How Good Are Centerpoint Crossbows

If you are on the market to buy a new crossbow for cheap chances are you have already heard of the brand name Centerpoint. They are known to provide crossbows for a cheap price. After seeing the price the obvious question that arises is how good are CenterPoint crossbows.

Are they even worth buying?

We will try to explain why Centerpoint is worth buying in this post. So, hold tight and keep reading.


Let’s learn our daily dose of history. Centerpoint is created by Crosman. Crosman was founded in 1923. They have ever since kept innovating. Airgun industry can never forget Crosman’s credit behind their industry.

In the year 2018 Crosman has introduced new crossbows under the Centerpoint line up. 

While we can’t review all the crossbows they offered but we are expressing our opinion based on the crossbows we reviewed.


If you think from a survivalist perspective, archery is natural. Crossbows are effective and more powerful than regular bows. 

They are also easier to improvise compared to firearms.

Crossbow is silent and deadly. Perfect piece of weapon to carry with you in your hunting sessions. 

If you are using a firearm even with a suppressor on it will still make sounds that will scare away animals. 

You can’t make bullets for a firearm when you run out. But crossbow uses bolt. They are arrows that can be made from feathers and sharp objects. 

When the scenario is survival for the fittest then you need to use whatever you can.


Depending on the users, different users will say different things about a crossbow. Like for example, some users love compact designs where some don’t mind the bulkiness. 

But there are some universal facts that you always need to keep in mind while shopping for a new crossbow.


This is an important fact. We know a lot of you don’t care about weight. But when you are set for a long journey weight management is an issue. That’s why lightweight crossbows are always a plus point.


If you have read our crossbow reviews on the past you will know that we provide vast information regarding the build quality. The reason behind that is, we don’t know who is going to buy the product. 

If someone unexperienced buys and let’s just say accident happens and he manages to throw the crossbow on the ground. If the crossbow breaks from a mere impact from that, it won’t be good for everyone. 

Our reasoning behind good quality may not sound so strong to you. But trust me, build quality matters. Or else you may buy a 100$ wooden/plastic crossbow and go hunting, after coming from hunting you will go straight to Amazon to bash the seller. 


The power of the crossbow is measured in FPS. FPS here doesn’t stand for frames per second, here it stands for feet per second. 

If a crossbow fires at 300FPS it means the bolt is traveling at 300 feet per second speed. While the science behind this is complicated and we are not going to teach you physics here. 

But the thing to take from here is the more FPS the better. If you are planning to hunt at mid-range around 350-400 FPS is more than enough. It’s also enough for competitive shooting. 


Some crossbows come with a scope in the box. A lot of them don’t. But nowadays there is more competition between manufacturers. 

So, there is a huge possibility that your choice may provide a scope with the crossbow. Crossbow scope is necessary if you want to hunt accurately.


Now that we got the major concerns when buying a new crossbow out of the way. On to the main question. Does Centerpoint check all those marks? 

Yes, they do. Not only that they provide some of the best budget crossbows on the market. 

Rest assured you are getting a good crossbow if you are purchasing a Centerpoint crossbow. 

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