Barnett Raptor FX3 Crossbow Review


Do you want a crossbow that can shoot fast out of the box and won’t break your bank? Many reviewers will say we got plenty of this. That is true to some degree. But all of them are not good enough for you to consider. Why is the Barnett Raptor FX3 any different? Let’s find it out in this Barnett Raptor FX3 review. 



Barnett Raptor FX3 Crossbow Review: Specs & Outlooks

Speed 350 FPS
Kinetic Energy 103 Ft. lbs
Power Stroke 12.5"
Draw Weight 150lbs
Axle-to-Axle 16.125"
Length 34.25 Inches
Weight 6.4lbs

Build Quality

A crossbow is not as strong as a rifle. Both in terms of power and ruggedness. While Raptor FX3 is still not comparable to a rifle, Barnett did a good job making this crossbow. The stock of Raptor FX3 is completely adjustable. Making it a viable option for hunters of any age. The stock is also durable and made of synthetic material. 

FX3 comes with a CCD port. Using this you can easily install a cranking device. Cranking device will help you load the bow faster. But that’s an accessory and will cost you more. The weight of this crossbow is just 6.4lbs. I won’t say this is the lightest crossbow ever, but I will say this one weighs quite less than most budget crossbows. 

Draw Weight

As this is a recurve crossbow, it’s not as compact as a compound crossbow. But on a recurve crossbow, you can easily cut the draw weight by half using a cocking aid. Whether it’s a rope cocker or a high-priced cranker. 

The draw weight is what makes it so appealing to newcomers. The draw weight of this crossbow is only 150lbs. With a rope cocker that comes down to 70lbs. 70lbs of draw weight on a crossbow this big and powerful is quite an insane number to achieve. Sure, you can take it even down if you use a cranker. But that will be an extra. If you are willing to upgrade the crossbow down the line, a cranker won’t be a bad investment. 

Power & Speed

The maximum power of this crossbow is 103 ft-lbs. That’s a lot for a crossbow of this size. With that much force, Raptor FX3 is capable of firing a 20″ bolt at 350 FPS. 350 FPS is more than enough for close-quarter hunting. 103 ft-lbs force will generate enough speed and force to penetrate the thick skin of a deer. 

350 FPS is not a small number by any means. I know you have seen crossbows that can go 400 FPS. Did you also check the prices of those things? 350 FPS is more than enough to kill a deer. You can other reviews and forums to crossmatch my words. 

Noise Suppression

This is where the Raptor FX3 takes its first L. Raptor FX3 doesn’t come with any sort of string dampener. You can opt for third party noise dampeners. It’s a bad business idea to not include noise dampeners when your main customers are hunters. Luckily, the noise is not audible enough to alert other deers. But it’s audible to your ears. If you are too close other deers may also hear it. 

Crossbow Scope

Raptor FX3 comes with the traditional 4×32 illuminated reticle crossbow scope. It’s the definition of the golden standard when it comes to pre-attached crossbow scopes. The performance of this crossbow scope is quite satisfactory too. You can easily notice the target and shoot it. 

Out of the box the scope is calibrated for 50 yards. But you can re-calibrate it and easily aim 60 yards and more. The crossbow is precise, not precise enough to hit 3 out of 3 bullseyes. But it will be nearly there. 

Barnett Raptor FX3 Crossbow Review Summary

Who doesn’t love bang for their bucks? If you buy the Raptor FX3, you will be getting more value than what you paid for. If you are a beginner and struggling to find a good crossbow with lesser draw weight, then this is the perfect crossbow for you.

I hope you found today’s Barnett Raptor FX3 review helpful. If you did, then I succeeded on my part. If you didn’t like it or want to ask something, don’t hesitate to scroll down a bit and leave a comment. Until we meet again, goodbye. 

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