Barnett Whitetail Hunter Str Crossbow Review (375 FPS)


Barnett has always been good with their naming scheme. But this time I feel like they weren’t thinking straight while naming this crossbow. Why? if you follow us for a while, you know that the name is familiar. That’s right, we reviewed the Barnett Whitetail Hunter Pro STR & Barnett Whitetail Hunter II; ago.

This is Barnett whitetail hunter str review. Wait a minute, you are telling me these two are two different crossbows? Yeah, I am not kidding. Both of them have some differences and similarities. Without further ado, let’s start the review.



Barnett Whitetail Hunter Str Review: Specs & Outlooks

Speed 370 FPS
Kinetic Energy 118.6 ft-lbs
Power Stroke 15.7/16"
Draw Weight 165 lbs
Axle to Axle 18.125"
Trigger Type TriggerTech
Weight 6.6 lbs

Build Quality

The build quality of this crossbow is on par with the Whitetail Pro STR. The step-through riser is made of CNC machined aluminum. One of the most durable materials for a crossbow. Just like the Whitetail Pro STR, this one also shifts the weight to the riser. Making the crossbow more stable in the process.

The limbs are also made from CNC machined aluminum. They will be good for a lifetime that’s for sure. The design aesthetic is not that different either. The usual camo finish on top of the body. I feel like I have said it a thousand times already, the design is a matter of subjective. I cannot force my opinion as a fact on a subjective matter.

If you don’t like the design, I understand completely. And I respect your decision too. But for me, the camo on the black body does the job. I was already sold on the first look.


This crossbow is not as powerful as the Whitetail Pro STR. Whitetail Hunter Pro STR is capable of generating, 118 ft-lbs kinetic energy. It’s not the highest on a crossbow. It’s certainly enough for an enjoyable experience. This much power is more than enough for hunting and any competition.


The speed of this crossbow is also lower than Whitetail Pro STR. Instead of 400 FPS, you will get 375 FPS with this crossbow. Don’t get me wrong, 375 FPS is still plenty high speed. With 118 ft-lbs kinetic energy, 375 FPS is enough for any big-game hunting. 

Besides big-game hunting, you can nail any big animal as a casual hunter too. Don’t let the 25 FPS difference fool you, Whitetail Hunter Pro STR is plenty powerful.

Draw Weight

Here is the next big difference between the two. Whitetail Pro STR has a draw weight of 187lbs. Which is on the higher end of the scale. On the other hand, Whitetail Hunter Pro STR has a drawing weight of mere 165 lbs. 165 lbs is a lower draw weight than most other 350 FPS speed crossbows. It’s crazy that Barnett managed to pull this off. 

With the help of the included rope cocker, you can cut that draw weight by half. Now, this became a crossbow for all sorts of people. Even a beginner will enjoy the crossbow a lot. Excellent move by Barnett. 


Barnett included a string dampener on this crossbow. Alongside the CNC machined aluminum flight track, noise dampeners provide you a smooth vibration and noise-free transition. If an animal can’t hear you firing, it can’t run away. Easy maths. 


Barnett always uses TriggerTech with its high-end crossbows. TriggerTech is a frictionless, zero creep, 3lbs pull, and metal injection molded trigger. That’s a lot of stuff to digest. Read it twice and try to understand it. This is the same technology Ravin R10 uses. We all know just how good of a crossbow Ravin R10 is. 

Barnett Whitetail Hunter Str Review Summary

Barnett Whitetail Hunter Pro STR is a completely different crossbow than the Whitetail Pro STR. I don’t know Barnett’s logic behind this naming scheme. But I dig it. This crossbow deserves to be on its own. I am glad they decided to do the same.

I hope you found this useful. All the related links are provided on the post. If you need further assistance, make sure to reach out to me in the comments. Until we meet again. 

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