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When we are on the market to hunt some hunting gears most of us tend to overlook the boots category. Not all boots are waterproof or made for hunting. Finding the best hunting boots is not an easy task.

That’s where we come in! ENJOY.

Fair warning some of them will be pretty pricey. But don’t worry, you will find something within your budget here.

Best Hunting Boots

1. Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 Hunting Boot

Size 7 - 10.5"
Tall 10"
Thick 2 mm
Nylon Midsoles 7 mm
Thinsulate™ 400 Gram

Mountain Extreme 400 is the highest priced pair of boots in today’s list. Why is that? Kenetrek is well known in the hunting and hiking community. For their reliable all-weather shoes.

Their leather boots are made out of leather, not imitation leather. The boots look excellent. The comfort wearing this is also on point. You can find tons of user reviews on the internet and trust me unless there was a quality control issue almost none of them complained about comfort. 

The material of the boot is 2.8 mm top grain leather. The midsole of the boot is made of stiff nylon. The boots are waterproof. Wearing the boots your feet can breathe easily. The boots are pretty lightweight so that’s not an issue either.

Whether you are going for a long session of hiking or hunting, you won’t be facing any pain regarding the boots. Unless you choose a smaller size than your foot. 

Why is this the best in today’s list? The answer is simple, it is made out of excellent quality leather, it’s lightweight, Kevlar stitching, waterproof, reinforced rubber sole with stiff nylon midsole. 

The only downside of these boots is the price. Not everyone is willing to spend $500 on a pair of shoes. But if you want the best experience you need to spend a good amount too.

2. Kenetrek Mountain Extreme NI Hunting Boot

Size 7 - 16"
Tall 10"
Thick 2 mm
Nylon Midsoles 7 mm
Sole Guard Reinforced Rubber

Another excellent pair of hunting boots from Kenetrek. Sadly this time the price isn’t that different either.

The main difference of these pair with the mountain extreme 400 is, mountain extreme 400 is insulated. Where this pair from Kenetrek is a non-insulated version of the same shoe. 

The length of these boots is 10″ and the leather is the same 2.8mm thick premium full-grain leather.

To improve the water-resistance the whole upper body of the shoe is one piece of vamp construction. There are no seams down the tongue.

The midsole is made out of 7mm stiff nylon. The lightweight K-Talon™ outsoles provide excellent grip for outdoor activities. 

3. Danner Trophy 600G Hunting Boot

Size 9 - 11.5"
Shoe Height 10"
Waterproof GORE-TEX
Outsole Danner Bob
Made In USA

Danner men’s trophy Gore-tex 600g is one fine looking pair of boots. Honestly, I was mesmerized when I first saw them. Just like Kenetrek these pair of boots is also 10″ tall. 

The insulation on this boot is 600G Thinsulate Ultra. A lot of people have the misconception of tall shoes means more weight. While it may be true if you buy 10-30$ hunting boots from a company that no one ever heard off. But Danner is a reputable company and is very good at crafting leather.  

The boots are made in USA. You won’t have any issues claiming warranty. Their customer service is top-notch. If you have any questions ask them and they will be more than happy to answer your query.

Gore-tex makes it 100% waterproof and very breathable. We all know how hard boots can be on feet. But that’s not the case here.

4. Danner Canadian 600G Hunting Boot

Size 6 - 14
Shoe Height 10"
Waterproof GORE-TEX
Outsole Danner Bob
Made In USA

Canadian 10″ is an excellent pair of hunting boots from Danner. The price tag on this is also attractive. We are slowly going down at the price race. This is a pair of sub $300 hunting boots.

While there aren’t that many differences between this and the Trophy 10″ Gore-tex but there are still some differences. Let’s talk about those.

The main key difference is design. The top end of the boot is different than the Trophy edition.  But don’t worry both of them are made out of the same material. Rest assured Danner never cheaps out on leather quality.

Except for the design changes fundamentally both of them are the same shoes. The main difference is in the price.

Canadian 10″ is much cheaper than Trophy 10″. Both of them have Gore-tex. Both of them are waterproof and breathable. If you are on a tight budget go for this over the Trophy 10″.

5. Irish Setter Elk Tracker 880 Hunting Boot

Size 8 - 14
Shoe Height 12"
Waterproof GORE-TEX
ScentBan Yes
Insulation 3M Thinsulate 200G

880 Elk tracer is a famous series of hunting boots from Irish Setter. 

Just like Danner’s shoes, Irish Setter also uses Gore-tex to prevent water from getting inside the boots. Gore-tex also makes the boot more breathable. Giving the feet room to relax inside and not get cramped.

The insulation on this boot is 3M Thinsulate Ultra Insulation. It’s super thin. It’s warm and lightweight. But don’t underestimate it. It’s durable and can easily go for hours and hours.

Even in the most dampen conditions, your feet will stay warm. 

One of the most interesting features of this boot is the ScentBan feature. They add their secret formula to stop scent from going outside to various layers of the shoes. It’s not just one layer stopping the smell to come outside. That’s why this feature is effective.

6. Irish Setter Elk Tracker 860 Hunting Boot

Size 8 - 14
Shoe Height 12"
Waterproof GORE-TEX
ScentBan Yes
Insulation 3M Thinsulate 1000G

There are major differences between 880 Elk tracer and 860 Elk tracer. The biggest difference is in the insulation. Where The 880 uses 200g 3m insulation. 

The 860 uses 1000g 3m insulation. That does make it a little heavier than the 880.

There is another key difference, the sole on this one is made out of synthetic material. While the 880 has a complete rubber sole.

We can argue for days why the rubber sole is better than the synthetic one. But this price cut features makes this an affordable pair of a big game hunting boot.

I appreciate the fact that they didn’t give up on ScentBan and Gore-tex lining. The shoe also uses Bulls-Eye Air Bob Aggressive sole for better traction.

7. Rocky Bearclaw 3D Hunting Boot

Size 8 - 14
Leather 100%
Waterproof GORE-TEX
Sole Guard Rubber
Insulation 3M Thinsulate 200G

While Rocky from the movie may not have worn these boots. But you definitely can. 

From a far the boots look like it’s shorter than regular hunting boots. But it’s 9″ tall.Which is more than enough height to even hike/hunt at a dense Forrest.

The boots also feature 200g 3m insulation & The weight of a pair of 10 size boots is 5.2 pounds. The Gore-tex technology provides the shoe with 100% waterproofing. The shank is made out of steel and is an excellent one.  

The BearClaw 3D outsole gives the sole and excellent pattern. The pattern is quite easy to grab on to any kind of surface too. Full-grain leather and nylon. These pair of boots got a lot of things right. Overall this is one of the best 150$ hunting boots you can find on the market. 

8. Lacrosse 4x Alpha Snake Boot

Size 6 - 15
Shoe Height 16"
Waterproof Yes
Insulation 3.5mm Neoprene
Best For Mud, Snow

What if the Realtree Xtra green camo was available for your boots. That would be great right? That was probably the thought behind LaCrosse 4xAlpha hunting boots. 

But we all know that Realtree Xtra camo on leather won’t be possible. That’s why LaCrosse chooses 100% rubber to make these boots. I understand you are skeptical about rubber hunting shoes. But don’t forget rubber is the best material for soles. 

LaCrosse proved it that rubber can be good material for shoe if you craft it correctly. LET’S BE REAL, there are tons of rubber shoes available on the market for construction workers. But those aren’t 100% rubber. That’s the problem. But with 100% rubber, you can get rid of lots of issues.

FOR EXAMPLE, those shoes had terrible breathing rooms. Wearing those for a long period was like torturing yourself. But I am happy to let you know, even though they are pretty tall the 4xAlpha had absolutely no issue regarding user comfort.

One thing that I couldn’t test is how good are they in snow. Because they are pretty tall, perfect for walking on snow. If you are going to hunt where there are too many swamps and 10″ boots aren’t cutting it out. These pair of boots will be the perfect choice for you. The boots are waterproof.

The toe is plain toe style and the shank is made out of fiberglass. One issue of the shoe for me is it’s non-insulated. Among all the shoes here it is one of the few that only comes in Ni and no option for insulation. 

9. Rocky Retraction 800G Hunting Boot

Size 8 - 13
Shoe Height 8"
Waterproof Yes
Sole Guard Synthetic
Insulation 3M Thinsulate 800G

If you want a pair of hunting boots that actually look more like sneakers, Rocky got you covered.

Honestly, I never entertained the idea of having hunting boots that small.My idea of hunting boots has always been over 10″. That’s why I loved the LaCrosse 4xAlpha. 

The height of these boots is 8″. Which may seem like not that short. The price of these boots is excellent too. Just a little over 100$ they can act as casual shoes too. If you are into leather shoes that is.

The Realtree Xtra nylon camo is probably one of my most favorite camo from now on. That’s probably one of the reasons behind these boots selling so well. 

I mean anyone will think of them as sneakers on the first look. Trust me you can wear them on a regular meeting and no one would bat an eye. The shoes are waterproof. But perhaps not 100% waterproof. Considering the height water can easily get inside from one miss-step.

10. R Runfun Camo Hunting Boot Review

Size 8.5 - 12
Sole Anti-Slip
Waterproof Yes
Fabric Camouflage Nylon
Insulation 3M Thinsulate 400G

The price of these boots is bonkers. Pricing just at 65$ you can guess the ask from these boots isn’t a lot. The boots are surprisingly comfortable to wear. Let’s be real we all are skeptical here. You can’t expect much from a 65$ pair of hunting boots. Even a good pair of sneakers cost more. 

But that’s not the point. The point is, it’s a good pair of boots if you are starting out. If you don’t get swamp and dense forest these boots will do more than fine.

They are lightweight, easily breathable, comfortable, and waterproof. RunFun may not be the most well-known brand, but I have to appreciate their valiant effort. 

There is also 400gm 3m insulation available on the boots. The sole has anti-slip grip built-in, it will provide a good grip on slippery soil. The camo wrapping on the boot makes it look more appealing. 

It’s pretty lightweight and short in the height department, so you can wear them on your casual meeting and won’t feel any stress. 

Best Hunting Boot: Conclusion

There are tons of other hunting boots available on the market that may provide a lot of extra features. But to us, these 10 seemed the best in their respective price category. It’s a good thing that there is competition in the market. We, consumers, get good products because of that competition.

But that wasn’t the point of this review, the point was to provide you the best hunting boots on the market, and in our opinion, we think we were able to do just that. 

If you disagree with us or just want to know anything don’t forget to comment them down. Our comment section is always free for a healthy debate or query.

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