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No matter what your desired task is, there is a spotting scope for you. If you are a hunter, sure you have several options to choose from. If you are birder, they got you covered too.

But today we are not talking to birders or hunters. No offense to them, we are just giving special care to our target shooters. For all those target shooters out there looking for a spotting scope to improve their shooting performance.

This is the guide of best spotting scope for target shooting. We will provide you 10 options to choose from. Give our impression of why you should choose them –


Best Spotting Scope For Target Shooting

1. Swarovski HD ATS 80 Spotting Scope

Magnification 20 - 60x
Objective Lens 80mm
Eye Relief 17mm
Close Focus 16.4 feet
FOV @1000yds 108 to 60 feet

Swarovski HD ATS 80 is one of the best spotting scope for target shooting for many reasons. 

FIRST OF ALL, it has Fluoride-containing HD lenses. What it means is, you will see crystal clear and vivid images at any magnification. The scope has excellent build quality. The body is made out of aluminum and the rubber armor coating provides extra grip and sturdiness to the scope.

The objective lens of the scope is huge. 

One thing that makes it the best for the target shooter is the eyepiece. This is also the only cons of the scope. The eyepiece is not included. But you can purchase an eyepiece with reticle or massive magnification if you want. 

The scope nailed so many points right that I can’t even complain about the eyepiece. You can get an eyepiece from Swarovski themself or you can opt for your favorite manufacturer.

2. Burris Signature HD 20-60x Spotting Scope

Magnification 20 - 60x
Objective Lens 85mm
Eye Relief 20.0 to 18.0 mm
Exit Pupil 4.25 mm to 1.4 mm
FOV @1000yds 117 to 60 feet

Burris is an excellent optics manufacturer. They provide products for all sorts of users. But today we are focusing on target shooters. And for them, we think the Signature HD spotting scope has a lot to offer.

First and foremost, the price of this scope is fairly cheap compared to high-end stuff. The scope also comes with an eyepiece.The included eyepiece is a 20-60x one.

The magnesium body makes the scope firm and strong. The mounting plate is rotatable and the eyepiece is angled. Doesn’t matter if you are shooting prone or standing, you won’t face any issues at all. 

The optics are fully multi-coated and provides excellent performance. 

You can even purchase a model with a reticle. So, you can guess why this one is best for target shooters. If you are not willing to spend over $2000 this is the best spotting scope for target shooters.

3. Vortex Viper HD 20-60x85 Spotting Scope

Magnification 20 - 60x
Objective Lens 85mm
Eye Relief 17.8-19.6mm
Close Focus 36 Feet
FOV @1000yds 101 - 50 Feet

If you have been reading our reviews for a while now, you will notice that all of our top 10 posts have at least one product from Vortex. 

The reason is simple, Vortex makes some of the best budget-oriented products.

They provide some of the if not the best lenses for the price. Vortex Viper is no exception. The HD glasses have XR-coatings to improve their anti-glaring. This also improves their ability to perform better at low light conditions.

Viper series consists of 4 spotting scopes. Two of them are angled and two of them are straight. The eyepiece is included. We recommend the angled one, you can find many posts about why angled spotting scope is best for target shooters.

The inside of the scope is argon purged. The scope is O-ring sealed. Rest assured it’s completely weatherproof.

4. Nikon Prostaff 5 20-60x82mm Spotting Scope

Magnification 20 - 60x
Objective Lens 82mm
Eye Relief 16.9 mm
Close Focus 6.1 m
FOV @1000yds 109 ft


They are mainly famous for their camera and lenses. Now imagine Nikon making outdoor sports optics for you guys. Guess what, you don’t need to imagine.

Nikon Porostaff 5 is very much real. The optics on this lens easily beats out all of its competition. With ergonomic design the scope is lightweight. The scope uses Porro prism. 

The optics are multi-coated & color accuracy on the scope is pretty good. The built-in sunshade helps to prevent glaring. Overall it’s one of the best spotting scopes for target shooting.

5. Vortex Diamondback 20-60x80mm Spotting Scope

Magnification 20 - 60x
Objective Lens 80mm
Eye Relief 16.5mm-20mm
Close Focus 22 feet
FOV @1000yds 105 to 51 feet

Vortex Diamondback is an excellent series from Vortex. They are a lot like Viper but for a low-price. They do cut some corners but not in the optics department. You may not get a quality body like Viper but rest assured for the price the Diamondback can go toe to toe with Viper. 

If you are a target shooter and looking for the best spotting scopes for target shooters under $500, then look no further. Close your eyes and pull the trigger. Trust me, you won’t complain.

You will thank me. The Diamondback does so many things right that if we try to present you the cons it will seem like nitpicking. 

The build quality is good, the optics are fully multi-coated and the inside is nitrogen purged. The scope is also waterproof. The image clarity is awesome and the color is pretty accurate.

While it’s not as accurate as those top of the line HD lenses, diamondback holds its ground pretty well. The scope is O-ring sealed so you don’t have to worry about any water going inside the scope.

6. Vanguard HD 82A Angled Spotting Scope

Magnification 20 - 60x
Objective Lens 82mm
Eye Relief 19-20mm
Close Focus 14.7-18 feet
FOV @1000yds 330 - 156 ft

Vanguard Endeavor has done a lot of things right for the price. What amazed me when I first saw the product is, it has ED glass, it’s under $400, it also has HD glass. Can you imagine all of that for less than $400?

NOT ONLY THAT, but the eyepiece is also detachable. On top of that Vanguard assures the scope is 100% fog and waterproof.

We have no problem believing that. The build quality is excellent, the scope is nitrogen purged. When you are practicing target shooting you could face certain weather changes.

But with this scope, you don’t have to worry about that. The extra-low dispersion (ED) glasses makes the scope a viable option for dusk time shooting.

The color rendition is pretty accurate and there is almost no fringing whatsoever. Fully multi-coated lenses with Bak4 prism is an excellent combo. You have two options to choose from, 15-45×65 or 20-60x82mm. Both options share the same characteristics. 

7. Creative XP 20-60x80 HD Spotting Scope

Magnification 20 - 60x
Objective Lens 80mm
Eye Relief 17-12mm
Exit Pupil 4-1.3mm
FOV @1000yds 114 to 60 feet

Creative XP is not that well-known brand, we are aware of that. But is their product bad? I don’t think so. They indeed promise to provide a lot of things. It will be hard for any company to follow through those promises. Creative XP fails to provide some of them too. But for $200 the scope does a lot of things right. 

FIRST OF ALL, they are providing HD glasses, I know they are not like a $2000 HD glass. But they are HD and they act like one. If you are a target shooter on a budget, this will intrigue you.

But fair warning their claim of providing smooth zoom is not true. If you are keen enough and nitpicky like me, you can easily notice the distortion when you zoom into a target from far away.

AT MAX MAGNIFICATION, the target seems to fade a little. To be honest, these are nitpicking. Like a lot of costly scopes comes with bad focusing and magnification. 

But they did fulfill the promise of providing high-end performance at a low price. Now the high-end bar will of course depend on you. For us, they managed to perform well or beyond well compared to a $500 fairly unknown brand. 

While you should cut some slacks for their magnification, don’t forget the optics are fully multi-coated. The scope is also nitrogen purged and has an IPX7 waterproof rating. Thanks to the O-ring seals you won’t be seeing any water inside the scope.

The scope also comes with a tripod. The tripod is free. You can guess why it is popular among budget shooters. Who doesn’t like to save some money?

8. Landove 20-60x80 BAK4 Spotting Scope

Magnification 20 - 60x
Objective Lens 80mm
Eye Relief 17.9mm-15mm
Close Focus 6m
FOV @1000yds 82.9-48ft

Okay, that’s a mouthful name. Don’t let the name fool you, let the price fool you. Now that you have looked at the price, it seems bonkers, doesn’t it?

A spotting scope for less than $150 and it’s not even the cheapest scope on the list! It’s surprising how much the competition in the market improved. It’s good for consumers. Not all target shooters are willing to spend $2000 behind a spotting scope. 

The Landove 20-60×80 comes with Bak4 prism and fully multi-coated lenses. The fully multi-coated green lens with Bak4 prism stops all the extra light rays and makes the scope anti-glaring.

  • Resulting in a crisp and clear image.
  • The magnification is high and variable. 
  • The build quality is excellent considering the price. 

And guess what? The scope comes with a digiscoping adapter. I know you are a target shooter, but if you see something that you like while shooting. Just take out the adapter and add your phone. You became a digiscoper.

The angled eyepiece is excellent. I was hoping to get worse performance from this. Honestly, it exceeded my expectations. Surely, yours will too.

9. Roxant Blackbird 12-36x Spotting Scope

Magnification 12 - 36x
Objective Lens 50mm
Close Focus 8m
Exit Pupil 4.1-1.4mm
FOV @1000m 52-26m

Another shocking price point for you guys. The price of this scope is $80. For that, the scope has some good selling points. 

The scope is made out of plastic but it is waterproof. There is a rubber armor coating all over the scope. The armor coating acts as a protective layer and provides extra grip.

The lenses are fully multi-coated. That’s good. But I doubt whether their claim of “HD” glass is true. Let’s be real it’s priced less than a toy, how would HD glass make sense here? It doesn’t, and frankly speaking, it doesn’t need to either. 

The scope is aimed towards the beginner target shooter. It will act as a good companion. But when you graduate from the beginner level you will need to replace it with a better one. FOR THE PRICE, it got our thumbs up.

10. Emarth 20-60x60 Angled Spotting Scope

Magnification 20 - 60x
Objective Lens 60mm
Lens Coatings Multi-coated
Prism Bak-4
FOV @1000m 39-19m

Why is there waterproof in the name you may ask. The reason is simple, the price of this spotting scope is mind-blowing. To make it believable they had to provide some solid info in the title. So, they went for one of the best selling points for any spotting scope.

The scope comes with a variable 60x magnification eyepiece! The price of this scope is less than $80! The lenses are fully multi-coated! On top of that, the scope is water and fog proof.

The things that this scope did right is just simply amazing. The look of this scope is like Vortex Viper. The scope looks excellent for its price.

THE PERFORMANCE? It exceeded all my expectations out of the sea. It performed just excellent. While there was distortion in max magnification. The base magnification and color accuracy are just mind-blowing. 

ONE THING, you will notice the build quality is cheap when you hold it. That was a huge cutback I guess. But by no means, it should be a deal-breaker. You can’t expect magnesium alloy for $70.

Best Spotting Scope For Target Shooting

That concludes. We had to go through a lot of scopes to narrow down the list. We hope that you got something you like from the list. All of these scopes are great for target shooters. No matter how much you are willing to spend, we provided you with options. 

If you still have further questions left shoot them down in the comments. 

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