Barnett Recruit Terrain Crossbow Review (330 FPS)


Are you looking for a crossbow that is beginner-friendly? A crossbow that is also suitable for teenagers? We got the perfect crossbow for you. Barnett Recruit Terrain crossbow is an excellent option for teenagers and beginners. In this Barnett Recruit Terrain crossbow review, we will learn more about the crossbow and determine why it is one of the best beginner crossbows. Let’s jump straight into the review-



NightForce TS 80 Review: Specs & Outlooks

Speed 330 FPS
Kinetic Energy 91.9 ft-lbs
Power Stroke 12.5"
Draw Weight 140 lbs.
Scope 4x32 Illuminated
Length 34.25 Inches
Weight 6.4 lbs.

Build Quality

A beginner will always be rough with their crossbow. You can’t help but experiment with different shots on your first crossbow. If the build quality is too low, then you won’t enjoy the crossbow at all. 

Barnett is yet to disappoint me with their build quality. This crossbow will last a long time. Unless you decide to throw it from the top of a mountain, I don’t see it breaking. Instead of going for aluminum, Barnett chose stainless steel for this crossbow. 

This move increased the weight of the crossbow a bit. It’s nothing that you can’t handle. The weight of this crossbow is only 6.4lbs. Barnett Recruit is lighter than most other compound crossbows on the market. As this crossbows targeted audience is beginners and teenagers, Barnett had to make it eye-catchy. 


Don’t expect to get Whitetail Pro STR level power from this crossbow. Barnett Recruit is here to recruit you to the crossbow scene. Now that I think about it, that was a terrible pun. 

As I was saying, Barnett Recruit is a beginner level crossbows. Recruit is capable of 91.9 ft-lbs kinetic energy. That’s not a lot of force, but it’s enough to land your first hunt. 


The speed of this crossbow is not that high either. Barnett Recruit is capable of firing the arrow at 330 FPS speed. I know 330 FPS is not the fastest, but this is not low for a beginner either. With 91.9 ft-lbs kinetic energy, 330 FPS doesn’t seem like a bad deal. We can’t forget this is a cheap beginner crossbow.

Draw Weight

The draw weight of this crossbow does wonder for me. The draw weight of Recruit is mere 140lbs of draw weight; this crossbow is quite insane. And guess what? You can drop that to 70lbs by using the included rope cocker. For a beginner, you couldn’t ask for more. This crossbow is a beginner crossbow through and through.


The included scope is a 4×32 illuminated crossbow scope. This crossbow is not compatible with big-game hunting. I don’t recommend this to anyone that is thinking of competing.

This scope is reasonable. This crossbow scope will support you till 80 yards or so. Beyond that, the accuracy will drop highly. The reticle gets bright enough to use in a low-light condition too. 

Noise And Vibration

Most budget crossbows tend to skip on this part. Adding noise dampeners will increase the cost of the crossbow by a little bit. To reduce the vibration and the fire noise, Barnett included string dampeners. 

Barnett Recruit Terrain Crossbow Review Summary

We have to look at this crossbow as a budget crossbow. The price tag is what makes it a good purchase. It can be a good gift for someone who is learning how to use a crossbow. For veterans, I don’t recommend this crossbow. 

That concludes the Barnett Recruit Terrain Crossbow Review. I feel like I mentioned everything you need to know about the crossbow. If you disagree, do point out my mistakes down below. If you want to ask something, feel free to do that too. I hope to see you back soon. 

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