Best Golf Stand Bag – Top 10 in 2020 [Guide & Top Picks]


A lot of newbies tend to ignore the importance of a stand bag but gave priority to cart bag. But A stand bag can change the whole experience of your golf session. You can carry all the necessary clubs in the bag. Most of the bags will likely have more than one extra pocket. You can use those pockets to store balls, your accessories, valuables, etc. 

There are tons of manufacturers making stand bags every day for golfers. If you don’t know anything about these bags, it will be hard to ask for you to choose the right bag. That’s why I am here to help you find the best golf stand bag for you.

Best Golf Stand Bag

1. Callaway Golf 2020 Fairway 14 Stand Bag

If you have been browsing for golfing goods you will already know about Callaway. They are one of the most known manufacturers in the industry. 

Their new 2020 edition of Fairway 14 comes in 8 colors. All of them are vibrant and stand out in their own way. The carrying comfort of the bags is quite good. The weight of the bag is 5.4lbs. If you are just carrying it around without any extra weights, you won’t feel tired for a moment. 

The padding on the top divider is quite good. The top is divided in 14-way. You can insert 14 full-sized clubs in the bag. The self-balancing X-Act Fit Strap System is an excellent way for the bag to rest. No matter how uneven the terrain is, the bag won’t fall flat. 

There are insulated pockets. Those pockets are also water-resistant. You can add your cold drinks in the bag when you leave the house. Still have them as cold under the hot sun.

In my opinion, every bag should at least have one insulated pocket.

 Behind the hip pad, you will find a hidden pocket to hide the rain hood. Whenever you don’t use it, store it there. Even if you forget about it, it will still be there. 

The price of this is on the higher-end, but it’s an excellent stand bag. I can recommend this to anyone without hesitating. 

2. OGIO ALPHA Convoy 514 Golf Stand Bag

The Ogio alpha convoy series is one of the most durable golf stand bags in the market. This bag is a bit more than a regular golf cart bags. It comes with a 14-way divider at the top. It comes with all the necessary pockets that you may want in a stand bag. 

If you want you can easily use it as a golf cart bag. When you don’t want to use it as a cart bag you can use it as a regular stand bag. It comes with a stand that you can easily attach to the bag. 

The stands are versatile enough to stand on any terrain.

When it comes to durability, Ogio made sure they do their best. The bag uses 600D Cordura eco made fabric engineered design to provide the best shell possible. The material is strong and durable. 

The bag has 8 zippered pockets and self-finding fidlock peddles. You also get an insulated packet for your beverages or water. The warranty from Ogio just seals the deal for me.

It’s a best golf stand bag for the money. It’s hard to find this good of a value.

3. TaylorMade Flextech Crossover Stand Bag

I really like their name. TaylorMade got a unique touch to the name. Flextech crossover is a bag from 2019, but it is still selling well even in 2020. It often goes out of stock.

It has the usual 14-way top divider & accepts any full-sized clubs. The dividers are well foamed to provide the best cushion for your clubs.

The bag also has included insulated pockets to store your drinks and food. The pockets are waterproof so you don’t have to worry about your cold drinks leaking. 

If you want to carry it without a golf cart you can easily do that. There are carrying straps to help it carry like regular bags. 

The bag has a total of 10 pockets. All of them are well made. The zipper didn’t seem that fragile. You can do some torture to it without breaking it. Won’t be a wise move, but if you are into that I won’t judge. 

For the price, you can’t go wrong with this one. It even comes in different colors. Choose the one you like the most and call the shot. 

4. Callaway Hyperlite Zero Stand Bag

Another stand bag from Callaway. Before you complain, if it wasn’t good it wouldn’t be on our list, to begin with. You can choose from 5 different colors. All of the bags cost the same.

But it has one thing different from many other bags. The bag does not come with the usual 14-way dividers. Instead, you only get 4-way dividers. 

Why is that? It’s smaller compared to a lot of stand bags. It’s lighter, it’s meant to be mainly for casual golfers. Let’s be real, most of us don’t even bother buying 14 different clubs. To them this bag seems like a logical choice. 

The self-balancing X-Act fit strap system is an excellent choice for the bag. The weight of this bag is less than 3 pounds. And yes this is the lightest bag from Callaway. Now you can understand the logic behind 4-way dividers. 

The legs are made of carbon fiber, you don’t have to worry about their durability.

It’s an excellent choice if you don’t need the 14-way dividers and looking for a lightweight golf stand bag. 

5. Callaway Golf 2020 Chev Stand Bag

Coming at 7 different colors, each of them looks different and unique than the other. This is another lightweight stand bag from Callaway. The top divider is only 5-way. I really liked the number of accessories and pockets in the bag.

There is a tee-shirt holder, a velcro glove handle, and a velour-lined pocket for your valuables. You can keep your smartphone, keys, anything sensitive in that pocket. Even if you drop the bag accidentally, that pocket will stay safe. 

The bag weighs just a little over 5lbs. You can see that Callaway was going for a casual but useful appearance. 

The bag can only hold 5 full-sized golf clubs, that’s more than enough. The extra pockets can hold your golf balls, any drinks in the insulated pockets, and any other accessories that you may want to carry in the course. Use all total 7 pockets to their full potential. 

It’s easy to use, affordable, good brand, good build-quality, what more do you need?

6. Titleist Hybrid 14 Golf Stand Bag

Titleist Hybrid 14 is a hybrid golf cart and stand bag. There are a total of 7 colors to choose from. Each of them looks equally good. 

The bag is supported by high-grade aluminum, you can take off the leg and use it as a cart bag, or just a bag that you carry in your shoulders. 

This one has the usual 14-way divider up at the top. The strap system is self-balancing and convertible. The weight of the bag is not that high either. 

There are a total of 8 pockets in the bag. All of the pockets are zipped. There is also one veloured-line pocket to store all of your valuables. I would have loved to have an insulated pocket to stash my beverage. 

Given the price, there isn’t much room to complain.

7. Sun Mountain Prior Generation Stand Bag

This is another hybrid bag. You can carry it as a shoulder bag. When you are tired, you can land it and use it as a stand bag, or put in a cart and use it as a golf cart bag. 

The stand bag has a 14-way divider at the top. That’s pretty standard. The weight of this bag is 4.5 lbs. That’s in the name. The weight is included with the strap. 

The bag includes a total of 9 pockets. All of them are zipped. You also get a velcro-belt to hold your gloves. There is a full-length apparel pocket. An insulated pocket to store your drinks. On top of that another velour-lined pocket to store your valuables.

The beverage pouch is easily accessible. Feeling thirsty in the middle of the round? You don’t have to run back to the gallery stand for drinks.

The strap of the bag is quite durable and comfortable. I had no trouble carrying it as a regular bag.

It’s a great bag for any type of golfers. You can use it as a cart bag, a stand bag, or just carry it in the course bag. 

8. IZZO Dual Straps Golf Stand Bag

Izzo Lite golf stand bag is a lightweight bag from Izzo. They even highlight the part lightweight in the bag’s model name. We have already seen a lightweight bag featuring 4-way dividers at the top. Izzo took it one step ahead and gave 6-way dividers at the top. All the holes accept full-sized golf clubs. You can try to squeeze in two but we don’t recommend doing that. 

The strap is comfortable and easy to carry. You won’t feel like you are carrying a stand bag. The feeling is almost the same as a regular carry bag.

Getting a stand bag out of the car can be a hassle. That’s why Izzo put a smart grip near the bottom of the bag to help you carry it better. The weight of this bag is only 4.5 pounds. That’s not a lot of weight when you put other bags in context. 

To style the bag further, Izzo gives you an opportunity to pick the font and the name of your choosing, then engrave that to the bag. Talk about swag. 

It’s an excellent bag, to say the least. There are many different accessories like a velcro-belt to keep your gloves, tee-shirt attachment, hang your cap, etc. There is also a velour-lined water-resistant pocket to hold your valuables. The magnetic easy to open pockets are also nice to keep rangefinders inside it. 

9. TaylorMade Golf 2019 Select Stand Golf

TaylorMade is making some of the best golf accessories for well over 40 years. Their Select 2019 golf stand bag is another great invention. This was aimed at budget-golfers that don’t want to spend too much behind their hobby.

A lot of us are casual golfers that can be satisfied with one day of golf every month. To them, buying a $500 stand bag won’t make any sense. 

The weight of this bag is only 5 pounds. It has a 7-way divider at the top. There are a total of 6 zipped pockets in this bag. You don’t see this often in cheaper bags, but this bag does have a velour-lined pocket to keep your valuables safe. 

The golf ball pocket is so big that, you can enter the whole ball case. If you insert them one by one, then you can enter more than 9 golf balls that are for sure.

The matching rain hood is a nice touch from TaylorMade. The padded straps are also comfortable when you carry the bag around. Overall, it’s an excellent choice. For the price, the bag did a lot of things right.

10. Hot-Z Golf US Military Stand Bag

The final bag on our list is the Hot-Z golf US military stand bag. I am baffled by the naming of this product. It has nothing to do with the US military. The patterns are nice and quiet vibrant. But they are not military-related.

Then why is it called the Military stand bag? The reason is simple, the build quality. If I don’t tell you this is the cheapest bag on today’s list. You won’t be able to tell it by looking at the bag or by touching it.

The quality of the material is excellent. The bag has a total of 6 zipped pockets. There is an insulated pocket to keep your drinks cold. 

The shoulder straps are dual padded, comfortable, and easy to carry. This lightweight stand bag offers a 14-way divider at the top. The dividers are well cushioned. You don’t have to worry about your clubs getting scratched.

If you are looking for the cheapest but good stand bag, then this is the one you should go for.

Best Golf Stand Bag: Conclusion

That wraps. Hope you found something that suits your style. If you buy anything from the list, let me know your experience down below.

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