How To Clean Golf Shoes [Guidelines]

If you want your shoes to last longer and look fresh every day. You need to take proper care of them. Many of us ignore taking care of our golf shoes. You will wear them for the whole day of a golf session. Why not take some time to give them the love they deserve? Follow these simple steps about how to clean golf shoes and make your golf shoes squeaky clean.

How To Clean Golf Shoes

Here is the steps of cleaning golf shoes-

Pre-Round Shoe Care

Always use a shoehorn when you wear shoes. It will prevent the heel of the shoe from getting damaged. If the shoe heel gets damaged the shoe won’t fit you perfectly anymore. That will cause blistering. We all know how annoying and uncomfortable blisters are. 

Post-Round Shoe Cleaning And Care

If your shoes are made of synthetic or leather. Make sure to clean them with soap and water after every round. Don’t forget to remove the dirt underneath the sole and from the side. A little bit of soapy water won’t damage a synthetic or leather shoe. 

If you own a pair of white shoes. Use a white shoe cleaner to remove any scuff marks from the shoe. It will also increase the longevity of the leather. 

If you own a pair of darker colored shoe, then use a regular shoe cleaner to remove all the scuff marks and dirt from the shoe. Then use a darker shoe color cream to make the shoe more glowy and fresh.

Wet Shoes

If your shoes are wet. Immediately shake off any excess water from the shoes. Place some crumpled newspapers inside the shoes and let them soak the water for 8-10 hours. 

Take out the newspaper and replace it with a FootJoy Cedar Shoe Trees. It will help bring the uppers back to shape. It will also absorb any waters near the liners. 

General Tips

  • Remove laces before cleaning the shoes. 
  • If the inner sole is not glued, remove it too before cleaning. 
  • Do not place the shoes under direct sunlight.
  • Refrain from using a blow-dryer to dry off the shoes. You will end up destroying them.


No matter what type of outsoles your shoe has, you need to brush the dirt off from the sole. Don’t forget to check if all the cleats are intact and secured in place. 

Don’t place your shoes in the car trunk. The temperature from the tank will damage the shoes permanently. Rubber soles are not that good against high temperatures. Depending on the weather and how long you drive, the car trunk can get quite hot.

Mesh Shoes

I love the mesh textures. But they can be a bit of pain while cleaning. Don’t worry follow these steps and you can clean them without any issues. 

  • Make a mixture of warm water and soap detergent. 
  • Dip the brush tip or soft clothes in the water.
  • Rub all over the mesh with that brush or cloth to remove all the dirt.
  • Blot the mesh shoes with a cold water-dampened cloth to remove any soap residue. 
  • Allow the shoes to dry in the air. Don’t put them directly under the sun. Don’t even think of blow-drying them.

See, that wasn’t hard, was it?

You are going to use the shoes for a while. That’s why don’t forget to take care of them. If you can avoid shops that machine cleans your shoes. They do an effective job, but they won’t take care of the shoes as you can. 


That’s it for me now. I hope you were able to learn how to clean golf shoes. If you did don’t forget to leave a comment down below. It helps us keep going and bringing more good works for you guys.

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