How To Choose The Right Golf Bag

Finding the ideal golf bag can save you from a lot of trouble. Sometimes most of us don’t need expensive bags for our golf sessions. You need to find a bag that suits your style. So, how to choose the right golf bag?


Well, There are several types of golf bags available for you to purchase. For example, tour staff bag, golf stand bag, golf cart bag, carry, and Sunday bags.

How To Choose The Right Golf Bag

Let’s talk about them in detail and find out what type suits you the most-

Tour Staff Bags

One fundamental thing that you need to understand is, different types of player needs different types of bag for their benefits 


Staff bags are the main choice of professional players. You need to have a strong back or have someone else carry your bag. 


Traditional players may love the look of staff bags. When you drop the bag and it lands on the perfect surface, that feeling does boost my ego a bit. 


Staff bags are big, bulky, heavy, and offers almost no extra storages compared to cart or stand bags. They do offer extra protection for your clubs. Staff bags are meant to carry all of your clubs. If you have too many of them you know which one to go for. 


They are mainly for professionals who have sponsors giving them real states. Unless you tour a lot and have someone to help you carry the bags, then this bag has nothing to do with you. As harsh as it sounds, this bag is not for casual golfers.

Cart Bags

The most common bag that we recommend to golfers is cart bags. If you already own a golf vehicle or pushcart, then cart bags make even more sense to you. 


cart bag offers plenty of extra space for your clubs and other stuff that you might want to carry. Most cart bags come with a dedicated pocket to store golf balls.


A lot of them come with thermal padded waterproof pockets. In there you can put your soft drinks in and they will stay cold even in hot summer.


Their design does not allow them to carry around in your bag. These bags will come with one strap. With that, you can carry it around, but their weight will wear you down quite quickly. Their flat bottom design makes the bag sit on the cart and stay there.


Normally, the weight of these bags can vary from 5 pounds to 9 pounds. Depending on the model you purchase the build quality will also vary highly. A cart bag won’t come with a built-in stand. Talking about stands the next type of bag is golf stand bags.

Stand Bags

Stand bags and golf cart bags are a lot like cart bags. They even look like cart bags and perform a lot like them. 


Stand bags feature a double strap design. Depending on the model the total amount of pockets and divider at the top will vary. Most stand bag comes with the good build quality. Like cart bags, they also feature thermal padded pockets for drinks. 


A balanced bag is important to reduce your fatigue and back pain. If the bag is heavy towards the bottom, then it will put too much pressure on your shoulder.


If you want your bag to look like tour staff bags, then go for the bulky robust type. Or you can go for the lightweight bags and save your shoulders.

Carry And Sunday Bags

Carry bags are the most compact bags. They are ultra-lightweight. But that weight comes with a cost. Most of the time you can’t carry more than 4 clubs with them. They also lack extra storage. I still think they are the best ones for casual golfers. 


Hopefully, now you know which golf bag is the best for you. Find out what type of player you are and go from there. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any more questions.

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