Reviews & Ratings Of Athlon Ares 15 45X65 Spotting Scope

Spotting scopes are used for birding and long-range target practicing. Because normally the spotting scope has a huge range. They also come with a good amount of field of view. If you are a birder, long-range target shooter, or a digiscoper you need a spotting scope in your life.


  • ED glass & High-quality image.
  • Fully multi-coated.
  • XPL coating & Argon purged.
  • Excellent body quality.
  • Rotating ring & Waterproof.
  • Affordable compared to other high-end ED glass scopes.


  • No reticle.
  • A little bit on the heavier side.

Athlon Ares 15-45×65 Review: Specs & Outlooks

Magnification 15-45x
Objective Lens 65 mm
Eye Relief 0.75 – 0.63″
Exit Pupil 4.3 – 1.4 mm
Linear FOV @1000 Yards 171 – 81 ft.
Close Focus 13.1 ft.
Weight 43.4 Oz.


UHD stands for Ultra-High Definition and ED stands for Extra Low-Dispersion glass. ED glasses are used in long-range scopes mainly. 

Because ED glasses have a specialty of them, they don’t show any kind of chromatic aberration. It’s a complicated matter to explain in simple words. But if I have to I will say it’s a complicated way of light wave passing through the glass layers. 

Optics Quality

If your optics quality is not great the images you are going to see through the spotting scope will also turn out to be not great. That’s why Athlon used UHD ED glass.

ED glasses are made and treated in such a way that all the wave that passes through the glass they all arrive in the same focal point. 

ESP Dielectric Coating

This is the coating of the prism inside the scope. It’s just a fancy term of multi-coating by Athlon. The prism is coated multiple times. 

Like us, you should also worry about the coating inside of the scope. Because the light transmission that turns into an image is all done inside the scope.

If your optics isn’t coated correctly it can lose up to 50% of the light that transmits inside. Athlon boldly claims that their multiple coating helps the scope to transmit 99% of light. 

Bak-4 Prism

In case you didn’t know Bak4 is a high-end prism that is mostly used in high-end binoculars and such. 

But that doesn’t mean the binoculars or spotting scope automatically turns into a high-end product. The optic is a system in harmony. They work together. 

Bak4 simply refers to different kinds of glasses used for a prism. Usually, they are being compared to Bk7 which has a higher refractive index. 

The prism provides an excellent performance thanks to the correct type of coating used by Athlon.

Body Quality

The chassis is made out of aluminum. Athlon claims that it is as durable as metal. We wholeheartedly agree with them. 

During our test, it was dropped from neck height (of course by a mistake) on a tiled surface. But we can assure you that nothing was broken.

The scope is not that light weighing over 1.2 kilograms it’s moderately heavy. But you are going to use it on top of a tripod so the weight balances out.

The rotating ring allows you to mount the tripod in any angle you want.

XPL Coating

Athlon is known to provide XPL coating on all of their higher-end products. It’s not a prism coating. XPL coatings are applied directly on to the lenses. 

Specifically, the lenses that are facing outwards. The objective lens to be exact. XPL coating acts as a protection layer from dirt, debris, and scratches. 

Argon Purging

If you use the scope under a cold weather you run into the issue of moisture getting inside of the scope. Which can lead to fogging and damage the scope permanently. 

To prevent this most scopes inside are nitrogen purged.

But Athlon removes the oxygen inside of the scope using Argon. Argon is a higher-priced and higher quality purging material than nitrogen. Argon will keep the seal more sealed ensuring no moisture can enter the scope from any angle. 

Athlon Ares 15-45×65 Review Summary

Most spotting scope that features all the specifications of the Athlon Ares 15 45×65 either costs around or over 1000$ or they lack in build and other quality.

Within 500$ you simply can’t beat the Athlon Ares 15 45×65 spotting scope. It’s as simple as that. But the scope indeed lacks a reticle so, the spotters will have some issue regarding accurate MIL and MOA numbers. But if you are a birder and into digiscoping the scope going to do just fine.

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