Barnett Predator 430 Crossbow Review: Beast On Barnett Crossbows!


Barnett usually doesn’t make crossbows that can hit the 400 FPS mark. Whitetail Pro STR was their first 400 FPS crossbow. That was the fastest crossbow from Barnett. Till Predator 430 arrived that is. Barnett Predator 430 is the fastest Barnett crossbow. Besides being superfast, is the Barnett Predator 430 worth it? Let’s find that out in this review.



Barnett Predator 430 Review: Specs & Outlooks

Speed 425 FPS
Kinetic Energy 152 Ft-Lbs
Power Stroke 16.3 Inches
Draw Weight 206 Lbs
Axle-To-Axle 17.6 Inches
Length 36.25 Inches
Weight 7.7 Lbs

Build Quality

You have read a lot of Barnett reviews, one thing Barnett doesn’t compromise is the build quality. Their step-through risers are an excellent addition to the crossbows. The design on this crossbow is also unique from other Barnett crossbows. 

The rail and the limbs are constructed from CNC machined aluminum. One of the most durable materials for crossbows. The weight of the Predator 430 is 7.6lbs. It’s on the higher side, but it’s a big crossbow. Without a bit of weight on it, the bow would feel empty. 


Here the Predator outshines TS and Whitetail Pro STR. Barnett Predator 430 is capable of generating 156 ft-lbs kinetic energy. With that much power, you can slay any target thrown in front of you. If you though this crossbow is not worth it because of the weight, think again. 

Draw Weight

Draw weight is a deal-breaker for many of us. The draw weight on this crossbow is 187lbs. The draw weight initially may seem high. Most crossbows tend to have a draw weight under 175lbs.

You can cut the draw weight by half using a rope cocker. If you want to take it even further, get the cranking aid from Barnett. Predator 430 supports Barnett cranking aid. This cranking aid will reduce your draw weight to almost 10lbs. Sounds intriguing right?

It is, even a child can load the crossbow with that draw weight. I know the cranking aid costs more. In my opinion, it’s worth it.


Most modern compound crossbows are capable of firing a bolt up to 500 yards of range. But that accuracy at that range will be below zero. Barnett Predator 430 is capable of nailing targets over 80 yards with the stock scope. You can guess just how good this beast will be with a bit of tuning here and there.


Once again, Barnett spoiling the speed of the crossbow in the name. I feel like writing about the speed of the crossbow is not even worth it. I will anyway. 

Predator 430 can fire a 380 grains arrow at 430 FPS. This is the limit of the crossbow. It’s faster than a lot of high-end crossbows. It’s 30 FPS faster than Ravin R10. In case you forgot, Ravin R10 was the crossbow of the year 2019. 

Firing a 380 grains arrow with 156 ft-lbs kinetic energy and 430 FPS, how will the target survive? Unless you miss your shot completely, this thing should be able to penetrate any animal skin.


TriggerTech is a frictionless 3 pounds zero creep trigger system. The trigger is created from a metal-injection mold. It’s a durable trigger that replicates the feeling of a rifle. To prevent misfires, Barnett also included an anti-dry fire safety system. 


I am still pissed that Barnett didn’t include any noise suppressors in their Barnett TS370. Predator 430 is a breath of fresh air. 

When your crossbow is capable of generating a ton of raw power and high speed, mishaps are bound to happen. To counter that, manufacturers use dampeners to reduce noise and vibration. Barnett used string dampeners in this crossbow.

The CNC machine aluminum flight track already gives a smooth transition. You add in the string dampeners, the string will survive for ages. 


Instead of the traditional 4×32 scope, Barnett provides a 1.5-5×32 illuminated scope with the Predator 430. It has a higher magnification than a traditional crossbow scope. Though the base magnification is lower, the variable magnification gives you the freedom to use this at any range.

Barnett Predator 430 Review Summary

I understand the crossbow is a bit expensive. When you consider the cranking device, the price increases a lot. Is it still worth it? Yes, it’s capable of going toe to toe with Ravin R10. Not that many crossbows can achieve that feat. 

-I hope you guys found this useful. If you have any questions left, ask them below. Till we meet again. 

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