Top 10 Best Golf Tips For Beginners

Golfing is a fun sport. It can be competitive when it wants or can be a great hobby to cultivate.

A lot of beginners struggle to get into the scene. There are several reasons for that. Also, equipment choice plays a great role. A lot of us have the misconception if you don’t buy a $2000 clubs set you can’t golf well. 

There are other myths about golfing too. I will try to bust those myths here and give you my top 10 best golf tips for beginners. 

Tip No 1

Don’t swing at 100% effort. I know sounds crazy right? But hear me out, it’s a habit that we golfers can’t get rid of. But in the long term, it will do more harm than good. 


Understandably, you want to hit the ball as far as possible, but it would be better for you to learn the technique and hit the ball at an 80-90% effort. 

Tip No 2

Beginner golfers tend to play less break than a veteran. I can understand why you find the putter a bit hard to control. But if you don’t even practice how you are supposed to get good at it? Try to apply more breaks to your puttings. 

Tip No 3

Many golfers tend to ignore the small details. Learning how to swing the correct way is the basic ask for a golfer. If you are not planning to improve your stance and details, I don’t think golf is for you. A small detail can win you tournaments. It’s worth investing the time to improve them.

Tip No 4

Always keep a strategy in the mind. If you don’t know the course well, use a golf GPS/watch to map out the course. Then, create a plan in the head. Approach the game that way. It will bring more success.

Tip No 5

The first swing is crucial for a game. The later swings to put the ball in the hole is also quite important. You need to learn the small swings better. As time goes you will get better at the long swings. It will become a reflex. But if you don’t practice short swings regularly it won’t become a reflex.

Tip No 6

Get the right gear. Yes, gear plays an important part in your success. But you don’t have to get the most expensive gear. Get the one that fits in your budget and stick to it. You can upgrade the gear when you get better at the game. 

Tip No 7

Play more forward tees. Many golfers refer to forward tees as ladies tees. That’s just straight-up misleading. 


It’s not a gender-specific term. Forward tees are supposed to make you enjoy the game more. It won’t magically make the game easier, but the technique will make your game more enjoyable that’s for sure. 

Tip No 8

Follow the pros. If you can find a professional coach near your course, that’s even better. You can find many coaches to teach you, both paid and free. Choose the right teacher and he can teach you wonders. There is a reason they are professional. 

Tip No 9

Don’t be too harsh on yourself. This goes for everything, not just golfing. If you are too hard on yourself for failing the holes, please don’t be. There is always room to learn and improve. Work on your mistakes and take valuable lessons from them. Those mistakes will make you better.

Tip No 10

Set the right goals. When you get into golf, you should have a clear vision of the game. You should map out whether you are trying to go pro/semi-pro or just enjoy the game. No matter whichever you do, don’t forget to enjoy the game and fulfill the goals. 


At the end of the day, self-satisfaction is all that matters. 

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