Remember Harold from, hide the pain Harold meme? Did you notice how he hides the pain with a wide smile on his face? An obvious disguise, right? You can follow the meme, but don’t hide your pain. Instead, hide the camera inside household objects.

Burglars won’t even bother looking at a statue standing in front of your porch unless it’s made out of something valuable. Small statues are ideal for hiding cameras inside them.

The moral of the post, be as sneaky as you can. Imagine yourself as Ethan Hunt from mission impossible. Your mission is to hide the trail camera, should you choose to accept it.


Sorry guys, couldn’t help myself from giving those references. Anyway, I hope you understood the main point of the guide and focus on those. It should help you fight the burglars better. If this post helped, don’t forget to let others know down the comments. I will see you at the next one, TargetChaser signing out.

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