How Golf Clothing Can Change Your Game

A lot of people think less about golfer’s clothes. Why do they wear so much? Are they doing a fashion show instead of playing? Those people have no idea how golf clothing can change your game entirely. 


That’s why I am here to talk about that. Let’s find out why you should spend a bit of money on good golfing clothes.


If you are wearing summer clothes in winter, that won’t be right, will it? A benefit of wearing golf clothes is, you can adapt to the climates quite easily and quickly. Golf clothes are extensive enough to withstand the north and hot as hell summer. 


If you don’t have to change clothes every round, you can focus on the game more. It will keep you comfortable, focus on the game, and ready for anything. The most important thing among these is comfort. Comfort plays a huge role in any dress.


You might say, are you gonna do stretches in golf? Why do you need flexibility?

Sure, you won’t do stretches. But you will have to take a stance in every shot. If you don’t feel comfortable in that stance, how are you supposed to hit the shot? A good flexible tee-shirt will give you the freedom of moving arms at any angle. While a tight tee-shirt might tear off under the arm. 

Another example, try swinging in a pair of tight jeans. Then try to swing while wearing comfortable golf pants. You can feel the difference in person. As for the ladies, try to swing wearing your tight pants and while wearing a skirt, or comfortable pair of pants. 

Trust me, flexible clothing makes night and day difference.


I have written about the importance of golf shoes in a separate post. Here let me give you a summary of why you should invest in a good pair of golf shoes. 


A pair of golf shoes will give you more friction than a pair of sneakers. You can grip the land better and take a harder swing. If you try to take a strong swing wearing a pair of sneakers. I don’t know about the ball, but you will be on the ground that’s for sure. 


If you are thinking, I like sneakers type of shoes more. Don’t worry, golf shoes are available in many different styles. Pick your favorite from them. Remember to take care of your shoes. They will last for long if you do.


If you have foot problems and walk on the course frequently. You should opt for athletic golf shoes. If you need more friction and support, then choose a pair of shoes with more structural strength.


Before you show your hats off for me, let me just briefly explain why you should buy a good sporting cape. You have seen other sorts of sports right? Besides football. Hats there don’t make much sense. 

But in Cricket, Baseball, and in golf, you have seen professionals wearing capes, didn’t you?

Caps are like a free shield that will protect your hair and vision from the sun. Instead of using your arm as a shield to escape the sun, you can just wear a good cap with airflow. It will keep your head cool. Thanks to the extended sunshade, your eyes will also remain cool. 


See, how a good pair of golf clothing can change the entire course of a game? It’s not an expensive buy either. If you golf a lot, then you need a good wardrobe for the game. Just invest a bit of money behind the clothing. They will pay off big time. Trust me, they will.

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