The 3 Best Way To How To Aim a Crossbow

You look like someone that needs to practice his aim (!) more. Were you expecting a general Kenobi joke? Lame puns aside if you are here that means you searched for how to aim a crossbow. Well, you are in luck today we are teaching you exactly that.

How To Aim A Crossbow?

1. Calibrating Your Crossbow Scope

In other words, you need to first zero out the crossbow scope. Like you do with rifle scopes. The process of zeroing a scope is fairly easy. Adjust it by shooting a couple of times. Don’t try to go overboard. Don’t set up a target that exceeds your crossbows range limit.

Your aim going to be a lot easier if you calibrate your scope just right. 

2. Avoid Crossbow Canting

Hey, this is not a rifle with canted sight. 

This is a crossbow where you fire a bolt, not a bullet. That is why you should avoid any sorts of leaning towards the right or left. You will be surprised just how big of a difference a canted vs non-canted shot makes.

3. Aim The Crossbow And The Pull The Trigger

Once you have done all the above move to this last step. Just aim and take the shot. 

Sounds easy right? Well, it’s not that easy. Here is the tricky part you are working with a crossbow, not a rifle the bolt drop compensation is higher than bullets. Which means that a bolt will start to drop earlier than a bullet. Which is obvious.

That is why if you are aiming directly on the bullseye chances are you won’t hit it. There is also air velocity and which direction it is coming from. They also play a major role in the shot. You have to make the wind in your favor.

Now how on earth to do that? Well, the expert would say it’s fairly easy, but we are no expert here right? An expert would not even read this post.

That is why we are saying it’s not that easy it is something that will come with experience. But to help you aim a little better and hit the target more accurately we can give some tips.

Which are, Try to target a little above the bullseye if you know about your bolt drop compensation that’s great for you. If you don’t take a wild guess and just shoot see how close to the target it hits.

If the wind is blowing towards the left aim a little on the right side. The win will help you to curve your bolt towards the right side. Just like a football finesse shot.


We sincerely hope with this you can aim better than before. Keep practicing and trust me you will be surprised just how better you get at reading wind and bullet drop.

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