How To Fix A Golf Slice [Tips & Tricks]

Slicing in golf is not as easy as slicing an apple. You need to learn the technique and practice to perfection. Slicing is fun, as long as you know what you are doing everything can be fun. 


You can’t immediately fix your golf slice. But everyday spending some time behind it can definitely fix this problem.

How To Fix A Golf Slice

Get A Better Driver

You need to find the best driver suitable for you. Every driver won’t click with your playstyle. Almost all the slicers use a driver with almost no loft. Modern adjustable drivers allow you to have better control and loft. You can also choose the clubhead’s angle. If 9° is too low for you, then go for 11°. 

Relax Your Hands

You are not grabbing the club to go win a fight. You need to place your hands in such a way, that you can go with the follow-through of the shot. For that to happen, you need to let go of your hands and let them relax.

Don't Aim Left

A lot of right-handed beginners tend to have this problem. Naturally, we can swing stronger if we aim towards the left. That’s exactly the problem. With a straight draw or right slice, you can add more spin and travel to the ball. Try to aim as straight as possible. Unless the course is left heavy, then you can go ham. 

Position The Ball Correctly

Move the ball further back in your stance. This will have an immediate impact on your slice. You need to keep in mind, you are slicing the ball. If you lower the angle between the ball and you, you can easily give the ball more air and spin.

Keep Your Elbow Tucked

When you are in the backswing motion. You need to keep your elbow tuck. During the swing, try to keep your right elbow closer to the body. It will give an uncomfortable feeling at the beginning, nothing painful. But if you continue this habit it will improve your backswing and swing path tremendously. 

Transfer Your Weight

You need to master the skill of transferring the weight while you swing. The simplest way of practicing this is to, place something next to your front foot. 


Make sure the object is touching your left thigh in the process. The object can be a golf bag, or any object can reach the height of your thighs. 


When you swing back your thigh will move a little further from the object. This means the backfoot is receiving all the weight. If you know how to balance the weight then your thigh will still be touching the object after swing. 


That’s exactly what we are aiming to reach. If you can properly distribute the weight, it will create a perfect balance and give your stance a threatening aura.

Release The Club Before Hitting The Ball

No, I don’t mean you should let go of the club by any means. I briefly mentioned earlier about relaxing the hands. This is related to that part. If you let go of the hands and let the club naturally hit the ball.


There is a small window between the forearm release – and a straight drive – and a forearm release. If the forearm release comes too late, then you need to practice more to get a better release time. 


A proper release will play a huge role in the success rate of your slicing. Most beginners tend to either release too early or too late. You need to find the perfect middle-ground. If you keep releasing the club too late, then your slices will remain to be inconsistent. 


This is how you can fix your golf slice. Hopefully this guide will help you to fix your problem. If you have any more thing to know then leave a comment. you will get a reply for sure.

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