Best Golf GPS – Top 10 in 2020 [Guie & Top Picks]


Previously on TargetChaser, we have featured wristwatches that are made for golf. A lot of people prefer a traditional separate screen as their GPS device. You can attach that device on your golf cart console and keep up with the course. 

Making a decision is never easy. 

There are a ton of options to choose from. You can go completely wrong, or completely right. If it comes to worse, you are getting conned by a shopkeeper.

That’s why we are here to help you choose the best golf GPS for your golf sessions. We will try to squeeze in one for every budget. The post will be a bit of a read. I guarantee you, it will be worthwhile.


Best Golf GPS

1. Garmin Approach G80 Golf GPS

Garmin is a well-known and well-loved brand by golfers. Garmin S62 is the best golf GPS smartwatch you can buy. Garmin Approach G80 is a GPS device that will improve your golfing. This handheld small device can easily sit in your pocket or your cart’s console. It’s smaller than most modern smartphones.

The display size is 3.5″. It’s quite bright and completely readable under heavy sunlight. The included launch monitor is an excellent feature to have. You can easily point out your mistakes thanks to this and improve them over time. 

The display of the Garmin Approach G80 will show Club Head Speed, Ball Speed, Smash Factor, Swing Tempo, Estimated Carry Distance & Roll.

The GPS device is packed with features. When we asked Garmin about how they calculate the whole thing? Do you guys just estimate or consider readings?

-Garmin replied they take the reading of the ball speed, club speed, backswing time, and downswing time. Considering all these readings Garmin shows swing tempo, smash factor, and yardages. They are as accurate as it gets. 

The learning curve is almost non-existence. It’s jammed with features. Pre-loaded with 41000 of golf courses and the battery rated up to 15hours! There is nothing to hate about this GPS. Except maybe the price. If the price tag is not bothering, this is the best golf GPS that you can buy today.

2. SkyCaddie SX500 Handheld Golf GPS

The rugged design and the size makes it unique from most other golf GPS on the market. SkyCaddie made sure the SX500 is built like a tank. I think you can golf with it instead of a golf ball. You know what, don’t try that!

If you drop it from your cart or dip it in water nothing will happen. Durability is its charm. That doesn’t mean that it lacks in other areas. 

There are some drawbacks to this durable design. Unlike the Garmin Approach G80 which will easily fit inside your pocket, this one rather will give you a tough time. It’s not perfect for fitting inside pocket. I recommend buying a universal phone mount and mount this one your pushcart. 

There are over 35000 pre-loaded courses available on this GPS. The rechargeable Li-ion battery should give you around 14hours of continuous use. 

It’s almost 200$ cheaper than the Garmin G80. It also features shot tracking, big number mode, yardage, and has many other customization options. You will need some time to get used to the GPS. It has a bit of a learning curve. But nothing unbearable. Overall, it’s a solid GPS for the money.

3. Garmin Approach G8 Golf GPS

Garmin Approach G8 is the basic version of the Garmin G80. It lacks a lot of features from the mighty G80. But it offers a lot of features for the price you are paying. 

The display of this GPS is 3″ and it does not feature a touch display. At the bottom bezel, you got 2 buttons to operate the GPS. 

It’s quite slim and super lightweight. It’s lighter than your wallet, I can guarantee that. You won’t even notice you got a GPS companion in your pocket. 

The G8 has a Playlike Distance feature. It offers distance to the target and compensates for uphill or downhill shots. These are quite necessary information. 

The GPS will also show you the data of each shot and average the tally at the end of the round. This way you can improve your style where you are lacking. 

The GPS connects to the WiFi and updates the course regularly. You don’t need to pay Garmin extra for this nor do you need mobile data. This feature has given the G8 an extra boost in my opinion.

It’s more than a basic GPS. It gets the job done and it does that well. That’s why I can say the price tag of this is justified.

4. Garmin Approach G30 Handheld Golf GPS

Garmin has a trend, they don’t like to sit around. They are continuously working to upgrade from their previous-gen works. Garmin G30 is the smallest handheld GPS on the list so far. It’s so tiny, that I had forgotten about it in the stand bag a couple of times. 

Even though the display and the whole GPS itself is tiny, you still get a colored view of the full course. And Garmin added over 40000 courses to this GPS. 

The digital scorecard will record your rounds. The display also shows the important notifications from your phone. You can set which app notifications you want from the app. 

If you pair this with a TruSwing golf swing analyzer you can easily find out your lackings and start improving them. 

The precise yardage will let you know up to 250 yards. It will show the accurate distance between you and the target. 

You can find the Garmin Approach G30 for a cheap price nowadays. That’s why I choose this GPS to feature in my best golf GPS post. It’s a good purchase and gets the job done while being a hummingbird. 

5. Izzo Swami 6000 Golf GPS

I wonder does Izzo know Swami means Husband in Hindi? Weird joke aside, Izzo Swami 6000 is the next GPS on our list. 

Izzo Swami 6000 is the upgraded version of Izzo Swami 5000. This GPS is quite small and compact. Can easily fit on the palm of your hand. 

The GPS comes in two colors blue and yellow. In the Izzo Swami family, the 6000 features the largest battery. It can easily give you up to 16 hours of screen on time.

There is a strong magnet inside the GPS. You can hold the device on to your golf cart without even using a zip tie or any mounts. If your belt has any magnetic buckle, you can easily attach it with your belt.

Little things like this make a product even more likable. There are many functions such as auto course recognition, Front and back hazard distances available on this GPS. 

But it also lacks manual pin positioning and any kind of fitness tracking. Honestly, fitness tracking on a handheld GPS was never my priority. 

It’s not even that expensive. You are getting a bright-colored display, long battery life, over 38000 courses pre-loaded, good warranty support. I don’t think I need anything else to convince you. Click the link and you will get the answer why I am saying that.

6. Izzo Swami 5000 Golf GPS

Izzo Golf Swami 5000 is the older version of 6000. The 5000 offers a lot of upgrades over the first Swami 4000 GPS. 

The Swami 5000 only comes in yellow color with a black accent. The display is tiny but quite vibrant. You have 4 buttons to work with. The battery life of this GPS is around 12 hours. Which was an upgrade over the 10 hours in Swami 4000.

This is smaller and lighter than it’s predecessor. You can keep track of your rounds without keeping a pen and scoreboard on your cart. The GPS will dot that for you. 

The 5000 series has distances layups and doglegs which the 4000 series lacked.

Precisely why we decided to drop the 4000 from our list. We think you are well off getting this or the 6000. Don’t go for the 4000 it’s quite old and doesn’t offer much in return.

7. Garmin Approach G10 Handheld Golf GPS

Garmin Approach G10 has two versions. Wristwatch and the handheld version. In case you didn’t know, we featured both of them in our best golf GPS watches post. Make sure to check that out. 

The one we are sharing in this post is the Garmin Approach G10 handheld version.

It’s tiny, as small as a wristwatch. It’s not a colored display either. The display is black and white. But the LCD is quite vibrant and holds well under the sun. 

I could easily read the data in a 40° Celcius weather. The watch is preloaded with over 40000 courses all over the world. It’s cheap, it’s compact, it has many good features. 

The GPS can show you layup distances, green view (even though it’s not green), hazards, and yardage. 

That’s more than enough for a casual golfer. It’s under $100, I don’t see anything wrong with the watch, to be honest.

8. Bushnell 368821 Phantom Golf GPS

Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS is another small, budget, and black and white display GPS. The pricing of this GPS is way lesser than any GPS watch that you may find at this price.

But this one is as compact as a small GPS wristwatch. You can choose from 5 different colors. The whole body will come in the color you choose. For obvious reasons, I like the black one more. 

Through Bluetooth connectivity, you can update the course data of this watch. There are over 36000 courses around 30 different countries preloaded into this small GPS. 

The watch comes with a mounting clip, you can mount this into your belt without any issue. With the free GPS that comes with the app, you can update firmware and more courses on to the watch with the app. 

With the two small buttons at the side of the GPS, you can easily control the Phantom. There is no learning curve at all. For the price, it’s a good purchase. You can’t hope to have G80 quality for this price.

9. CANMORE H-300 Handheld Golf GPS

This is also another small and compact handheld GPS. It’s almost the same size as the Casio digital watches. But the display is a bit bigger than those watches. 

The mounting clip attaches to the GPS through a magnet. Yes, you can mount it on the bar of your golf cart. But why would you? It’s so small you can’t see anything unless you bring it up close.

That’s the main down back in my opinion. This is the reason why I prefer a larger GPS over the small one. I also know that not everyone shares the same opinion. For those, this can be the perfect buy. 

It’s super cheap and fits virtually anywhere. With over 38000 courses over the world preloaded into this GPS. It sure looks like a good deal. 

The watch shows, Shot Distance, Play Golf screen, and Hazard Distances in the display. If you don’t want to spend any more on a GPS, this can be a good option for you.

10. GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS

The final GPS on today’s list is the GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS. It’s the smallest and the most basic golf GPS you can buy. It’s small in both size and display size. The black and white display is no larger than a casual wristwatch. 

Then why did over 2000 people purchased and reviewed this on Amazon? There is gotta be something right? There is, the price of this GPS is just mind-blowing. For around $80 you are getting almost everything that a casual golfer wants in his GPS. 

The GolfBuddy Voice 2 has a built-in AI with voice modulation that lets you know the distance up to 350 yards. If you can hear it saying, you don’t need to take it out close and see the data. The GolfBuddy Voice 2 is capable of showing real distances to the front, back, and center of the green. I didn’t expect this to feature so much, to be honest.

You got a ton of different colors to choose from. I am sure there is a color that you will like more than the other. The golf GPS also features QZSS connectivity to connect with other golfing accessories that you may have. 

With over 40000 courses preloaded on the GPS, it drives a hard bargain. If you wanted the cheapest GPS that isn’t trash, here you go. Click the link and steal it before it runs out of stock. 

Best Golf GPS: Conclusion

And wrap. I hope I did justice to the mentioned products. I really think they are the best golf GPS you can buy right now. Some of them are quite old, still holds a great resell value because they were ahead for their time. Make sure to keep us bookmarked for more latest and greatest reviews.

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