Best Wireless Trail Cameras – Top 7 in 2020 [Guide & Top Picks]


Making everything wireless has been the trend for over a decade now. Wireless trail cameras are nothing new. They have been dominating the upper market of trail cameras for ages. One minor problem with them is the subscription fee. Not a lot of us are willing to pay monthly charges to operate their trail cameras.

Hear me out, if you subscribe to a yearly plan, you can save a lot of money. You also will receive an update on your phone while you are sitting in your home. This is worth the money and time. 

Today I am going to introduce to you guys some of the best wireless trail cameras that you can buy right now. Instead of going to the shop and risking getting affected, you can purchase the products from the links below.

Best Wireless Trail Cameras

1. Spartan GoCam Wireless Trail Camera

Spartan HD GoCam is one of the best wireless trail cameras on the market currently. Depending on where you live in buy the correct version. If you are under the Verizon network then go for the Verizon version, not the AT&T one. 

The build quality of this camera is something else. To make it war-ready, you can buy the security box kit. Just place it inside the kit, leave it for ages. Maybe don’t leave it for ages, you will need to change the batteries from time to time.

Talking about batteries, the battery life on this one is excellent as well. Since it’s wireless it will consume more batteries than a traditional trail camera. If you keep it on for 24/7, with 12AA batteries you can expect a runtime of several months.

Keeping the camera on 24/7 is never a good idea. Find the ideal setting for you and you can squeeze more battery life out of this. 

If you are already a Verizon customer, you will get the lowest trail camera subscription on the market. A 5$ per month for 4G data is an unmatched deal. If you are not a customer already, it will cost you $25. 

To make it as user friendly as possible, Spartan will include a sim card of your desired carrier. You can activate or deactivate the package any time you wish. It’s an excellent purchase, to say the least.

2. Covert Code LTE Wireless Game Camera

Style is one of the most appealing parts of the Covert Code Black 20. There are two antennas included in the package. Honestly, I dig the look of the antennas. 

The total weight of the camera alone is 1.1 pounds. With the mounting plate on the back, you can easily mount it on a tree and forget about it. 

The ease of access is not the strongest of the Black 20, but it’s quite easy to set up and everything from there is straightforward. 

With the 12mp camera, every video and picture will look sharp and colorful. The 0.4-second trigger technology is something else. Even the smallest animal will get caught on the camera. 

The flash is invisible, any animals won’t find the camera from the flash. That’s why you can leave it in a relatively open area. 

The only con about this camera I found is the carrier. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with AT&T. The problem is it only comes with AT&T. No love for Verizon users.

3. Creative XP 3G Wireless Trail Camera

While most of the cameras on today’s list works with 4G cellular data. Creative XP works with 3G data. I know 4G is faster than 3G by a long margin. You also need to consider 4G is more expensive than 3G too. 

The ease of access is some of the best on this trail camera. You can set up the whole camera with your phone in under 10 minutes. 

The included SimHero data card gives 500 photos for free. You need to follow up on the plan. Don’t worry their data packages are quite cheap. Much more affordable than some other ones. 

The 12mp shooter is capable of capturing footage at 1080p. The trigger speed is only 0.4 seconds.

You will get a 32gb microSD card for free with the package. If you want you can set up the camera to work locally instead of transmitting everything to wireless. This can be useful when you don’t want to renew the service for a month or so. 

This camera won’t connect with Verizon, only works with AT&T and SimHero. The pricing is just icing on the cake. It’s an easy recommendation from me.

4. Moultrie M8000i Invisible Trail Camera

Moultrie is one of the most well-known brands in the trail camera industry. If you have searched for trail cameras, I am sure you have come across at least one Moultrie product.

Moultrie M8000i is one of the most sold trail cameras in 2019. This camera is part of the M-series. M-series is the best camera that Moultrie makes every year.

The packaging of the camera is quite simple. There is not much inside the package. The camera has a 20mp shooter. It can record both video and images at 1080p. 

The triggering speed is quite fast. It’s only 0.3 seconds. As the name suggests, the flash is invisible. Your target won’t see the camera as active at night. 

One thing that you should know, All M-series cameras are cellular compatible. But to make them cellular you need to buy an MV2 modem for Verizon and MA2 for AT&T. 

The detection range is good. The pricing is good. The only issue is the separate modem.

5. 3G Bigfoot Wireless Trail Camera

Bigfoot trail camera is one of the most affordable cellular cameras on the market.

The camera setup is quite easy and straight forward. You won’t spend more than 10 minutes behind the setup process that’s for sure. The camera supports the SimHero card. It will come with a free SimHero sim card. Bigfoot offers some of the cheapest data plans on the market. 

You can get their plans for as cheap as 6.99 a month or 39.99 a year. You need to check their website for all the plans. Find the most suitable one for you. 

As a bonus for purchasing this product, Bigfoot will give you 30 days worth of data or 350 photos plan for free. While the camera clicks those pictures at an impressive 0.4 seconds of trigger speed, you can think about the plan you want to purchase. 

If you are on the AT&T network, you need to turn off the MMS feature and use the email feature. AT&T blocked MMS on 3G devices. 

The 12mp shooter is paired up with a 16gb SD card out of the box. You can increase it to 32gb if you want. The bottom line, it’s a decent cheap wireless trail camera.

6. Campark 20MP WiFi Bluetooth Trail Camera

Campark T85 is another excellent wireless trail camera for a low price. But instead of cellular data. Campark T85 uses WiFi and smartphone app control.

You can download the app for your phone. From the app, you can check the photos and save the photos or videos in your phone memory. 

Instead of remote control, you connect the camera with Bluetooth to control the camera’s WiFi and other functions. 

The resolution of the camera is 20mp. It’s capable of taking photos and videos at 1080p. The camera provides good photos and videos both day and night. 

940nm no-glow IR flash is an excellent choice for this camera. The range of this camera is also excellent. The camera also comes with an IP-66 waterproof rating. This is a best wireless trail camera for the money.

7. Moultrie M-8000 Wireless Camera

Moultrie M-8000 is the cheapest wireless camera on our list. It’s also the last product on our list. On the M8000I review, I mentioned that all M-series supports cellular wireless connectivity. 

I also mentioned you need to buy a specific modem for specific data carriers. There aren’t many differences between the M-8000i and M-8000.

Both of them are good at their job. Excellent trigger speed, good build-quality. The 20mp shooter captures some of the best photos that you will come across in a trail camera. 

The game-ready M-8000 provides an excellent battery life. Both as a single unit and as a wireless camera. As a standalone trail camera, 8AA batteries should give you around 19000 photos. That’s a lot of photos.

For $100 you can’t do better than this. It’s the best wireless trail camera for $100.

How Does A Wireless Trail Camera Work?

Wireless trail cameras aren’t different than regular trail cameras. Both wireless and standalone camera features a camera sensor to capture footage and record videos.

The difference here is, the cellular trail camera uses a sim card and mobile data. Using that internet, the camera sends the pictures through email or MMS. 

You have to install the app of that camera manufacturer. Then you can control the photos and save the photos on your phone while you are sitting at your home.

There is another type of wireless camera. WiFi/Bluetooth wireless camera uses WiFi or Bluetooth, sometimes both to operate. They come with their app too. You connect to the camera using that app and can control it without any remote. 

This type of camera is an excellent choice for the home environment. As you can connect them to your home WiFi. 

Best Wireless Trail Cameras: Conclusion

That’s wrap. I believe you’ve found your prey. If you’ve got anything to know! feel free to leave a comment; Surely you will get answer 🙂

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