Best Spinning Rods – Top 10 in 2021 [Guide & Top Picks]

Choosing the best spinning rod from a massive range of choices can be a hard task. Whether you are a beginner in sport fishing or finesse fishing, you will have a terrible fishing day if your equipment is not good. 

Ending the day with zero catch is not a great day of fishing. To make the best out of your session, you should invest some money and time behind finding the best spinning rod & spinning reels for you. 

You may ask, there are many types of fishing rod out there. Why are spinning rods so popular? 

-The fact that they are easy to use and beginner-friendly makes them appealing to new anglers. They also allow great flexibility while casting. To put it in simple words, you can use your dominant hand to cast and use the off-hand to reel in the fish. 

Best Spinning Rods

1. St. Croix Premier 2-Part Graphite Rod

Action Fast
Power UL
Length 5’6”
Pieces 2
Handle 1
Line Wt. 2-6 lbs
Rod Wt. 2. 2 oz

Croix Premier is a premium spinning rod. The best part of Croix Premier is its weight. It is made out of the highest quality of graphite but still weighs just around 1.5lbs. 

The feeling that it will snap when you cast is there. Don’t worry it won’t snap, the build quality is excellent. Graphite is a durable material to make fishing rods out of. 

The aluminum-oxide guides do add some extra weight to the rod. But nothing too much. They add an extra aesthetic value to the fishing rod. 

The St Croix Premier uses a Fuji DPS reel. It’s an excellent reel complementing the whole premium look and performance. The handles are made out of premium cork. They are comfortable to hold. 

The whole package is made in the USA and provided a warranty by them too. The slogan of St Croix is they make the best fishing rods in the world. I won’t say otherwise. Their fishing rods are too good to nitpick. Offers and excellent build quality. The user experience is also great.

2. Okuma Tackle CSX-S-1002MH Rod

Brand Okuma
Model CSX-S-1002MH
Blank Material Graphite
Line Weight 20-50
Stainless Steel 316 Grade
Carbon Fiber Blanks 30 Ton
Fishing Type Saltwater Fishing

If you are looking for a reliable saltwater fishing rod, then this is the best spinning rod for you. The spinning rod is made out of 30ton carbon blank construction. It is durable. 

Unlike a lot of other fishing rods, this one does not feel like it will break when you cast it fast. Carbon blank is an arguably better material than IM6 graphite. Rest assured you have nothing to worry about build quality. 

The Cedro’s guide system is not that heavy and does not look that bad either. The blazed Zirconium inserts are perfect for reels. It is a smooth transition and aids you to cast further. It also assists you when you reel in the fish. 

The grip of this fishing rod is custom made. The material is rubber, not cork. You can win a battle with the fishing rod before it slips from your hand. Rubber always makes the best grip. 

The sensitive feel maybe a little too much for newbies. But otherwise, the fishing rod is one of the best spinning rods you can buy.

3. Daiwa TR Ardito-TR Multipiece Travel Rod

Action Fast
Power Medium Heavy
Length 7’6”
Sections 3
Number of Guides 8
Line Wt. 8-17 lb
Lure Wt. 1/4-1 oz

Daiwa Ardito TR is made out of Daiwa’s exclusive high volume fiber graphite. This version of graphite is more durable and lightweight than IM6 graphite. 

You will get a semi-hard travel case with the fishing rod. The travel case is small and durable enough to carry the rod anywhere. 

The bending of this rod feels smooth because of V-Flex Ferrules. They are made for bending. They won’t break even if you bend them frequently. 45-degree bias construction prevents the fishing rod from blank twisting. This way you can go for larger hooks and easily catch big fishes. 

The guides of this spinning rod if from Fuji. The material is aluminum oxide. You will also get a 5-year warranty with the rod. You can avail of the warranty from anywhere, but you have to send it to them for a warranty. 

The pricing of this spinning rod is also attractive. You can choose this spinning rod if you are hovering around the $100+ mark. 

4. Tica UGSA Series Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

Action Fast
Power MH
Length 10'0”
Sections 2
Number of Guides 1+5
Line Wt. 12-30 lb
Lure Wt. 2-8 oz

If you put versatility, affordability, and quality together. You will get the Tica UGSA surf spinning rod. It’s a great option for new anglers. You don’t have to break the bank to purchase this best fishing rod.

As this fishing rod was mainly aimed towards beginners, Tica gives you a ton of options to choose from. If you feel comfortable with a smaller rod, you can go for it. Or you can go for full size, medium. 

All of them have the same durable TC3 graphite build quality. It’s lightweight and quite durable. TC3 graphite is suitable for both fresh and saltwater fishing. 

The glory of the rod does not end here. The rod also features a Fuji Alconite tip and Fuji Hardloy ring guides. The Fuji DPS reel is known for not catching corrosion and it provides the perfect amount of space for the reel.

There is no denying the fact that this is one of the best budget spinning rods in the market. We can gladly recommend this to any potential buyers.

5. St Croix Triumph Travel Spinning Rod

Action Fast
Power UL
Length 5’6”
Pieces 4
Handle 1
Line Wt. 2-6 lbs
Rod Wt. 2. 7 oz

St Croix Triumph is another great spinning rod from St Croix. This spinning rod was mainly made for travelers. 

This fishing rod is made out of premium SCII graphite metal. Graphite is one of the most preferred materials for fishing rods. Because it’s durable and lightweight exactly what you need in a fishing rod. 

The price tag of this fishing rod is not that much either. Depending on the rod size the price will gradually increase. You will also get a warranty from St Croix. 

The build quality of this spinning rod is good for a long day of fishing. You can also easily bend the rod to carry it inside a fishing rod case. Unfortunately, St Croix won’t provide you a case for free. 

Note: This fishing rod is quite sensitive. If you are not good with sensitive rods then you better ignore this one. 

One thing that you need to keep in mind, even though the build quality of this rod is excellent it’s not made for saltwater fishing. It’s great for a quick fly fishing session. But it may struggle to keep up with large fishes. Other than that, we can recommend this spinning rod without hesitation.

6. Okuma NOMAD Travel Spinning Rod

Handle Style A
Power M/MH
Length 7'
Sections 3+1 Pcs
Number of Guides 5+Tip
Foregrip Length 12-3/4"
Reargrip Length 12-1/2"

Nomad Travel spinning rod is another excellent 7 feet fishing rod. It’s not the largest spinning rod, but it’s nearly the perfect size for a spinning rod. As the name suggests, you can easily carry this spinning rod to places that you could only imagine bringing your fishing gear before. 

This rod comes with a waterproof travel bag. You don’t need to buy it from a third party. In my opinion, all travel spinning rod should come with a hard or semi-hard travel case. Soft cases are quite vulnerable and break easily. 

The grip of this rod is made out of a no slippery rubber element. The material used for the blue anodized gimbal is machined aluminum. This is why it’s so lightweight and easy to packet. 

Even though this rod is not using the fancy Fuji guides. The guides of this rod are quite good. They are made of ALPS high-rise 316 stainless steel. The reel transition will be smooth and help you to cast a longer hook. 

The reel seat is also made out of anodized aluminum. Overall this is a good purchase for both beginners and veterans looking for a spinning rod. 

7. St.Croix Trout Freshwater Spinning Rod

Action Fast
Power UL
Length 4’10”
Pieces 1
Handle 1
Line Wt. 2-6 lbs
Rod Wt. 1.9 oz

Trout fishing is one of the most popular fishing methods among anglers. Trout’s are fun to catch, they are also tasty if you cook them the right way. Most of the time they don’t get that big, so you don’t need a huge spinning rod for trout fishing.

St Croix Trout is a best freshwater spinning rod that specializes in trout catching.

Instead of using one material, St Croix used a dynamic blend of SCVI and SCII graphite. 

If you are looking for a high modulus fishing rod, you don’t need to look further. This is the best fishing rod for a lot of anglers. High-strain graphite fiber, modulus, lightweight, and excellent grip. You don’t need much more for trout fishing.

I noticed a con that may be a deal breaker for a lot of people. The cork quality is not the best. You may find it a little uncomfortable to handle. I recommend adding a grip over the cork handle. Other than that, the fishing rod is an excellent choice for anglers on a budget. 

8. KastKing Brutus Spinning & Casting Rod

Action Moderate Fast
Power Medium Heavy
Length 7’
Pieces 2
Number of Guides 5+1 Pcs
Line Wt. 8-20 lb
Lure Wt. 1/4-'3/4

You have to admit, that’s some clever naming. Brutus spinning rod is made out of glass/carbon fiber. It’s not the most durable material for a fishing rod, but KastKing somehow managed to pull it off. 

I was skeptical when I saw it wasn’t made out of graphite or aluminum, but the build quality didn’t disappoint me. Sure it is not on par with graphite ones, but it’s not lacking the basic durability or flex by any means. 

The blanks are made for extreme conditions. You can trust me and many other reviewers when we say the build quality is good.

KastKing only uses stainless steel material for its braid ready guide. A lot of rods nowadays don’t support braided reel lines. If the guide is not smooth the braid will slowly wear off and making the reel useless. But if the guide is smooth and made of good material, your reel will last you for a long time. 

You have tons of options to choose from. Depending on your preference get one. All of them share the same parent configuration. Just difference in appearance and size.

9. Okuma Citrix Travel 4pc Spinning Rod

Handle Style A
Power ML
Length 7'2"
Sections 4 Pcs
Number of Guides 7+Tip
Line Weight 6-12 lbs
Reargrip Length 225mm

Okuma Citrix is a travel spinning rod. 4 pieces of the rod together complete the fishing rod. When you want to package the rod, you can break it down to 4 pieces and package it inside the case that Okuma will provide you. 

Okuma does provide a free carrying bag. This rod is not made in the USA. The origin of this rod is in China. If you have problems with that, you should ignore this one. 

The blank of the rod is constructed with IM8 graphite metal. The 4 pieces design was specifically made with travelers in mind. If you are looking for a sporting spinning rod, you should go with something else from the list. 

The guides of this rod are made of zirconium. The foregrip design is zero grip design, it gives more stability and easy to balance with one hand. The reel seat is made by Pac Bay MINIMA. This is not as good as Fuji ones, but they are still quite lightweight and gets the job done. 

Overall this is an excellent choice for anglers that constantly travel. It is surely one of the best traveling spinning rods. 

10. Cadence CR7 Spinning Fishing Rod

Action Medium Fast
Power Medium Light
Length 7'0"
Pieces 1
Number of Guides 8 + Tip
Line Wt. 6-12 lb
Lure Wt. 1/8-5/8 oz

The amount of options available for this fishing rod is ridiculous. It’s like Cadence got you covered no matter what type of rod you want. This one is extremely best spinning rod & you should have one.

Cadence CR7 may not be named after Christiano Ronaldo, but it sure performs like it is.

The construction material of this spinning rod is 40-ton graphite. It’s a durable material for fishing rods. You can easily catch heavyweight fishes with this. I won’t recommend saltwater fishing with this rod, but it can be done. 

The performance of this rod is nothing less than mind-blowing. It performs excellently on freshwater and any shallow lakes. You can easily maneuver the rod and find the right tick when the fish bites the bait. 

All this for less than $70. Yeah, I am not joking about the price. This is an excellent choice for any category anglers. As long as you don’t take it to the sea. 

Best Spinning Rods: Conclusion

That wraps. I hope you found the right bait for yourself. Good luck with your future endeavors. If you enjoyed the article, don’t forget to check other great reviews from us. If you have any questions left, cast them down below. 

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