Campark T45 Trail Camera Review: Your Next Hunting Camera!

Campark T45 is a digital trail camera manufactured by Campark. The motto of the brand is “Capture Moments, Capture Life”. It’s cheap, well built and looks good. What more do you need? Keep reading and you will find out.


  • 42 IR LED and 3 IR motion detector.
  • 120° angle of view.
  • Video recording at 25 fps in 1080p resolution.
  • Records audio.
  • Supports class 10 microSD up to 32gb.
  • Easy to set up and troubleshoot.
  • Waterproof.


  • Framerate for video recording is low compared to resolution.
  • For some people, 32gb storage is not enough.
  • Night vision image might get over lighted because of all those IR LED’s.

Campark T45 Review: Specs & Outlooks

Trigger Speed0.5 – 0.8s
LensF: 2.5 mm & F: 3.6 mm
Trigger DistanceUp To 22 Meters
Shot Flash5s To 60 Minutes
IR Flash42 Pcs Infrared LEDs
Detection Angle Of Sensor120 Degrees
Sensor14 MP CMOS Sensor


Like many other cameras, the T45 has a camouflage-style coating. The camera is also waterproof. As for the build quality in hand, it felt strong, sturdy and really well built. On the front, you got 42 IR LED’s. That’s a lot of IR LED’s.

On top of these IR LED’s the camera also features 3 infrared motion detectors. These motion detectors were a nice addition to the camera, to be honest. & can pick up signals up to 65 feets.

On the backside of the camera, you got a strap to hook the camera to a tree. But you also get a permanent mount on which you can mount the camera. This feature will work great if anyone wants to use this as a security camera instead of hunting.

If you open up the camera you will find the buttons to operate the camera and the screen on top of them. They are on the left side when you open wide the camera. 

Underneath the buttons, you get microSD slot, AV output and mini USB port to connect the camera directly with your pc. On the right side, you have the place where you put in the batteries. 


The camera sensor of the T45 is 14mp. The camera supports a 1080p FHD video. 1080p resolution video is more than enough for most customers. 

The camera also has a wide-angle view of 120°. Which is excellent because of other products in this price range mostly features a 90° viewing angle.

The camera also supports night vision. In our testing phase, we found the pictures quite well. Sometimes the photos tend to over shine because of all those IR LED’s. You can record video footage at 25 fps. 

The resolution is 1080p. While it’s a shame that the camera doesn’t provide 30 fps recording for 1080p, but we can’t expect a 70$ camera to pack all the high-end camera features.

Trigger Speed

The trigger speed of this particular camera is really impressive. After detecting movements the camera starts almost instantly. 0.3s Trigger speed is quite fast. 

The trigger distance is up to 65feet.

3 IR Motion Detectors

We already mentioned at the start that the Campark T45 features 3 motion detection IR sensors. They offer up to 65 feet of trigger distance. 

Which means if any animals/human were to walk inside the trigger zone the camera will instantly start recording. With an impressive trigger speed of 0.3s. If you were to set it to record videos then it will record videos at 25fps in 1080p resolution.

Battery Life

One of the most important aspects of a camera is the battery life. You are going to need 8 AA batteries to run the Campark T45 on battery. Make sure to buy some great quality AA batteries. 

Because depending on that your battery life may vary from other users. With 8 AA batteries, you can expect a standby time of around 6months from the camera.

Campark T45 Setup

Using the camera is pretty straightforward. The menu is easy to navigate and user-friendly for newbies. Even if you are a first-time user you will understand everything very quickly. 

Make sure to format the microSD card before you install it. After installing just check every option and tweak according to your need.

Campark T45 Troubleshooting

For example, if your camera is not acting according to your setup (how trail camera work) you can easily reset the camera and format the SD card. 

  • Just press the menu button and use the navigation button to navigate at the end of the list. 
  • Then select the reset button and press ok. 

In case you didn’t know a Campark T45 manual is included inside the box.

Campark T45 Review Summary

For the price, I don’t think you can beat the Campark T45. The scope looks great and performs excellent for the money. It is true the video recording fps could have been better, but at the same time, you shouldn’t expect so much from a 70$ scope.

If you are looking for a new trail camera to make your hunting better or perhaps increase the security of your house, you can go for the Campark T45 without second-guessing. 

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