Best Ski Boots – Top 11 in 2021 | Guide & Top Picks

The winter season is right around the corner. If it snows in your country then you are up for a treat. If you are planning to visit a country to ski, then you will need a pair of solid ski boots. 

But finding the best ski boots for you may be a tough ask. If you don’t know anything about ski boots, you are in the right place. Don’t worry I will help you to select the best pair of ski boots for you.

Best Ski Boots

1. Apex Crestone All Mountain Ski Boot

Liner Multi-Density heat-moldable
Closure 14 points
Closure Zone Two Boa
Outsole Apex high-traction
Tri-level flex rating 95/105/115

This all in one mountain and ski boot will provide you the most comfort possible. The inner walkable boot 360 degrees walkable. That means you will get the most comfort possible. You won’t feel any discomfort while wearing them that’s for sure. 

The shoe also features the Boa Lacing System. It’s one of the best possible lacing system available for ski boots. The full-traction outsole will give the confidence to walk on any surface. 

Doesn’t matter whether you are a veteran or a complete newbie. Everyone will enjoy the warmth and the comfort of the boots all the same. The Apex ski boots are more like a pair of shoes. You won’t feel like you are wearing heavy-duty ski boots by any means. 

In case you didn’t know the Boa lacing system features a stainless steel cable lacing system. Thanks to that, snow won’t do any harm to you or the pair of boots. The lacing system will also provide the best possible fit. 

The exo-skeleton of this boot looks amazing, it performs amazingly! I can understand why they are priced so high. If you want the absolute best, you must go for this. Apex is a well-known boots manufacturer, you won’t face any issues regarding warranty. 

2. Scarpa TX Pro Ski Boot

Shell Material Pebax
Last Width 102 mm
Buckles 4
Lean Angle 10 - 15
Walk Mode Yes, Ride Power Block

The Scarpa TX Pro boot is powerful enough to ride any downhill mountains. While it is not as flexible as the Apex one, the Scarpa TX pro has 2 modes. You can lock it as it is. 

In tour mode, you get average scuff mobility. Still not comparable to the Apex ski boots. But in terms of build quality, you can easily compare it with any top-end ski boots.

The boots are structured like it was made for war. After wearing this there won’t be many gaps between your legs and shoe. The material is quite comfortable. Otherwise, it would have been a big problem to wear boots and be comfortable with them.

The fit of this shoe is 102mm. The most common measurement for any feet. If you have a narrower fit you just need to get used to it.  

If you feel the Scarpa TX pro to be overweight, a 2-pin binding can help you with this issue. They are not as versatile as Apex ski boots, but they are best ski boots. 

3. Rossignol Speed 100 Ski Boot

Last 104
Flex 100
Size 24.5 - 31.5
Shell Polyolefine
Liner Custom Optisensor t3

The fit of this pair of boots is 104mm. More than the average size of any boots. The shell of the boot is made out of polyolefin. 

The unique grid positioning helps get a better grip in the upper shell. Thanks to this the overall weight of the boot are quite less. The entry point of the shoe is made out of soft plastic. You won’t have any issues while wearing the boots. 

The rear spine flex adjustment provides a huge range of flex and comfort. The grip walk soles are made of rubber. You can also easily swap out the soles when they wear out. 

When you consider the price for one pair, the value this boot provides is insane.

The overall comfort is quite nice. You don’t need to forcefully enter the shoe, nor do you need to force to get out. That’s why they are good for a long ski session.

4. K2 BFC 100 Ski Boot

Ski Boot Category All Mountain, Comfort
Model Regular, Gripwalk
Last 103 mm
Flex 100
Liner CushFit

Don’t mistake the pair of boots as KFC. The width of this boot is 103mm. More than average and should fit any feet. The entry and exit of this boot are so smooth, you don’t even need to use your hand while wearing them. 

The edge power of this boot is surprisingly high. You can easily balance the boot when you are falling sideways.

The soft cuff won’t help that much in the lower end. Even though some prefer soft and small cuffs, in reality, a bigger cuff would have helped better. 

The Synchro Interlock cuff release system is easy to use and performs excellently. It creates a ton of mobility and helps you go faster downhill. The upper cuff management of this boot is better than the lower cuff. 

This pair of boot is not that cheap, but it offers quite nice value for the money. Especially, I like the Synchro interlock cuff release system very much.

5. Atomic HAWX Magna 100 Ski Boot

Wide Fit 102 mm
Forward lean 15°
Shell Rotation
Flex Medium
Liner Silver

Atomic Hawx Magna 100 is a medium-budget ski boot for men. The pricing of this boot is quite aggressive and attractive. 

Besides all the features, one thing that I like the most about the boot is the color combination. It has one of the best color combinations you can find in any boots. Red and black finish. This matter is subjective, but I believe a lot of you will agree with me. 

Anyway, the fit of this boot is 105mm. That’s more than enough for any size of feet. The 3m Thinsulate insulation was always a favorite of mine. A lot of cheap waterproof boots use it. There is a reason for that too. It’s cheap and it provides good insulation. 

For the price, this can be a  best ski boots pair for a learner.

The top and bot cuff provides good comfort and holds pretty well while edging with the boot. The entering and exit of the boot are smooth and painless. The 35mm strap is also comfortable and not too hard grip either. 

6. Full Tilt Descendant 4 Ski Boot

Liner Classic/Tongue
Tongue Flex 4
Flexing Rating 70
Last Width 102 mm
Shell Evolution

If comfort is your main priority and you don’t’ want to spend $800 for a pair of ski boots. Full Tilt Descendant 4 can be a great option for you.

The shell is called Evolution (FTE). The shell material is TPU and Grilamid. The lower and upper cuff is TPU and the tongue is Grilamid.

The tongue is 100% ribbed. A ribbed tongue provides better flex and overall compact. If the flex is good then you won’t be having that much problem while navigating wearing the boots. 

The flex is also adjustable. A lot of boots tend to give fixed flex to save money. I am glad they didn’t take that route. The cuff can be aligned while leaning forward and backward. The lean is not that much, but hey it’s there if you want it. 

The mid grip will provide excellent traction when you are climbing the snowy mountain. For the price, this pair of boot has done a lot of things right. 

7. K2 BFC 90 Ski Boot

Ski Boot Category All Mountain, Comfort
Model Regular, Gripwalk
Boot Width 103 mm
Feel Soft/Medium
Liner CushFit

You can consider this pair the smaller version of BFC that we featured earlier in the post. This pair of boot is also budget-friendly. 

Both the shell and the cuffs are made of polyurethane material. It’s not a bad material for ski boots. 

Sure you can get better if you double the budget. Emphasize the word budget. We always value a great price to performance.

The design of the boot is made by K2 and it is made in Italy. The design of the boot is quite nice to look at. But you won’t buy a pair of ski boots for the sake of looks. 

The comfort is quite good. The lower cuff provides a good amount of backup in tilt function. Although it’s lacking a fancy 360-degree rotation feel. There won’t be any leaning either. The sole purpose of these boots is to climb mountains or ski.

Buy the correct size and you don’t have to worry about perfect fit either.

8. Salomon X Access 70 Wide Ski Boot

Technology TwinFrame
Power Strap 360?? 28mm
Buckle 4 Aluminum
Liner Flex Sport+
Shell/Cuff Material Polyolefin

Salomon X Access 70 wide is a budget ski boot. The pair of boot is quite lightweight.

The weight matters a lot when you are climbing uphill. 

The fit of this boot is excellent. Two key technology fit and intuitive shell provide easy enter and exit experience.

The fit width is 104mm. More than average, plenty for any size of feet.

The pivot is oversized, combine it with Twin frame technology, you got a pair of a beast that can tear through any downhill. The weight of a pair of Salomon X access 70 is 1.65kg. 

Overall this pair of ski boot is one of the best ski boots pair within budget.

9. Rossignol Evo 70 Ski Boot

Last/Flex 104/70
Sizes 24.5 - 33.5
Weight 1670 Gram
Liner Comfort Fit t4
Shell/Cuff Material Polyolefin

Under $300 Rossignol is one of the best brands that provide quality ski boots. 

This pair of the boot has a wide 104mm of fit. You can fit in any size of feet and be fine with it. 

The internal wider forefoot is a great new addition to the boot. The toe box and ankle support are mention-worthy. Together they will provide you great comfort. 

The flex in Evo 70 is quite generous for beginners. The cuff of this boot is made out of Polyolefine. The outer shell is also made out of Polyolefine.

Polyolefine is good material for boots.

As a beginner, you don’t want to spend $700 on a pair of ski boots. The reason is you can’t squeeze out the value from that pair of boot. But you can easily justify an entry-level $250 ski boots. This is the pair of boots for you. 

10. Tecnica 2 70 HVL Ski Boot

Ski Boot Category All Mountain
Forefoot Width 106 mm
Actual Flex 70
Buckle Count 4
Skill Range Beginner-Intermediate

Tecnica Ten.2 70 HVL is the final pair of ski boots in our list. It is also the cheapest pair of boots. They are full-fledged ski boots made to reap downhill souls. 

The fit of this boot is quite wide, 106mm is perfect for any pair of feet. There is also a version made for the ladies. But the one on the list is for the gents. 

The upper cuff of the boot is so comfortable, I just love to put my foot in it for no reason. The feeling is quite soothing and addictive. 

It’s also quite easy on the way out. Rest assured you won’t have any complaints about the cuff. What you may have complained is about the durability of the shell. There isn’t any long time review available on the boots.

But I think they will do fine for more than 2 years of regular torture. To further increase the fit you can adjust the 4 micro-adjustable buckles with a large Velcro power strap. You have no room to complain about the fit. 

11. Rossignol Kelia 50 Ski Boot

Forefoot Width 104 mm
Flex Index 50
Number of Buckles 3
Boot Sole Type Alpine DIN (ISO 5355)
Liner Type Basic

All of the mentioned boots so far are for men. Some of them are unisex or does have separate versions for females. But the Rossignol Kelia 50 Ski boots is made for women.

The 104mm wide fit is made for women. While keeping their fit in mind, the fit inside the shoe is great. The fit of this boot is just excellent. The top cuff is so comfortable, you won’t feel like you are entering your foot in a ski boot.

As they are specifically made for ladies, the weight of them is quite low as well. The pair weights around 1.64kg. It’s lower than regular ski boots. The tulip-shaped cuff is shorter than men’s boot. It also eliminates extra pressure around the shin. Thanks to that your calf muscle will be relaxed. Giving you the optimal comfort without performance drop.

You can add custom liners according to your demands to make it even more comfortable. Comfort was obviously the main priority of this boot. But due to that, the performance is not the greatest. It’s not bad by any means. But it is also not suitable for harsh Downhill Mountain.

It’s good for casual skiing. As long as you don’t go and try to stunt with them, I don’t think you will face any kind of issue at all.

Best Ski Boots: Conclusion

With that said we have to end our short but sweet journey. I tried to provide you some of the best ski boots that you can find in the market. Most of them go out of stock quite often. Try to snatch the one you like soon.

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