Best Golf Driver – Top 10 in 2020 [Guide & Top Picks]


A best golf driver can change the whole course of your game. Drivers are quite important, as you open the rounds with them. If the opening is not good, then you will need to use more shots than you would need.

Pricier drivers are better it’s true. But do you need the most expensive drivers on the market? Which golf driver is best for you? 

You can answer the question yourself if you know your priorities. If you don’t, then don’t worry. I am here to help.

Best Golf Driver

1. TaylorMade M6 460cc Golf Driver

TaylorMade M series drivers are quite famous among golfers. A lot of pro players reviewed their drivers. Tiger Woods said M series drivers are one of the best straight-faced drivers he used. They are also tournament legal. That doesn’t stop these speed demons. 

What if you take that speed demon and enhance it even further? That’s how M6 460 cc driver was born. It took the parent configuration of M5 and improved it even further. Making it even more powerful and accurate than M5. 

All M6 drivers are manually injected by TaylorMade to provide the best possible performance. They made sure you reach the maximum legal speed limit. Tell you what, you can do that with ease. 

The driver is designed for a straight distance. That’s why when you compare the spin graph with other drivers, this may come first from the bottom of the list. On the first shot, you usually don’t need much spin. That’s why TaylorMade made sure that you get the best distance possible on your beginning.

The sole is designed to be faster than ever. It is also more aerodynamic. To increase MOI and lower CG you can add 46 grams of mass to the sole. 

This driver is more forgivable than most other high-speed drivers. It’s not even crazy expensive and even professional players love it. You don’t need more reasons to buy this. 

2. Callaway Mavrik Golf Driver

Callaway Mavrik Driver is one of the higher-end drivers. They are priced near $500. On the higher-end, this is one of the most forgiving drivers in the market. The TaylorMade M6 is not priced that high. That’s why you shouldn’t go compare these two.

One of the key selling features of the Mavrik is the Flash Face SS20. It is based on the epic flash driver. This is the result of an A.I learning and combining thousands of prototypes into one super face. 

The Mavrik is made out of FS2S titanium. It’s a strong durable material that will keep you running for years. The look of the Mavrik is another strong suit.

Like I mentioned earlier, one of the best things about the Mavrik is its forgiveness. The punish is almost non-existence. This is an excellent choice for a complete newbie that is bound to make mistakes. 

It provides the next level performance without being too expensive. It’s a good choice for a driver to start with.

3. TaylorMade SIM MAX-D Driver

Sim Max-D is an oversized 460 driver from TaylorMade. This is not cheaper than the M series. In terms of aerodynamics, this one is better than the M series by a big margin. 

The Asymmetric Sole & Inertia Generator makes the driver even more forgiving than before. The complete redesign of the sole makes it look like cyberpunk’ ish. This design allows the club head to generate more speed. Don’t worry, the driver is still legal to use in any tournament.

A lot of golfers tend to struggle with a slice. Due to the driver being less forgiving, their speed and the distance covered get reduced highly. But most of them easily enhanced their distance with the Max-D. 

For someone who struggles with a slice, the Sim Max-D was a total game changer. Not only it unlocks your full potential, the driver is so forgivable it’s mind-blowing. 

Another excellent thing about the driver is its look. The Sci-fi look suits it. The manually injected head is also an excellent addition. It’s a great option if you are looking for a good driver to improve your slice.

4. Callaway Epic Flash Driver

Even though Callaway Epic Flash Driver is from 2019, even to this day this is an excellent purchase. The flash face driver technology became popular in early 2019. Callaway then started to perfect the design and improve it as they make new drivers. 

An artificial intelligence supercomputer was used to read countless prototypes. Callaway was the first one to use artificial intelligence in golf equipment. Even though back in 2019 it was far from being perfect, but it was a total game changer.

The epic flash driver improved the game so much, it surprised a lot of people when Callaway said it’s tournament legal. 

The jailbreak bars improve stabilization and stiffen the crown and sole. This way it provides more tension to impact and increasing the speed of the ball. 

The shaft offering from Callaway is also great. Their design and material are top-class. I won’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone. If you find this one in stock while reading the post, don’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

5. Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver

This is another excellent offering from 2019. All the new technologies involved in the making of the HB turbo makes this a great driver. The spin won’t be great on this as it was meant to be a straight driver. 

Thew new turbocharged cup face has a variable that can improve your consistency. They are also great for off-center shots. This results in improved and better ball speed on a large scale. 

The HB in the name stands for the Hibore crown. It’s improved and completely redesigned. That’s why they even included it in the name and there is an engraving in the driver itself. It allows the CG to move down 2.2mm. 

An ultralight hosel without adjustability is the holy grail for amateur golfers. Because due to it being low-weight and not adjustable the forgiveness of this driver increases by a ton. 

The specially made Miyazaki shaft has the CG located high in the grip. You can add additional mass at the head without affecting the CG. It’s very easy to use and very friendly to swings. 

The driver looks premium and provides a good performance. It’s everything that an amateur needs. The high noise and the offset will need some time to get used to it. Other than that, this is an excellent driver. 

6. Cobra Men's King SPEEDZONE Driver

In 2019 Cobra came up with the F9 Speedback. It was a huge hit back then. In 2020 Cobra took one step further and improved the F9 which was already great. You can already guess this driver going to be good. 

The shape of the head is quite traditional. It has a front to back CG adjustment. 

The Speedzone Xtreme offers an extreme speed. Speed is something that all kind of golfers appreciates. If your opening is good, the whole round should go in your favor. It’s made for distance and made to forgive. 

The driver won’t punish you but shortening the distance for silly mistakes. The driver features an interchangeable 6gram weight. There is a fixed 17g tungsten weight in the back. 

The infinity milled face is made for speed. This is the only golf driver that uses CNC Milled face. To control the ball better and increase the thickness, cobra increased the milled size by 95% compared to the F9. 

It forgives too easily, the price-point is excellent. Offering a tremendous price to performance value. The only downside of the driver is it goes out of stock way too quickly. Look at our link and keep an eye. You might miss it if you blink.

7. TaylorMade M4 Golf Driver

TaylorMade M4 came after the M3 back in 2017. Even in 2020, the driver holds it places pretty highly. The main reason is the price. Even though it used to go for over $420, in 2020 you can find it for as low as $200. For that money, it’s a tremendous value. 

When TaylorMade first revealed the Twist Face technology, it was a sight, to say the least. The curved shape of the driver makes it more appealing. 

The generosity of the driver is quite high. It is forgivable and quite good for amateur golfers. If it was 2017 you would have to pay a handsome amount of money for the driver. Aren’t you lucky?

The speed-injected face is hand-made. TaylorMade manually injects every driver to provide the optimal performance. 

Drivers are supposed to provide great speed and distance for straight hits. It does exactly that. In that process, it will easily forgive you for not nailing the shot. The face is quite large and you won’t miss your shots as long as you swing correctly.

For its forgiving nature, amateurs and most of the ladies love it. The weight is good, the shaft is good. You don’t need to provide too much swing force. That’s why TaylorMade M4 is quite popular among the ladies. 

It’s good to see a 3-year-old driver still competing with the latest techs. It was one of the best golf drivers ever made. That my friend wasn’t an overstatement. 

8. Callaway Rogue Golf Driver

Another blast from the past. Callaway was dominating the golf scenes for years. The sheer amount of options at a different price point is proof of that. This was the follow up of Callaway epic driver. 

When the jailbreak technology was first introduced, it was revolutionary, to say the least.

Thanks to jailbreak, the forgiveness of the driver increased by a huge margin. If you have read the whole post till now, you will notice the pattern that every driver competes in the forgiveness area. 

The reason is, if the driver is more forgiving then the newbies will love it. It’s also easy to control the shot with a more forgiving driver.

The triaxial crown with improved and increased MOI provides an excellent performance. The sole is back to being made out of titanium. As that is the better material for a sole.

You can choose any shaft from Callway. All of them are premier and super lightweight. Overall, it’s a good driver and easy to use. Provides good value for money. That’s all I need in my golf driver.

9. Wilson Staff Golf Men's D7 Driver

Wilson Staff D7 golf driver is a budget offering from Wilson. For the price, D7 packs a serious amount of punch. The crown of the driver is made of 3 piece kevlar layer. The kevlar stays in between woven carbon fiber. 

To eliminate the vibration and reduce the noise Wilson decided to take the crown this way. The sound when you hit the ball is crisp and easy on the ear. 

Depending on what type of control you enjoy, you can choose from 3 available angles. The 9 degrees driver features the weight forward. While the most common 10.5 degrees feature the weight in the midsole.

If you want the weight towards the back or heel then you need to go for the wider 13 degrees.

This is a cheap driver that does what it is supposed to. The driver must provide the best possible experience for you. It does its duty quite well. I value this driver quite highly because of its value for the money. 

10. TaylorMade Men's RBZ Black Driver

The most expensive driver on our best golf driver list is from TaylorMade, the least expensive driver is also made from TaylorMade. Earlier I said, They knows its market and they are attracting the customers with attractive pricing. 

The RBZ is not a new driver. It first came out in 2017 and is still in production. If the product failed TaylorMade would have discontinued the lineup and close the support for the driver. 

It’s a budget driver, as long as you keep your expectations to check you don’t have to worry about anything. The Clubhead of the RBZ driver is made from titanium. A durable and strong metal. High-end drivers also use this material. 

TaylorMade could easily opt for aluminum and cut the manufacturing cost. But by doing that they would have to lower the quality of the driver. I am glad they didn’t do that. 

There were a lot of arguments about the validity of this driver in 2020. Is there any shaft available for it from the 2020 lineup? Sure is, it supports the graphite Matrix White Tie 55 shaft without any issue. 

The forgiving nature from TaylorMade is available in this driver. It’s a good thing for beginners. The speed and the sound may not be comparable with a $500 driver. It easily beats any sub $200 drivers.

If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend much on your first driver. This can be an excellent option for learning.

Best Golf Driver: Conclusion

That concludes. There were plenty of choices to choose from. I tried to highlight the key features and why they may not be a good choice for you. If you skipped directly to the end, go back take your time and read it thoroughly. Like always you can find the availability and latest price by clicking the link in each review section. 

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