Best Hiking Watches – Top 10 in 2021 [Guide & Top Picks]

Hiking trips are full of fun and adventure but to accomplish your hiking trip conveniently you need to have a hiking watch. Hiking watches are comes with pre-loaded maps with GPS and few unique features which gives you great advantages while hiking.

There are a lot of hiking watches on the market with different brand, price segments & features, which is very confusing to choose right one. So to help you choose the perfect hiking watch for a trip we have listed down the top 10 best hiking watch that can make your hiking more accurate and efficient.

Best Hiking Watches

1. Apple Series 5 Gps Watch

Apple has always been dominating the high end smart watch market. I know a lot of you may hate apple for their pricing. But when it comes to the best smartwatch, there is no doubt that Apple watch series is up there in the top 3.

The features of the apple watch are endless. They have one of the if not the most accurate sensors on any smartwatch. You will find many YouTube videos about testing the accuracy between a heart rate sensor machines. 

You can submerge it under water without thinking twice. The watch series comes in cellular version. Cellular watch is like a blessing to any hikers. No matter where you are, you will always be updated with the internet. You get electrical and optical heart rate sensor in this one.

The barometric sensor is accurate to say the least. With the apps running in your IPhone in background, you won’t miss any information at all. There are tons of different watchface to choose from. Choose the best that satisfies your need.

With Apple updating the watch OS continuously, I am sure there will be many different software tweaking that will be available for this watch in near future. It’s an excellent watch for fitness. Any smartwatch that is good for fitness has to have accurate sensors.

Otherwise it will feed you wrong data, wasting your exercise time. But it’s Apple we are talking about. Watch series wasn’t famous right from the bat. The customers loved the watch for its feature and accuracy. Thus they were able to come so far.

Without any doubt, Apple watch series 5 is one of the best possible option as your hiking companion. The only matter of concern is, you need to own an IPhone to pair it with. You can’t use it with android.

If you are taking it for hiking, I highly recommend you to take the cellular version. Even though it will cost you a little more but it’s worth it.

2. Garmin Finix 6 Pro

Combining the best features of our fitness and outdoor watches Fenix 6 Pro is the multi-sport GPS watch that brings cutting edge design and performance to your hiking trip.

It comes with PacePro technology & performance metrics which keep you on the pace with guidance & to monitor performance with pinpoint accuracy.

It has multi Genesis support which tracks your pace distance and routes with pinpoint accuracy & gives better navigation on your trail with ABC sensor and includes an altimeter for elevation data.

According to your running and training performance it also monitors your heart rate and daily activities which help you to stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.

It’s packed with apparels battery which lasts up to 36 hours in its GPS mode and its waterproof up to 10 ATM. So that you can wear it in outdoors with ultimate confidence.

So to elevate your hiking trip to the next level with Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Hiking Watch and get accurate data every time.

3. Casio Pro Trek WSD F30

If you’re a hiker then you may know about Casio Pro Trek WSD F30 watch. Casio has done a really great job of making this smaller but more wearable watch. & it’s equipped with tons of additional technology.

Casio Pro Trek WSD F30 has a 1.2 inch dual layer 390 by 29 resolution OLED display & the monochrome display. Which will show you the time, sensor information, altitude barometric pressure & Compass information.

F30 has 768 megabytes of RAM & 4 gigabytes of internal storage space that makes it quite smooth and fast to run. It’s equipped with powerful lithium-ion battery that will give you up to three days and take up to three hours for the full charge.

It’s designed to meet the needs of the outdoor enthusiasts because it’s designed with military standard 810g for protection against dust of water impact and extreme temperatures. So, no matter what type of adventurer you are this smart is the perfect companion for all of your other needs.

4. Garmin D2 Delta PX

Garmin D2 Delta Px is probably the brand’s current biggest and badass Smart Watch. It is a full 51 millimeters in size but its weight is just 96 grams because it is in full DLC coated titanium with a matching bracelet.

It has a built-in database of airports and you can put in the route that you want to go to and the watch will tell you how to get there. If you have Garmin avionics onboard then the Garmin D2 Delta Px can connect to it and not all Garmin watches can do that.

There’s a lot of built-in maps and other types of GPS functionality. It also has a heart rate monitor on the back so not a lot of watches like these that traditionally had heart rate monitors. It also allows you to measure your blood oxygen saturation level.

You can store up to 500 songs in this D2 Delta Px. It features Bluetooth technology so that you can play music by connecting to the audio panel or headset (which you have to buy separately, of course).

Garmin claims that battery life here has 20 full days of watch mode which means it doesn’t have GPS on. If you have GPS on then it continuously tracking anything & you would have got about 18 hours of battery life.

5. Suunto 9 Baro

When you have your mind set on a certain goal or adventure you want to make sure that your watch can also go that distance that’s why you should have the Suunto 9 Baro; a high performance watch for ultimate results.

This watch provides accurate GPS tracking with real-time navigation & tracks your pace distance & routes with pinpoint accuracy. It also includes more than 80 pre-loaded sports training modes, so that you can train better and improve every day.

It features 24/7 activity tracking with instant heart rate, calories, step counter and sleep tracking so that you can understand the metrics inside of your body.

You can plan your routes and see activity specific heat maps of popular routes around the world from the Suunto app without any hassle.

Suunto 9 Baro is Equipped with a powerful battery which can run for the 120 hours in GPS mode & this is waterproof up to 100 meters so that you can wear it with continents. It’s a multi-sports GPS watch which is designed for athletes who demand the best.

6. Polar Vintage V Titan

Polar Vintage V titan is made for athletes. All of the functions available in this smartwatch screams of athletes. It got advanced wrist based heart rate sensor. It will pickup your heart rate while you walk, run, or sleep. Anything that causes a slight disturbance in blood flow the watch will let you know.

The sensor on this watch is also one of the most accurate one in the market. With that price, people would be mad if it wasn’t. With 130+ sport modes to choose from, I am sure you will find the most suitable option for your hiking session.

Training Lod Pro mode let’s you know how well your training went. It will let you know when you are putting too much stress on your body. Thanks to this you can exercise better. If you are walking too much in your hiking session you can easily know that thanks to this feature.

There is also a Polar H10 HR sensor that lets you know how well your recovery is going on. After a long day of hiking when you look at this option, you will exactly know how well your body is recovering after that stress.

Normally any smartwatch consumes a ton of battery in training mode, as this watch was mainly made for athletes. This watch can last up to 40h in training mode. If you are using it as a regular watch or hiking watch you can easily squeeze 1 week of SOT from it.

The price is the only thing that you should think about. If that’s something you can easily afford then by all means you can and you should go for Polar Vintage V Titan. It’s a watch where class meets feature. Excellent features while remaining the classy look.

7. Suunto Traverse Alpha

For hunters it’s important to keep a rugged watch with them that has many features. That’s why you need Suunto Traverse Alpha which is ruggedly built watch that packs a tons of unique features to make your hunting a success.

Suunto Traverse Alpha features hiking, fishing and hunting modes which can provide you a lot of data including sunrise and sunset data with tracking speed, distance; where the forecast and many more to make your hunting success.

It counted gps/glonass for Road and py navigation which ensures you always find the right path on your hunting. It’s equipped with multiple sensors which can also fulfill the needs of a fitness tracker and help you to stay healthy.

This watch made by several crystals and a stainless steel bezel which makes it durable to withstand any weather conditions. & this is also water resistant up to 100 meter. Suunto Alpha Traverse has 14 full days of watch mode & 10/15/100 hours (according to your usability) with gps on.

The Suunto Traverse Alpha is an idol for professional hunters and it can increase your success rate while hunting. You can get one for yourself without any hesitations.

8. Garmin Instinct

Built to withstand the toughest of elements the instinct has all the usual skills you would expect to see from one of Garmin outdoor family watchers.

It is constructed with the US military standard 810g for thermal shock and water resistance for up to 100 meters. Garmin claims that Garmin instinct has a powerful battery which ensures you up to 40 hours of battery life in all track battery saver mode.

It is built-in with 3 axis compass and a barometric altimeter with multiple global navigation satellite systems. Which can help to track in more challenging environments.

With the help of Garmin instinct, you can monitor your estimated heart rate activity & stress, which comes handy on an outdoor adventure.

By using the trackback feature on Garmin instinct you can come back with the same route to your starting point. With the Garmin Explorer website and app unit you can plan your trips in advance.

9. Suunto Ambit 3

Introducing the Suunto Ambit 3 vertical which is a unique multi-sport GPS watch for planning and tracking or elevation gain every day.

This watch has a built-in GPS and route planner with a topographic map. That offers to plan a route accordingly and track your running with pinpoint accuracy.

It lets to discover new routes with heat maps on Suunto movescount with Suunto movescount app. In order to bring new experience on a run.

This watch can show you real-time hill incline percentage, altitude profile, and total asset visualization to take your training to the next level.

The Suunto Ambit 3 has a perfect combination of mineral crystal, glass polyamide case, and silicone strap. Which makes the watch is durable and allows you to wear it all day with comfort.

This watch equipped with a powerful battery which offers 15 hours battery life in GPS mode. It has up to 100 meters water resistance. You can rely on it & grab one for you without any thoughts.

10. Suunto Core

A perfect watch can provide you advantages on your hiking trip. That’s why you should have this on trick or a feature-packed watch that can become really handy on your hiking trip.

It features an altimeter, barometer and compass in its durable composite case to show you the right path on any unknown trip.

The Altimeter tracks your vertical movement, Barometer tells the trend in air pressure and compass point the way. Which makes it the perfect package for a toughest military tactical watch.

It also tracks the Weather & the Sun for you. Suunto Core generates a weighted trend graph & storm alarm along with sunrise and sunset times preset for over 400 locations to help you stay safe and plan your activities.

The Suunto core is the perfect watch to have in any hiking trip and you can get it without any hesitations.

Best Hiking Watches: Conclusion

That Concludes. They are best by their own. They will make your hiking even better. If you still have anything to know then leave a comment below! You’ll get your reply for sure.

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