Best Golf GPS Watches – Top 10 in 2020 [Guide & Top Picks]


There are plenty of watches out in the market. Some of them even cost more than the annual income of a lot of people. Today we are not going to talk about those crazy expensive collectors watch. We are going to talk about some of the best golf GPS watches that you can buy.


Golf GPS is an important part as golf rangefinder. You will find plenty of GPS devices for golf, but what if you could carry it in your arm? It will act as a fashionable watch and provide you with the information that you need. 


These watches are mainly made for golfers. You shouldn’t take them as a regular smartwatch. 

Best Golf GPS Watches

1. Garmin Approach S62 Golf GPS Watch

Garmin Approach S62 is a watch made for golfers. It has a built-in GPS map that will help you keep track of the course. Garmin Approach S62 is an upgrade over the predecessor S60. 


The S60 held its crown as the best golf GPS watch for several years. I wouldn’t say S62 dethroned the S60. On the contrary, S62 perfected the imperfection of S60. You will still get all the cool features that S60 had. This time they are more polished and provide even more accurate results. 


Having a detailed map of each hole, and the ability to track swing tempo on the palm of your hand doesn’t sound bad, does it? You can also have the windage elevation and yardage changes. All of this in your wrist. 


This one has a sharper and better resolution display compared to the S60. It’s easy to read under direct sunlight. The processor used in the watch is faster and better compared to last gen. The chip and ram upgrades are the most common upgrades when it comes to technology.


The hazard indication function was upgraded massively, the watch alerts you about sand traps and other points much faster than any other golf watch. The battery life is also good. You can easily play 3-4 rounds of golf without worrying about charging the device. It’s a good idea to keep a power bank nearby, you can charge your phone and watch.


The S62 has a new feature called virtual caddie. It takes information from each cub swing and advice you about what cub and what target you should choose. While we can argue about the accuracy, you have to give it to Garmin for providing something so good. 


If you want the best watch possible for golf, then you don’t need to scroll down. Buy this and call it a happy day.

2. Samsung Galaxy Active2 GPS (Golf Edition)

Samsung has been making smartwatches for decades now. Their active2 watch was quite famous among athletes. This edition of the watch is made for golfers. The golfer’s edition has some extra features compared to the regular active2. 


Like most other smartwatches, you will find the ability to track different kinds of exercises. It also has a heart rate sensor that is constantly monitoring your heartbeat. 


Besides running, it can count your regular steps. Sleep assistant keeps track of your sleep with deep sleep and light sleep data. The accuracy can’t be like a medical level, but on a smartwatch, it is as accurate it can be. 


You can buy the watch in 3 different variants. Bluetooth, Bluetooth Golf, and LTE. Our review unit was the Bluetooth golf 44mm strap edition. You will also find 4 different color options to choose from.


There is no doubt about the GPS of this watch. It is highly accurate, probably better than your smartphone. Like every golf smartwatch, you can load up the entire course on the watch to keep track of your placement. You can easily find the distance between you and the next flag pole. 


There is no physical button for adjusting windage and elevations, it was mainly made as a sports companion. But it certainly can show you the windage and elevation data it collects through GPS. 


You will get excellent after-sale service from Samsung, the watch offers a lot alongside golf. It looks awesome. You can use it as a regular watch and golf with it.

3. Garmin Approach S60 Golf GPS Watch

Garmin Approach S60 is one of the best golf GPS watches that ever existed. We have talked about this watch in the S62 already. 

To say some details about it, this watch changed the complete genre of golf watches. It reigned as the champion for years. The accuracy and ease of access of this watch were out of the chart. 

It had windage elevations and yardage measurements besides the regular map. It is a touch screen and easy to use. Even if you never navigated a smartwatch before, you won’t be needing to watch any tutorials to control this watch. 

Every function is quite self-explanatory. The only thing it lacks from its successor is the virtual caddie function.

There is no point in doubting the accuracy of this smartwatch. It was the most accurate smartwatch, it still is one of the most accurate golf smartwatches that you can buy today. Besides golf you will also find Skiing, Snowboarding, XC Skiing, Stand Up Paddle boarding, Rowing preloaded outdoor profiles. 

Honestly, if you can live without the virtual caddie and want to save money, you can get this one instead of the S62 and call it a day. This one is equally good. 

4. Garmin Approach S40 Golf GPS Watch

Did you want all the cool features and look of Garmin S60 but at a cheaper price? You got it, Garmin Approach S40 is the watch you have been looking for. It’s stylish, comes in different colors, most importantly, it’s lighter than many other smartwatches.

We overlook the weight of a watch while browsing for watches. But in my opinion, it is a mistake. If the watch is not lightweight, you may feel extra pressure on the hand you are wearing the watch. 

The display is clear and vibrant. As it’s a touchscreen, you can easily operate the watch. You will find over 41 thousand golf courses preloaded into the watch. If the course you are using is not, don’t worry that’s what the GPS is for. Loading a new map does not take that much time. 

Garmin always paid extra care in the ease of access department. They made sure everyone can use this watch. If you are constantly using the GPS mode then you will get around 10hours of battery life. If you turn that off and use it as a regular watch, you will get over 10 days of battery life. 

For the people looking for a cheap and good watch. This should be able to satisfy you.

5. Shot Scope V2 Smart Golf GPS Watch

Shot scope V2 was an upgrade over the original Scope, to say the least. The whole watch is changed. It doesn’t even look or feel like it’s the successor of Scope V2.

It’s a bulky watch, a lot of people love this type of watch. But unfortunately, I don’t like bulky watches. Don’t worry that won’t be an issue for you, I won’t be biased against it. 

If you have read a couple of reviews of this, you already know it’s a good watch. Shot provides you some plastic tags that you plug into the butt of the grip. 

The plugs are predefined with every club. You don’t have to pair again before using the clubs. It’s quite nice that Shot Scope knows what you will be using before even opening the package. 

Charging the device can be a bit of a hassle. The micro-USB port sits behind the rubber belt. It’s quite bulky and weights at 65gram. I honestly thought it was going to be at least 110 grams. 

The display shows the front, back, both side yardage all together. No matter which angle you choose Shot Scope got you covered. Instead of touch, you use the buttons to change screens like good old fashion days. 

Besides hole tracking, you can also track your steps.

The accuracy of this watch is scary. It’s one of the most accurate watches that you can buy. If you don’t mind the bulk and the extra buttons. This is one of the best golf GPS watches you can buy. Excellent value for money.

6. Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch

Another great budget watch from Garmin. This one too comes with 40 thousand + preloaded golf courses. This smartwatch looks a lot like smart bands. Simply put, smart bands on steroids. 


The display is on par with other smartwatches at this price point. Even though it’s.


Sadly the watch does not have a touch screen. You need to navigate through the side buttons. Though I agree it needs some time to get used to it. 


At the end of each round, the watch provides you a summary of every shot. It also shows the total distance your ball covered. 


You can use the Garmin Golf app and upload every shot of yours to the cloud. You can use the Garmin Express website to keep a track of your previous sessions. 


To sum it up, it’s cheap, it’s built well, and it gets the job done. For the price, I can’t complain much.

7. GolfBuddy GB9 WTX+ Golf GPS Watch

Preloaded with 38,000 golf courses around the world, GolfBuddy GB9 WTX+ drives a hard bargain. The OTA updates of this watch bring something new to the table every update. 


The design of this watch is excellent. The circle design that most modern sports watches use. You can notice the fact that GolfBuddy tried their best to copy the Garmin Approach S60 with their GB9 WTX+. 


There is nothing wrong with that, S60 is one of the best golf GPS watches in the market, it will be surprising if companies don’t try to imitate their design. 


It can measure the yardage to the back, the center, and the front of you. It will also provide you the distance between you and the green. 


The preloaded courses are available in most parts of the world. But if you live somewhere is SEA then you might not find your courses. But don’t worry it’s not that hard to load it. You will find many video tutorials explaining to you regarding this matter. 


It’s an inexpensive watch, but it’s definitely a good watch. The only downside of this watch in my opinion is the terrible GolfBuddy app. You can’t even pair it with any other app. If you can live with a basic app that offers no extra features, then this watch is a good choice.

8. Garmin Approach S10 Golf GPS Watch

Tired of Garmin watches yet? I hope not. Because they are really best golf gps watch manufacturer. Garmin Approach S20 and S10 have virtually no difference. Besides the fact, Garmin Approach S10 came 2 years after S20.


Honestly, to me, they are the same watch. The S10 is slightly smaller and weighs a little less than the S20. Both share the same non-touch 128×128 pixels TFT display. 


The battery life on the S10 is slightly worse than the S20. Granted the S10 is smaller in size and it had a smaller compartment to work with. 


You can see the score at end of each round of golf. The watch also tracks your steps and how many hours you slept. All of this information can be accessed through the great Garmin Golf app. It’s one of the best and most polished golf watch apps that I came across. The interface is not overwhelming. But at the same time, you get plenty of information in the app. 


The watch is preloaded with 41,000 golf courses all over the world. You will find YARDAGE TO F/M/B (DISTANCE TO FRONT, MIDDLE, AND BACK OF GREEN) in the watch. 


It also has trap and hazard detection. You can manually find measure the exact yardage for shots from anywhere on the course. If you like this type of golf GPS watch, you can take the Garmin Approach S10.

9. Garmin Approach G10 Golf GPS Watch

The cheapest and most basic Garmin you can buy. This is basically Garmin Approach S10 but minus the wrist part. This watch was meant for people that don’t wear watches or using an expensive smartwatch.


You can easily attach this to your belt and still keep track of every shot you make. Comes with 41,000 courses preloaded and you get free courses to update through the internet.


The watch will show you the distance between you and any potential hazard. It will show sand, bunkers, and many other traps. 


You can also see layup and dogleg distance with this watch. It also will show you the yardage of the front, middle, back, and green.


Like all the other golf GPS watch, it also has a green view. Granted the view is not green but rather in black and white. But it is to be expected for the price. If you don’t want a wristwatch then this is the one for you. 

10. TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS Watch

TecTecTec is known for their rangefinders. TecTecTec VPRO500 is one of the most sold golf laser rangefinders. It’s cheap, it’s basic, nothing fancy and gets the job done. This is a best GPS golf watch for casual golfers, but enthusiasts should take some of the flagships we listed above. 


Like all the other golf GPS watch on the list. ULT-G has 38,000 courses preloaded on the watch. Those courses are spread all over the world. No matter where you live, I think you can find the course near you. 


It’s a black and white screen, not a colorful LCD. The screen is also not touch-sensitive. You need to use the buttons to navigate. 


It’s the cheapest watch on the list. Even a traditional smartwatch, like Xiaomi Amazfit GTS costs over $150. It will measure the distance in front of you, side of you, back of you, and the green. 


The green won’t look green but you get my point. You will get a good 3 round charge out of it every time. You will also get a 1-year warranty but you need to register online for that. Once you buy a product from TecTectec you will be granted to use their service forever. 

Best Golf GPS Watches: Conclusion

That wraps up. We hope that you found this review useful. Once again, if you think I missed out on something you can comment down below. We hope you are doing well, till next time. 

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