Best Features To Be Considered When Buying Trail Cameras

Buying a new camera can be a little troubling. You need to find out the selling points of that camera and research about that. You can go to the shop or Amazon and buy the most sold camera, but ask yourself, do you really need that camera?

What if your work can work with cheap trail cameras? What if you are spending too much. If your answer is confusing and making you think then my friend, you are in the right place.

Today’s topic is the best features to be considered when buying trail cameras. 

There can be many selling points for a camera. But some features are universal and valid for all. If your camera lacks in the quality, you shouldn’t purchase that.

Image Quality

You are buying a camera for taking pictures, how well does that camera perform in that regard? If the answer is good/excellent, then you got a banger of a camera.

Usually, trail cameras tend to be cheap; that’s why they don’t use the best quality photosensor as your 1000$ smartphone does.

This is where the price of the camera comes in.

If the trail camera is dirt cheap, then you need to judge it as a dirt-cheap camera. It will just take good photos, nothing spectacular.

If you are asking me for the sweet spot, I recommend getting at least a 16megapixel camera.

Trigger Time

Trail cameras work as a hunting companion; they can be used as a security camera too. The reason behind that is, trail cameras have a sensor that can pick up any movements happening in front of it. The angle and max range depends on the camera model.

So, if an animal or human were to pass in front of the camera, the camera will detect that movement and instantly capture photos and videos.

That’s why if the trigger speed is long, then the animal or human will trespass your property before your camera takes a picture. Make sure the trigger speed is in the milliseconds.

Battery And Power

All trail camera supports battery. Some cameras may even take 8AA batteries to power up. Most cameras support the AC power adapter. It’s not to recharge the battery but to use it directly with electricity.

If you are using it as a security camera in your house, you can use this feature.

Some cameras last more than half a year with 8 AA batteries. If you are purchasing the high-end wireless LTE technology camera, then the battery life will be less. Using LTE 24/7 can cost you a hefty amount of money and battery.

Detection Circuit

Depending on the detection circuit, the max detection range of your camera will vary. If your camera got a robust detection circuit, it might even capture up to 100 feet.

But most cameras have a detection range around 90 feet. Cheap cameras fail to capture anything beyond 50 feet. Make sure the camera you are going to buy has an excellent detection circuit.

Battery And Power

Where the camera saves the footage, it captures. Almost all cameras use microSD card as a storage. Depending on the model, the max acceptable amount of SD card storage will vary.

The most mid-range camera accepts max 32gb of SD card. 32Gb is plenty, but if you take constant pictures, it won’t take 3-4 months to max out the storage completely.

Make sure you choose a working SD card, you don’t want to insert a faulty SD card and later find out your camera recorded nothing.

IR/ Flash

Trail cameras can capture footage during the night. Even if it’s pitch black outside, trail cameras can take good pictures. They do that with the help of either white flashlight or IR flashlights.

You may notice the camera sensor is often surrounded by tons of mini LED. They are IR LEDs. They don’t glow like a white flashlight. If you don’t want to give away your camera’s location, you should go for the IR light option.

Budget/ Price

Before you begin your search in Amazon, take a moment to figure out your max budget. I am not joking when I say you can get a camera from 50$-500$ or more.

Depending on your budget, the available options will vary. Of course, the higher you go, the more features and security you will get. For around 200$, you will start to find cameras that support LTE technology. That means you can live stream the footage from your trail camera.


You can even consider many other options as essential features. But these are the most important features that matter the most, in my opinion. You are free to have your idea. If you think we missed out on any crucial feature or disagree with any of our points, don’t forget we have an open comment section for everyone.

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