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Your friend got astonished when you were sharing your shooting experience with him. Moreover, he did not believe and was making fun of your gossips about your shooting experience with a gun and scopes? So, to make your friend believe, you showed him a video which was done by you with ATN X-Sight II scope. The face of his was worth to watch. And the best thing is now your friend also wants to achieve this amazing experience. So, to give him good insights into the scope, we are giving ATN x-sight II review for a clear idea.

ATN is A-ma-z-ing. Why?

ATN is none other than one of the best brand in the Hunting industries. It will provide you with many great features and simple design. Particularly, ATN has a lot of reputation for making amazing hunting materials. Sounds Great (isn’t it?)

Take a Short Note:

In this ATN x-sight II review; we will talk about these two products. Which is Quite Similar:

ATN X-Sight II HD 3-14 Rifle Scope

Specifications of ATN X-Sight HD II 3-14

Topic Value
Adjustment Per Pixel 1/4
Angle of View 9 Degree
Core Obsidian II
Dimensions (in mm) 294 x 79 x 87
Display HD Display
Eye Relief 65 mm
Field of View 240ft at 1000 Yards
Magnification 3-14X
Objective Lens 50 mm
Sensor HD 1080p ATN L130
System Resolution 160 Lp/mm
Video Recored Resolution 1080p at 30 fps
Vision Day/Night Vision
Warranty 2 Years
Weight 2.15 Lbs

ATN X-Sight II HD 5-20 Rifle Scope​

Specifications of ATN X-Sight II HD 5-20

Topic Value
Adjustment Per Pixel 1/8
Angle of View 5 Degree
Core Obsidian II
Dimensions (in mm) 289 x 90 x 88
Display HD Display
Eye Relief 65 mm
Field of View 240ft at 1000 Yards
Magnification 3-14X
Objective Lens 85 mm
Sensor HD 1080p ATN L130
System Resolution 160 Lp/mm
Video Recored Resolution 1080p at 30 fps
Vision Day/Night Vision
Warranty 2 Years
Weight 2.55 Lbs

Lets Talk About The Scopes In Details

What if there was a scope that could get the ability to capture pictures with HD quality video and regulate the point of impact based on the range information and the environmental data? What if there was a sight that might create crystal clear picture day and night instead of not having proper light and appropriate circumference? Actually, there is! (ATN x-sight ii HD 3-14 / ATN x-sight ii HD 5-20) smart day/night rifle scope can provide you with the spectacular aspects –

What Does ATN Offer You?

According to the company you will get Microphone, MicroSD card ( from 4 to 64 GB), Micro USB, Micro HDMI, WiFi (Streaming, Gallery and Controls)  for iOS and Android, Bluetooth 4.1, GPS, 3D Gyroscope, 3D accelerometer, 3D magnetometer, E-Barometer, Smart range finder, Smart Shooting Solution, RAV ( Recoil Activated Video), E-Compass, Smooth Zoom.

Ballistic Calculator:

You’re not comfortable with heavy charts and complex reticles? Don’t worry. You have got the ATN Ballistic Calculator to hit your target regardless of lighting conditions. So, here you can determine exact ballistics for expert long-range and angled shots.

Bluetooth & Wifi:

The ATN Obsidian app is there to view live streaming simultaneously. If you want to watch what you have recorded, you need to connect the app via wifi. And you can playback your latest adventures.

Crisp Image:

This scope renders versatile features for capturing the photos in day and night time. There is a bright color palette for hunting on sunny days. After all, It’s sharp black and white or shades of the green palette for hunting in dark nights.

Day/Night Vision:

I guess you will be happy if you find a scope which will offer you both day/night vision. Again, day/night vision assist you to view properly in low-light situations. Don’t worry! pals. We have got you ATN’s X-Sight II HD. This helps you in the observation of your prey, targeting, shooting. 

You will get the best quality image instead of having a poor light condition. Moreover, the three main categories of night vision technology are low light imaging, thermal imaging, and near-infrared illumination. And the day vision is for balancing the light intensity and the angle in the day time.

High Resolution:

Could you believe that you can get the advanced cockpit experience? Yes, it true! The ATN X-Sight II embodies (HD lenses, HD sensors, and HD displays) provide you with a full HD resolution system. For the HD resolution, you can capture easily with no blurry images both in the day and night.

Obsidian Core and UI:

The Obsidian Core is like a highly configured computer that is outlined to run a suite of sensors and crunch huge files in the twinkle of an eye. The scope offers plenty of customization to fit your needs and for the billion cycles per second, the ATN Core promotes the optics into the 21st century.

Profile Manager:

This X-Sight works as a proper manager. It has the system to save all the data of all the weapon that you use. So don’t bother yourself by resetting everything up every time. Create a new profile and you can set off your shooting journey.

Recoil Activated Video:

Are you clumsy and just forget the simple matters easily? (Silly; But we all do this shit) So for this nature, you forget to press the record button before each kill shot.

What if there was a system to have the video afterward?

There is actually a system named Recoil Activated Video ( RAV ). When you put your video record to RAV, the system buffers everything your scope observes. Since you pulled the trigger, you are loaded with a full video of what you saw before the shot was taken, the moment of, and as much according to your need.

Smart Rangefinder:

With only two clicks and a simple shift of the scope, you can identify the range to your target. Then, the point of impact will adjust automatically. So, you can get rid of guessing, chart memorization or complex calculations.

Smooth Zoom:

Hence, you can get perfect magnification every time for that 3-14 / 5-20 magnification – smooth Zoom and its fine-tune adjustments.

Video Recording:

Do you want to share your thrilling experience with your near and dear ones? So, don’t miss the opportunity to capture the moment with 1080p HD Video Recording. Again, you can watch the videos on a long screen by using the cable to connect the device or the memory card separately.

Extra Features:

There is E-Barometer to render you the accurate data. For the steady look, there is a built-in gyroscope. For precise direction, there is a 3D magnetometer sensor which works as a compass. (That’s Crazy. Right?)


  • Those are not pricy. Moreover, you are getting night vision at a low price.
  • Capable of setting multiple zeros for different distances, loads, or guns.
  • Generally, you will get 7 reticle styles are there for pre-programming.
  • Provides high-definition photos and videos.
  • The ATN Laser Ballistic 1500 can measure the distance to your prey within +/- yard or less.
  • Do have control over the Ballistic Calculator, Rangefinder by ATN X-Trac Tactical Remote Access Control System.
  • The infrared illuminator is there for your night vision device.
  • The 22 hours of the relentless battery pack offers you undisturbed shooting.
  • HD resolution gives your eyes comfort. Again, you can maneuver your elements very well.


  • Nothing traditional here and everything is operated electronically.
  • Short battery lifespan.

Let's Watch a Video Review:

Is ATN X-Sight II Worth Buying?

If you are going on a hunting trip with your friends, you will need a smart rifle to chase all those beautiful and fast animals like deer, boars, etc. and definitely, they are not slow like turtles. 

So, it will be hard to target them. For a not so slow hunting trip and a good experience, we will need a smart rifle scope.

Atn x-sight ii HD (3-14 / 5-20) smart day/night rifle scopes are best scopes in this competition. However, It will provide a good day/night vision with a high-quality lighting condition. 

And it has a good rangefinder that will never let you miss a target. It also has a ballistic calculator that gives all the data and calculations about the environment.

The record HD video will capture every moment of your glory. So, I believe next time you go on a hunting trip, you will not miss the opportunity of taking it with you.

So, by going through this ATN x-sight II review, We really believe that these rifle scopes are worth buying.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Firstly, download the latest firmware on to the computer. Then transfer the file on to the micro SD card. Put the micro SD card with the new firmware into your smart HD device and switch the on button. Then, follow the prompts showed on your smart device.

Don’t worry.  It doesn’t mean any defect on your riflescope. It means maybe the battery is low.

especially, it’s good to use lithium-ion batteries and turn off the non-essential  functions.

Yes, those are weather-resistant until the weather is not harming the scope.

Final Words

Final Words

In summary, I would like to mention that; Forget the old grainy black and white images pals! I am sure not only the friend but also all of you will be excited to explore the new shooting experience like never before. So, don’t buy it yet? Grab your ones now;  before it becomes late.

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