Best Rifle Scope Under 100 – Top 10 in 2021 [Guides & Top Picks]

Riflescope comes at many different prices. 5-10 years ago; It was impossible to find a under $100 or under $200 riflescope  . Time changes so did the strategy of manufacturers.

Each year, a lot of people gets their gun license and decides to take on hunting. Riflescope is an important part of hunting. Without a riflescope, you can’t hope to nail each shot through the iron sight. 

So what are we gonna do? Not use any riflescope or look for second-hand scopes? Of course not. Budget riflescopes are here to end your nightmare. Don’t worry, all of the scope we are going to feature today are tested and proven to be good. 

Without further ado, let’s start the reviews and let me show you the best rifle scopes under $100.

Best Rifle Scope Under 100

1. Simmons .22 3-9x32mm Rifle Scope

Magnification 3 - 9x
Objective Lens 32 mm
Eye Relief 3.75"
Exit Pupil 10.7 - 3.6 mm
Linear FOV @100 yds 31.4 - 10.5 ft
Reticle Truplex
Weight 10.8 Oz

Simmons 3-9x32mm is a .22 riflescope. This means this scope is calibrated and suited for .22 rounds. You can use this scope on other rifles too. But not recommended on higher caliber weapons.

The body of this riflescope is made out of aluminum. The exterior has a black color coating all over it. The objective lenses have anti-glare coatings. You won’t notice any unnecessary glaring that’s for sure. 

The objective lens of this scope is 32mm. For a 9x scope, 32mm is more than fine. The scope gathers plenty of light to work with. 

Thankfully the lenses are fully coated. One thing I should make clear, most of them won’t have a fully multi-coated rating. That would make them more expensive. We have $200 riflescopes for that. 

The reticle is a TruPlex one. It’s one of the easiest reticles to read. No excessive markings on the crosshair either. If you own a .22 rifle already, you should consider getting this one.

2. Pinty 2.5-10x40 Tactical Rifle Scope

Magnification 2.5 - 10x
Objective Lens 40 mm
Eye Relief 101.6 - 76.2 mm
Exit Pupil 16 - 4 mm
Linear FOV @100 yds 32.5' - 8.9'
Reticle Mil-dot
Weight 20.5 oz

A $50 riflescope with a laser rangefinder. Kinda seems nuts doesn’t it? I was thinking this will be a gimmick. Luckily Pinty did have some truth to their claims.

The rangefinder is by no means comparable to a $500 rangefinders. But for a 10x scope it’s quite accurate. I would say around 90%. That’s more than enough don’t you think?

You are practically paying for a toy, but getting decent stuff.

The whole body is constructed from aluminum. Quite decent quality aluminum. All of the turrets are also capped. You won’t need a coin or any tool to adjust any of them. You can do that with your fingers alone. 

Oh did I mention the reticle is illuminated? That’s right, the illumination control is on the right side of the scope.

The windage and elevation adjustments were impressive. 100% accurate all the time. Even if you don’t believe the rangefinder. You can still get this as a regular riflescope. 

3. Simmons Truplex 3-9x40 Rifle scope

Magnification 3 - 9x
Objective Lens 40 mm
Eye Relief 3.75"
Exit Pupil 10.7 - 3.6 mm
Linear FOV @100 yds 31.4 - 10.5 ft
Reticle Truplex
Weight 70 Ounces

The build and design difference is noticeable. Like the previous one, this one also features fully-coated lenses. 

Unlike the other version, this one does not mention anything about .22 calibers. The aluminum body is durable enough to withstand some high caliber shots. That does not mean you should pair it up with a .243 Winchester.

The inside of the riflescope is nitrogen purged. Thanks to that there won’t be any fogging inside the scope anytime. The objective lens of this scope is 40mm. With 9x magnification, you can do mid-range hunting and target shooting with ease. 

There aren’t any O-ring sealings, but yet Simmons made sure the scope is waterproof. Frankly speaking, expecting O-ring sealings from a sub $100 riflescope is not okay. 

The reticle has no change here. Truplex is still the same easy to read reticle. With some markings that aren’t excessive. There are two adjustment knobs available on the scope. One on top and the other one on the right side. Let’s not forget this is a $55 scope. For that money, you are getting a decent riflescope.

4. Barska 3-12x50 IR Huntmaster Pro Scope

Magnification 3 - 12x
Objective Lens 50 mm
Eye Relief 2.7"
Exit Pupil 16.7 - 4.2 mm
Linear FOV @100 yds 35 - 10 ft
Length 13"
Weight 21.34 oz

Barska is not a new name to us. We have reviewed many of their products. Most of the time they focus on budget products. IR Huntmaster Pro is also a budget-offering from them.

They are providing a 50mm objective lens on a riflescope for less than $100. Now that’s something to get excited about. Not only that, this 3-12x scope features multi-coated lenses. Multi-coated lenses are quite good and perform quite similar to a fully multi-coated lens. 

The durable and lightweight body of this scope is perfect for hunting. You can maneuver in tight places easily. It will sit on top of any mounting plates. 

You will need a CR2032 3V lithium battery to operate the scope. Don’t worry Barska will give one for free inside the box. The turrets are capped. You will need to open them before making adjustments. The tools needed for adjustments are included in the package. 

The magnification knob is in an awkward place. Once you get used to it, it won’t bother you anymore. For the price, this is a satisfactory product. 

5. Twod 6-24x50mm Tactical Rifle Scope

Magnification 6 - 24x
Objective Lens 50 mm
Eye Relief 75.94 - 81.53 mm
Exit Pupil 8.3 - 2.1 mm
Linear FOV @100 m 3.98 - 16.24 m
Length 15.75"
Weight 22.22 lb

Twod Tactical is one absolute unit. This is the second scope with a 50mm objective lens on the list. Twod Tactical is made out of aluminum. The length of the scope is quite big. You need to have a gun with a big rail to use this scope. 

The mounts are included in the package for free. One of the key selling points of this scope is the illuminated crosshair. The crosshair lights up at red or green.

It’s a MIL dot reticle. You will need a CR2032 battery to powerup the scope.

Another great selling point of this scope is the lens. The lenses are fully multi-coated. Props to Twod for providing that. 

The lens clarity was good enough for mid-range. But there were some issues with high magnification. That much I expected from such a cheap scope.

For $60 you are getting a scope and not getting scammed. That’s good enough for me.

6. Monstrum 2-7x32mm Rifle Scope

Magnification 2 - 7x
Objective Lens 32 mm
Eye Relief 3.5 - 3.8"
Tube Diameter 1"
Scope Range 300+ Yards
Length 9.6"
Weight 12 ounces

If you have read the title of this scope. You may notice there is misleading information on it. This scope does feature an illuminated reticle. That reticle acts as a bullet drop compensation and rangefinder.

But claiming it has a rangefinder is kind of misleading. Anyway, rant aside. This is a pretty good medium-ranged riflescope. I would say this leaned towards hunters more. 

This scope features a parallax adjustment knob. That’s right, you didn’t read that wrong. A $90 scope is giving you the chance to adjust parallax. 

If you hunt around 300 yards or so, this will be more than fine. The parallax setting just makes it an even more appealing buy. 

The reticle was easy to read. If you learn how to read it, you can easily use it as a rangefinder. It will take a couple of days of practice, but don’t worry. You can do it. 

7. Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn 3-9x40 Scope

Magnification 3 - 9x
Objective Lens 40 mm
Eye Relief 6"
Reticle Multi-X (SFP)
Linear FOV @100 yds 32 - 11 ft
Length 12"
Weight 13 oz

Bushnell has been making budget-oriented scopes for a while now. Sub $100 is a category that most companies tend to ignore. Bushnell didn’t. Their Banner Dusk & Dawn is a good scope for the price. 

The body is constructed from durable shockproof aluminum. There are no official ratings about water resistance or anti-fogging. But I did try it under a bit of moisty weather. I didn’t notice any fogs inside the scope. That’s an excellent sign. 

Bushnell knows, where to cut the corners. They used multi-coated lenses instead of fully multi-coated ones. The reason is simple, to save money.

Bushnell didn’t disappoint with the performance. It was quite good and clear. The magnification experience wasn’t the smoothest.

Besides that everything rest was pretty okay. Okay enough to recommend you guys this. Once again, when the budget is this low the room for complaints becomes almost non-existent. 

8. Feyachi Falcon 2-7x32mm Rifle Scope

Magnification 2 - 7x
Objective Lens 32 mm
Eye Relief Long
Focal Plane 2nd
Scope Range 300+ Yards
Reticle BDC MOA
Sport Type Hunting

Feyachi Falcon is another compact low-priced hunting riflescope. It’s made out of aluminum but not suitable for heavy-duty guns. If you are someone who hunts around 300 yards with a smaller ammo gun. Then this can be a viable option for you. 

The scope has a standard 32mm objective lens. 30-32mm is the most common size of the objective lens for 1″ tube scopes. 

The whole scope is constructed on one singular tube. That’s why making this fogproof was super easy. All Feyachi had to do was fill the inside with nitrogen. The aluminum build was quite nice with the black finish. Inside this scope, all of the lenses are fully multi-coated. 

That’s a good sign. The clarity and color accuracy was spot on. As it’s a moderately smaller magnification scope, it didn’t have any trouble zooming in and out. It was quite smooth and the distortion was not noticeable. 

Hand turned turrets should have been capped. But hey at least they are not fragile. But I still think capped turrets would have been better. 

The BDC reticle is right down to business. Not much stuff going on. Vertical circles will help you read the bullet drop compensation. Overall, pretty nice little scope. 

9. LEB 4-16x40 Side Parallax Rifle Scope

Magnification 4 - 16x
Objective Lens 40 mm
Eye Relief 3.9"
Focal Plane Second
Linear FOV @100 yds 24.1-6.3 ft
Length 12.9"
Weight 20.4 oz

Coming at just $99, this riflescope from LEB has a lot to offer. LEB is a relatively small manufacturer that makes scopes on their own factory and ships them to customers. They also provide a lifetime warranty. The one today I am recommending you guys is the 4-16x40SP MIL version. 

As the name suggests, it has a MIL dot reticle. If you are not new to the scene, you already know how easy it is to read a MIL dot reticle. It was the perfect choice for this scope.

The build quality is more than good. It’s fairly well built. The construction is rugged and tested to be shockproof. You can in theory use it with a higher power rifle. 

We tested with an AR. It did more than fine with that. 16x magnification is enough to shoot at 400-500 yards or so. That’s more than enough for my hunting range.

The inside is nitrogen purged and the lenses are tightly sealed. It’s both water and fogproof. A fully multi-coated lens generates some of the best quality pictures that you will ever see in this category. 

I am damn sure if LEB decides to make a spotting scope with these lenses and price it around $100. It will be a wet dream for digiscopers. This is without a doubt one of the best riflescopes under $100. 

10. CVLIFE 4-16x44 Tactical Rifle Scope

Magnification 4 - 16x
Objective Lens 44 mm
Eye Relief Unknown
Compatible Devices Handgun, Rifle
Rail Mounts 20 mm
Material Aluminum
Sport Type Hunting

The last one is another lesser-known one. It might be lesser-known, that didn’t stop you guys from buying this like crazy. One of the main highlights of this scope is the turret locking mechanism. You can reset the zero and lock it at that position.

As the name suggests, this is a hybrid rifle scope. Even 5 years ago, you couldn’t find a tactical scope beside red dot or holographic sights. Today we are getting a riflescope that is also a tactical scope. Cvlife did a good job with this one that’s for sure. 

You will need a tool to adjust the knobs. It’s both bad and good. In a tactical heist, you don’t need to adjust the windage and elevation. You will run a lot and the gun will move a lot. If the turrets are locked in a place, there is no chance of having an accidental windage adjustment. 

The scope has 3 built-in reticle styles. All of them look the same. But the color is different. Available in black, red, and green. You can easily choose one color and stick with it. 

The green one is good for low light. While the others are great for broad daylight conditions. This one-piece design is constructed from aluminum alloy. The inside of it is nitrogen filled to make it fogproof. It’s also shock and waterproof. 

The optics however aren’t multi or fully multi-coated. They have one layer of full coatings. Both on the inside and the outside. That’s why they used an extended sunshade that will stop the glares from entering the scope. For $53, you are getting a steal. 

Best Rifle Scope Under 100: Conclusion

That was the last scope on the list. Whew, that took a bit of time, didn’t it. I am happy to help you decide though. It’s not an easy decision, I know. I have been there many times. You don’t have to stand on a path without direction. I am here to help you reach that destination.

I sure do hope your train reached the destination. If you have any complaints or more questions, feel free to bombard me with them down in the comments. Don’t let the train get sidetracked, till next time keep chasing. See you guys later.  

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