Best Cellular Trail Camera For The Money You Can Buy in 2021

Trail cameras are becoming more popular every day. Besides hunting, they are also used as security cameras. Often they come with a high price tag. Most of us don’t want to spend that much on a game camera.

But hey if you want the very best, you need to spend a bit. You are not here for that. You are here to find out the best cellular trail camera for the money. Value for money is the keyword here. I am going to sound like a broken record and mention it throughout the review. 

Bear with me alright. I am trying my best to entertain you while giving useful information.

Best Cellular Trail Camera For The Money

1. Creative Xp LTE 4G Cellular Trail Camera

Trigger Speed 0.35s
Lenses 110° Wide
IR Leds No Glow
Lens Wide-Angle
Display Size 4 Inches

Creative XP is one of the leading manufacturers in the trail camera industry & LTE is a cellular camera capable of running on a 4G network. 

Creative XP uses SimHero card to operate their camera. SimHero runs on the AT&T network. If you are outside of the AT&T network, unfortunately, you have to ignore this one. 

But hey it might be the time to switch to AT&T. They do provide some of the cheapest packages available for cellular cameras. 

You can control the camera from anywhere. As long as your camera didn’t run out of data or battery, it will keep sending you pictures. 

This camera is capable of shooting photos and videos at 1080p resolution. The night vision range of LTE is 65ft. Not bad at all. Good for security purposes and hunting. The trigger speed is just .35seconds. That’s super-fast. One of the fastest cellular camera that’s for sure. 

If you are using it as a home security camera, then connect the camera to the WiFi instead of cellular. You can control it with the app and have live monitoring outside of the house. 

The pricing of this scope is not cheap. It will cost you well over $350. For that, you are getting a lot of good stuff and a premium warranty. 

2. Creative Xp 3G Cellular Trail Camera

Trigger Speed 0.4s
Lenses 110°
IR Leds No Glow
Lens PIR Angle
Video Capture Resolution 1080p

This is the older version of 4G LTE. Let’s be real, not all of us want 4G in their trail cameras. Sure the extra speed will make the process fast. But 3G has cheaper prices compared to 4G.

The pricing of this camera is also quite good. For just a little over $150, you are getting a lot of stuff. A 12mp 1080p shooter. It can shoot videos and photos at 1080p resolution. Without butchering the image quality, Creative XP sends the pictures through MMS and Email. 

You can use AT&T or T-mobiles tower in the US. The SimHero card and first-month subscription are free from Creative XP. The trigger speed is not slow either. Coming 0.4 seconds, it’s also one of the fastest cellular cameras. 

Yes, you can use it as your security camera too. The packages aren’t that expensive. I can recommend this if you are getting this camera for a long time. 

1500 photos = $8. That’s as cheap as they can get. That too from two of the most reputable cellular provider in the country. I will leave the rest of the decision up to you.

3. Moultrie Mobile Xv7000i Cellular Trail Camera

Trigger Speed 0.3s
Photo Resolution 20 MP
Batteries 12 AA
Image & Video Aspect Ratio 16:9
Detection Range 80 feet

Moultrie makes some of the best cellular trail cameras on the market. Their M series is quite popular. The 7000i is a unique offering from Moultrie. 

7000i is not from the prestigious M-series. But rather from a budget-oriented XV series. XV-7000i comes with a 20mp shooter. It’s capable of recording short videos and pictures at 1080p resolution.

Unlike the two from Creative XP, Moultrie supports both Verizon and the AT&T network. If you are an existing Verizon user, this one makes more sense than the others. 

I might be controversial by saying this, but I prefer the Moultrie app over Creative XP. This app is so user friendly even a toddler would be able to use it. Giving the phone to the toddler may not be a good idea tho. 

To capture the clearest photos at night Moultrie uses ILLUMI-NIGHT 2 Sensor in this camera. This sensor is known for its clarity and vision game. It will definitely make your hunting easier. As a security camera, this thing can go for months. If you hide it at a good place, burglars won’t find it out either. 

Monthly data plans start at $9.99. Thankfully there are no contracts and activation/cancellation fees. The price of this camera is also quite low. It can be your first choice if you want a 4G camera at a low price. 

4. Browning Dark Ops Extreme 16MP Camera

Trigger Speed 0.6s
Detection Range 80 ft
External Power Jack 12 Volt
Battery 6 AA
Video Capture Resolution 1280 x 720 HD

Browning Dark Ops Extreme may not come from Call of Duty Black ops, but it’s here to shake your world nonetheless. It’s the first regular trail camera on today’s list. Why do I say regular? Because it’s not a cellular camera. You need to insert the SD card, take it out save the data on pc and reuse the SD card again. 

The camera sensor is a 16mp one. It can record videos and photos at 720p resolution. Dark Ops Extreme comes with a free 16gb Sandisk Ultra class 10 memory card. Browning even provides a Focus USB 2.0 SD card reader for free. 

The price of this camera is around $130. The infrared lights are capable of detecting up to 80ft. 80ft of range for this low of a price! It’s a surprise for sure, but a welcome one. 

The Smart IR videos will keep recording the video while the game is going in front of the camera. It can record up to 2minutes. The mic is not that impressive, sounds worse than your friend breathing on the mic. 

If you don’t want a cellular camera but want to get the best trail camera for the money, this can be the one you are searching so long for. 

5. Campark 16MP 1080P Trail Camera

Trigger Speed 0.3s
Sensor Range 120°
Night Vision Range 20M/65FT
Megapixel 16mp
Waterproof IP56

A name that I didn’t hear for a while. I like their products, I really do. But they weren’t making any good stuff for a while. With the new upgraded version of their trail camera. 2020 version of Campark T45A has a lot to offer. And I mean it, a lot. 

Let’s get one thing out of the way first, the price. It has two versions and both costs less than $85. That’s right if you were looking for the best bang for the bucks. Your search ends here. 

The original Campark T45A was a great trail camera. The 2020 version improves a lot on its predecessor. The first thing is the trigger speed. Over the 0.4 seconds (which was already super-fast) they improved it to 0.3 seconds. The 0.1 second makes a ton of difference during the night.

Talking about the night. The T45A uses 42 pieces of low-glow IR lights to shoot at night. As they are low-glow, they still emit a bit of light. But an animal won’t notice it. When it walks past the camera, T45A will be ready to shoot at sight. 

The camera has a 120° motion-detecting angle. The range of that angle is 65ft. It’s plenty enough for an $80 camera.

The camera resolution is 16mp. A bit higher than all of its near competition. T45A has beaten other competition in terms of shooting resolution too. It can shoot at 1080p, while most other camera struggles to provide clear 720p footage.

If you are looking to get the best out of a camera at as low a price as you can. Get this, use it for 6 months, come back and thank me. I will wait for you.

Best Cellular Trail Camera For The Money: Conclusion

I was initially planning to put a lot of other cameras. But I thought what would be the point if I just call every cheap camera value for money?

That’s why I bought you guys these 5 cameras that I think provides the best in their price category. I hope to see you again soon enough. If you want to thank me or give me suggestions, or perhaps have any complaints. The comment section is a friend. 

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